God's inhumanity to man makes countless thousands mourn.

You're such a clothes horse.

Antique carpets are especially valuable.

Michael doesn't need to explain that to us.


I had one last hope.

Dean handed Sugih one of the drinks.

I think Ross did a really nice job.

She went out.

Scott will never give up on Root.

Novorolsky knew where Toby usually went shopping.

Not every word in this dictionary is important.

It's nice out today, isn't it?

The country must be very beautiful.

We were married for three years.

I wonder how I can distinguish a coldly smiling smiley from an honestly smiling one.

Wait for me until I write you.

He became financially independent.

The ancient Greeks knew as much about the solar system as we do.

Old left nothing to chance.


I saw you in the park with them.

It's not my decision.

Tofu goes well with good sake.

I'd like some more coffee.

Kurt is in real trouble.

I support you one hundred percent.

Let's plug up the hole.

I was only playing a joke on Roland.

Ji persuaded the store manager to give him back his money.

Stop arguing about money.

It's news to me.

Look, if you still want to go, I won't stop you.

I like flowers.


By tomorrow, it will have been snowing for a week.

I know he did it.

The concert will probably last three hours.

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I'll let you get to work.

Shirley caused quite a lot of trouble.

Could somebody tell me what happened?

Hearing that the weather had worsened, we cancelled the trip.

Are you the new assistant?


You delivered the wrong package.

An argument may be logically sound without being true.

You'll stay out of it. You hear me?

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Andrew helped his mother decorate the Christmas tree.

No matter when you come, I'll play a game of Japanese chess with you.

It was a little disorienting.


You'll be asked why you want to be a teacher.

They had a few drinks and ended up sleeping together.

How many persons does this hall hold?


Hume should recognize this.


Look for an enemy of your enemy, and you will find a friend.


That isn't Herve's only problem.

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As I was tired, I took a rest.

They did not resist.

You have no reason to be angry.

When you look for an annual diary, what's the most important thing you look for?

Do you have any bait?

It is absurd of you to do that.

An amputation is needed.

I'm no better than anyone else.

It's immoral.

You must turn in your old license in order to get a new one.

What've I ever done to them?

Even though he was tired, he worked.

I can not but think so.

Troy got up from the table.

He stayed in Nagano throughout the summer.

I met Vick in the park.

We all grew up believing that everyone is entitled to their opinion, however, some now believe that all opinions are equal.


Do you want to stay for lunch?

I never really thought I'd live this long.

Pablo is just helping me get started.

It seems as if he is finally branching out from his specialist subject area.

We should give them some time.

"Say something in French." "Say something like what?" "Anything's fine." "Bonjour. Merci. There, I said something." "What, you're so boring!" "Didn't you say I could say anything!"

All of a sudden, I realized I must learn Polish.

You have only to wait for her return.

How was the experience?

You may have to help them.

A book is lying on the desk.


Can't this wait till morning?

It's time my dream came true.

Ask for another blanket if it's cold tonight.

Noam isn't innocent.

It turned out great.

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Alex sat down between Heinrich and her husband.

Kylo was offended when Jimmy bought her some breath freshener.

Something wrong was about to happen.

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I know why Hon didn't want to go to Boston with Vladislav.

Laurent isn't afraid of you.

I don't want Billy to make a fuss.

Many crimes go underreported.

I will devour you little girl.

I'd appreciate it if someone translated my sentences.

I thought it would last.

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Louis drank too much.

He's decided to leave the company.

Dan is rather proud of his work.


It's futile to feign illness.

My dad died when I was thirteen.

I'll pick you up at seven.


The fire spread quickly.

I bet you don't remember me.

Glad to be able to assist you.

I'm ambivalent about what we're attempting here.

Who sent you?

It's not bugging me.

Stay here and look after them.

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Himawan will save us.

The governor of Texas asked the oil company to cut down on noise pollution.

The mind should be developed along with the body.

Ritchey crossed to the window.

That's completely verboten.


How are Justin and Patrice?


I don't know why he quit the company.

Darin got changed.

Lars turned the tap on.

Keep in mind that even Job's patience can be lost.

We don't eat enough leafy vegetables.


You should've left her alone.

We made up our mind to go to law school.

Kanthan said it wasn't smart to do this.

I know what your problem is.

A collar may come in many varieties, from button-down to clerical, and Mandarin to Masonic, but it is never a lapel.

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Give me change in bills and coins.

Bernard looks a lot like John, doesn't he?

Beautiful flowers don't always produce good fruits.

Josip didn't want to go by himself.

What's in this bag?

It's a little bit funny.

If I cut badly, than I cut badly!

What he lacked in wit, he made up for in energy.

There appears to be a party in that house.

I can't believe I didn't think of it.

Ask Sugih how he's feeling.

That's it, isn't it?

She turned down the subsidy that I offered.

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I went for a long walk.

That's going to be tough.

We should've done that a long time ago.

I'll never be as good as Maarten.

Every man has his weak side.

Can we get copies of this?

Irfan dreads going to work tomorrow.


Kathleen didn't wait for Horst.

Extreme weather events currently disrupt transportation networks in all areas of the country; projections indicate that such disruptions will increase.

Who made the delivery?

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What do you really want?

Frank is limping now.

Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.


I know sign language.

When was she ever going to learn this language ?

He has a prejudice against Jews.

French is taught by Mr White, not by Miss Green.

He's very experienced.

Shucks! It was too good to be true.

How could I help you?

I'd like to have my teeth cleaner.

She's not like Collin!


What you want doesn't really matter.

Are you celebrating Christmas?

Sorry about all this.

He reasoned her into believing what he said.

I have to exercise.

You seem to know this book very well; you use a lot of quotations from it.

The prophecy came true.

You enjoyed yourself, didn't you?

One thing is certain: he was right.


They modified the report to accommodate all views.

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Wine is not harmful in itself.