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To be the leading organization in SA that provide the skills development needs to all public and private entities ,improving efficiency in the workplace by facilitating the BBBEE transformation.

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Transport Education and Training Authority

Up until this point in time, there had been five Industry Training Boards that aimed to ensure that those employed in the broad “transport” sector had the relevant skills, education and training..

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The entire South African SETA landscape in November 2009, the agricultural sector was one that was earmarked with relatively substantial modifications.

Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority

Like all the other SETA's, the Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA) is a statutory body established by the Skills Development Act of 1998, and made operational in 2000.

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If you are paying skills development levies and you don't claim then you are donating to the government, SECtor Education and training authority is a ETDA that facilitate training for specific companies.

The legislation requires all employers who are levy payers with more than 50 employees whose payroll is R50 000 per annum to claim the money back by submitting WSP and ATR.

Kgole SDF as a qualified SDF assists all companies to achieve their legislative objectives.
Kgole SDF assist companies is structuring the learnership programmes aligned to company goals and compile training Need Analysis on the behalf of the company.

Kgole SDF was established in 2015,with it's qualified SDF aims to assist all SETA stakeholders of south Africa to achieve their legislative objectives or obligations in terms of compiling and submitting WSP and ATR to claim the grants for the company and assisting companies in the implementation of learner ships funded by SETAs.

Over three years the company has expanded its focus to include managing and assisting organisations to improve their BBBEE scorecard,consulting with companies to understand their goals in respect and assisting them to achieve their best possible goals.kgolesdf compiles the EE plans on the behalf of the companies and submits to the department of labour.

KgoleSdf assists companies to implement learnership programme funded by SETAs of which 10% of the grant is allocated for the employer and we monitor the learner ships and claim the grants for the companies.

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Banking SETA

Learners will know where to find the relevant education and training providers.

Kgole SDF Objectives

Compiling and loading WSP and ATR & Implementation of necessary leaderships that will create employments to residence.

Agricultural Sector Education Training Authority

We enable young people learn new skills and make a living in the agricultural sector.

Transport Education & Training Authority

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.

Chemical SETA

It is this SETA’s responsibility to ensure that the needs of the chemical industry are clearly identified.

Construction Education & Training Authority

We ensure that the requirements of the construction sector are met by training & educating learners.

Our Mission

Kgole SDF with its qualified Skills development facilitators aim to assist all private and public companies to achieve their legislative obligations by submitting the Employment Equity, and EEA to the department of labour.

Submitting and reporting training to relevant SETA to claim the grants for the companies.

Kgole SDF assist companies to implement training and learnership programmes.


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