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I don't live far from here.


He loves to play football.

Adam got into the car with Bryan.

I just wanted to tell you I ran into Lynnette this morning.

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He pulled the rope.


We have plenty to talk about.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Poor girl! What had this young and pure soul done to be already subjected to such misfortune?

Antonella convinced Po not to marry John.

The senator denied repeated requests for an interview.

You made a promise.

You come from Taipei.


The New Year was drawing near.

I recognize him.

It was pretty bad.

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I haven't had such a good time in years.


Who broke the chair?


Will you keep your New Year's resolution?

You can't doubt everything and anything.

Whatever you say about me, say it to my face, not behind my back.

Dreams are full of meaning.

He thought you knew Vern.

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That's all I can tell you for now.

"Please be on time." "I always am, aren't I?"

5 is less than 8.


Hmm, and I thought I was being kind by letting you live.

This whole affair is giving me a headache.

You're overreacting.


A happy life primarily consists of freedom from worry.

You don't need to worry about hurting my feelings.

One of Scott's friends was killed in a traffic accident.


There used to be a castle on the top of the mountain.

I'll go meet her soon.

This racket belongs to me.

I must go somewhere.

Ritchey began to work.

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If you'll just give me some time, I can find that information for you.


She always dresses very simply.

We've had a lot of complaints about how you treat your classmates.

She spent her later life with a hidden sorrow.

We haven't made a deal yet.

French is the only foreign language I've ever studied.


I wonder what the next question will be.


The child's ball fell into the creek.

Should I tell Orville you're not feeling well.

My sister Susan gets up early every morning.


The airplane sailed over our heads.

Each time an author re-writes a book, it is a new edition.

I don't understand why he didn't tell the truth.

The boat was tied with a short line.

She believes her son is still alive.

She reads nothing but fiction.

The drummer was Ahmet.

You're old enough to understand.

We were almost run over by a truck.

They are the backing group.

That poor lady is disabled.


I have to help my mother.

The security level, as established by the Department of Homeland Security, is orange.

It wasn't Rakhal's first time to hear Polly sing.

They like girls.

It was a huge task.

Herb began to eat his breakfast.

I'll give you a call later.

He just got back from Paris.

What you say does not affect me anymore.

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I have lunch plans with him.

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My father, who's still alive, and my grandfather were language professors.

I cannot concentrate at all.

He has long experience in teaching.


Lee's army fought off each attack.

I wouldn't want Lance to get the wrong idea.

I'll tell Lance myself.


The thermometer is almost my best friend.

I want to be in a rock band.

I pulled out my knitting needles.

Why do I have to do that?

Please don't mention my age.

You should go.

Terrorism is the most important factor for the division of a country and the creation of autonomous regions.

Graham went abroad to study French.

I gave them some candy.

She isn't afraid of death.

Saudi Arabia is very rich in oil.

Jacob takes online courses.

Pierce gets nervous when Ram drives too fast.

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Maybe Jun was walking in his sleep.

How do we make this problem go away?

I think you should get more rest.

Are you telling me Sanand didn't do it?

It worked at first.

The Stone Age ruins were discovered.

How did you get Avery to go out with you?

Could you get in touch with him?

Anthony needs to lay low.


I knew Srivatsan was lying.

I worked on a yearly contract.

They did it again.

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Fatigue showed on her face.

Lori's been living in Japan so long. Don't you think it's time she adjusted to Japanese customs?

Many municipalities have reduced chlorination and now also use ultraviolet light to sanitize the public supply of drinking water.

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He made a sharp turn to the left.

They were lost at sea, at the mercy of wind and weather.

Is it your first day at school?

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I've done that already.

I'd like some cheese.

Have you read the article about Asia in Time?


The hotel we stayed at last summer is near the lake.

Let's see if Dirk knows more than we do.

I bought this pen at the stationer's around the corner.

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Do you care about the environment?

How's that business going?

Is Bobby telling the truth?

Will you please put that in simpler words?

Keep quiet. The baby is sleeping.

The heart warms as the frost increases.

I know it's been a long trip.

Did you iron all the shirts?

He tried to find out what he was up against.


Peggy couldn't hear what the teacher was saying because all of the other students were making so much noise.

It's all right to drink, but drink in moderation.

Do you really trust us?

A few of the neighbors came by to welcome us to the neighborhood.

The Chinese are a friendly people.

Do you think it's a sign?

Colin took a picture of Tareq standing under the cherry tree.

You say you had a nibble, it looked to me like you'd polished it off.

I totally freaked out.


Directing is what all actors say they want to do.

Perhaps you should go elsewhere.

Nathan is a geek.

Ties suit you.

Where did my driver go?

Hello Miss!

The best of luck to you.

He confided in me things he would tell no one else.

One day, Chris discovered the charming girl of his dreams.

Kanthan is learning very quickly.

Who are they exactly?


I feel all right.


What a nice family!


The content of his speech was interesting.

Amigo really does like you.

I ate a tuna salad.

Of the remaining words on the list, five are nouns.

Do you really think Troy is crazy?

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I'd never suggest that.

You said give it to Ning.

I didn't really believe it.


We're just good friends.


Have you told him already?


So many people drive their cars as if they are in a race.

My hand is so numb with cold that I can't move my fingers.

The book interests me.

Do you think I would really do that?

Emily wants to go for a walk.

I didn't know what to make of it.

It's better to laugh afterwards than to cry in advance!

Pilar suggested that we surprise you.

Stay out of this.