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We agreed that all the kids would stay together.

Your hair is longer than mine.

I never do that.

The rebellion in England is frightening.

Lori took the bus to school.

Dave won't forget this.

This kid is smarter than average.

I've got better things to do than to keep track of what Lana's doing.

Many folk songs were about social problems.

Lowell tried the knob, but the door was locked.

I could die tomorrow.

Giovanni is far from satisfied with Cathy's work.

Corey is getting a little worried.

We're extremely disappointed.

Lila talked Knut into doing it.

Every serial killer was somebody's baby once.

I'd like to speak to him again.

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She was standing among children.


It is not too much to say that a man's interests are a sure guide to the real man.

Ralph decided not to answer the question.

Lynne was eating his dessert when the phone rang.


Your problem is similar to mine.

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In order to have an idea of our current projects, we invite you to visit [url].

I feel like Ahmet got the short end of the stick.

This is some type of watermelon.

Brent is lying motionless on his bed.

The population is growing.


I'd like it if you would cook dinner for me.

We're still having those same problems.

Fritz bought a so-called "magical stone".

I loved your pics from the church!

Roman's funeral is on Monday.

You may come at any time tomorrow afternoon.

That's how we became friends.

That's an amazing distance, isn't it?

Celeste asked me where I had bought my bicycle.

I played violin when I was a kid.

He was born in Osaka.

Wring those clothes well before you hang them up.

I looked round the inside of the house.


She waiting longingly for the return of her husband.

Turkey has blocked access to Twitter.

The board unanimously decided to appoint her as CEO.

Has Frank's dog ever bitten Keith?

It's not official.

Ann likes to write poems.

Rusty is under a lot of stress.


Reservations are required.


Kay wore a patch on his eye for several days.


What are the neighbors doing?

The dress shirt is clean and dry.

Good news! This is the four hundred forty-fourth sentence in Klingon.


Take the cat to my room.

He watches PBS.

They knew they must fight together to defeat the common enemy.


He is afraid of snakes.

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Jeannie was unkind to Lowell.

Pria is a real fool.

Mott is hardly fit to run a company.

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That might not even be them.

I don't want to sleep on the couch again tonight.

Is there anyone here who can speak French?


Taking up their poems, I would question them.

That mountain whose top is covered with snow is the one that we climbed last summer.

I just can't believe this.

He doesn't understand the youth's speech at all.

Vicky said that's fine with him.


I gave tree candies to every child.

I had a talk with him.

They say that in tropical countries people usually marry in their teens.

Linley and Dawn used to be pretty good friends.

Have you talked to her lately?

He finished college last year.

Kitty certainly sounds like he comes from a rich family.

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They arranged the furniture badly.

Sherri is a park ranger.

I'll meet him in Boston.


We sure ate a lot of hot dogs today. I never want to see another hot dog as long as I live.

I hear from my mother once in a while.

Renu is such a hunk.


Marshall doesn't like this at all.


"Did you like his music?" - "No, did you?"

It would not be amiss to ask his views.

The readers cannot ascertain whether the news is true or not.

You want my picture?

Of course, this is illegal.

Do you know CPR?

She took a table out.

I find your proposal incomprehensible.

Harry died in 2013 at the age of thirty.


It was the perfect place for monsters to hide.

We must be going now.

I don't believe Roxane is qualified.

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Take this three times a day for the next two weeks.

Fritz's bikini bottom is black.

Can you tell me why you weren't here yesterday?

What should I do with all this stuff?

We discuss many things.

I watched the 4th season of X-files.

Blake's pulse beat faster.


I have a computer.

Wait, did you say girl or guy?

I attended the meeting though my father told me not to.


I want us to win.


Do you know what to write?

Her explanation of the problem added up to nonsense.

Lyndon and Vassos told us they wouldn't fight anymore.

When it rains a lot, it causes landslides in the mountains.

Do you have your keys?

Have you heard that a burglar broke into my neighbor's house?

I've seen you with them.

We were all astonished to hear the news.

Mat is always happy.

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May God give you a good day!

Kronum is a new team sport invented in 2008.

Can these stars be seen in Australia?

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She looks very happy today.

We'd like to start over.

Why didn't he come?

You cheated too!

I don't think I snore, but I'm not really sure.

A ring of smoke floated from his cigar into the air.

Did he send you?

Isabelle is left-handed, but he writes with his right hand.

She used to live with him.

They were so frightened that they couldn't move an inch.

That'll cost three hundred bucks.

I am a Christian woman.

Johnnie and Tollefsen excused themselves and went outside.

We still have to tell Victor.

Studies have revealed that the average keyboard has more germs than a toilet seat.

We have two cats in the house: one white, and one black.

Moore got up earlier than usual this morning.


Manavendra often goes to the library on Saturdays.


I should've explained it better.

You never know when he's going to throw another tantrum.

I think it helps to learn to pronounce words.

Please don't try to find me.

Furthermore, even after the company information session, we sometimes hold company tours.


She slowly moved forward.


I would rather die than live in disgrace.

We're journalists.

Why don't you cut Liza a little slack?


I am not interested in sports.


Don't look into the box.

The instructor asked the swimmers to float on their stomachs.

Sandip will be getting anxious.

Don't be ridiculous! We are not descended from apes, we only have a common ancestor.

Does this thing embarrass you?


Some were under the impression that the judges had not chosen wisely.

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The truth is opaque and consequently imperceptible.


The curry rice at this restaurant is delicious.


My friends don't know where I am.

I take a bath once a day.

Your name's further down the list.

He just missed the train.

There are two (female) cats sleeping on the bed.


On inquiry, I learned that she was out.


Axel has always been a model student.

I thought I told you to cancel that order.

"Do you speak French?" "No, I don't."