I'll knock your brains out!

Roxanne is partially paralyzed.

Her hair is wet with sweat.

Do you see them?

It was here.

He's an avid art collector.


I want to see Laurie.

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I just became president of Poets Without Homes.


There's nothing I want from you.

Owls are active at night.

You look sad today.

Your plans are very good, but mine are better than yours.

You're stronger than them.

I think everyone is asleep.

Those who work hard will succeed.

What do I get in return?

Konstantinos looks downcast.


Novo doesn't know what to buy Eva for her birthday.

Let's hope Boyd doesn't walk in.

I'm not going to worry about it.


It seems to me that something is wrong.


Ofer just came from there.

You'll get pneumonia.

Lemon is sour.

They think they're always in my shadow.

I suppose it can't be helped.

I want to watch this.

We understand how difficult this must be for you.

You have to hurry.

Terrence is an honest person, so I like him.

I have more important things to do this afternoon.

Look, Cecilia, I'm sorry I bothered you.

Mehrdad, give me a minute. I need to think.

What does that mean for them?

The most common name in the world is Mohammed.

Indeed, computers are destructive.

How did you ever find us?

It hurt, but I didn't cry.


I must find out who did this.

I'll phone him.

I won't let anyone hurt her.

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You don't think this is the right way, do you?

She makes my day so much brighter.

Boil down the report to one page.

They usually go to school by bicycle.

She could no longer provide for her kids.

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Anita was sobbing.

I no longer need a mother.

Since the Creator had made the facts of the after-life inaccessible to man, He must not have required that man understand death in order to live fruitfully.

The girls began to laugh.

He left home very young.

He drank a little.

Pay attention to them.

No one has the right to tell you how to raise your child.

Please, Connie, you can't break up with me!

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You're not giving me much choice.

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She went on talking to her friend even after the class began.

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I don't think it's that simple.


In this book, the writer contrasts Japan with America.

Juan is exactly the same height as Srivatsan.

The prisoners were treated with monstrous cruelty.

We know what to expect now.

This hall will hold two thousand people.

It all started because of this.

The sun is much bigger than the earth.


How is it that you can speak this language?

The doctor will be with you in a minute.

Finding work is difficult.

Sadly, "sadfully" is not a word.

How old is your grandmother?

Miss Gray told the boy to hold his tongue while she was speaking.

There are some children around the office.

If you don't hurry, you'll miss the last train.

Life is such a glorious experience, I treasure every moment of it and hope to live it to the fullest!

I didn't eat anything all day, in short, I have the hunger of a wolf.

The men are all asleep.


Shouldn't we make our fields - our entire life - an immense work of art in four dimensions?

I take my hat off to you!

I left my tennis racket at the club.

He's dead drunk.

Sam told Danny that he wanted a divorce.

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That's the deal.


Joachim went on board the plane.


It would've been nice if Patty had been here.

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The little girl is beautiful.


Place it wherever you like.

There used to be a store right here.

I'm observant.

Manny must've been the one who put the drugs in my bag.

Don't go in there.

I'm finally able to understand what's interesting about professional shogi.

Have you ever been to Venice?

That's a bunch of hogwash.

They carried on the summit conference till late.


My mother was no less angry with me than my father.

Nothing is holy.

I'm sure that's not the case.

Don't let Johnnie find out about that.

Who would gild a lily?

I have to steal that recipe.

Patrick is one of the singers in my band.

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He always sings while having a shower.


He's spreading false rumors.


Keep them there.

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Wendy said if I wanted to stay, I could.

This is a hectoliter of wine.

I'm convinced that Rahul isn't telling us everything.

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You said we were friends.

We were astonished by his bold attempt.

He made me sign the paper against my will.

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I got him to wash my car for a hundred dollars.


It took me some time to calm down.


Germany is a federal state.

They're predicting rain.

Try to make the most of your time.

I've got to go meet Cathrin.

Oliver held the baby in her arms.

If I had free time, I would accept his invitation.

They know I want to leave now.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.

Today is my treat.

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I never got around to cleaning out the garage today.


His car is in fact worn out.


Nowadays many people travel by car.


His novels, having been translated into English, are widely read in America.

They say Zen cultivates our mind.

I suggest paying for these additions.

Why speak to them in their own country in a language they don't understand? Why don't you learn their language?

Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.

I wonder if this is really true.

I know very little about her.

There is no man but desires peace.

Theirs is an old family.


You just realised how awesome I am!


Why didn't you come to see me sooner?

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He moves quickly.

Do you know what Donna is suggesting?

What I told her was true.

I'm sorry, I really am.

I would hate to have a disease named after me.

Lucifer said he won three hundred dollars.

Is there any post for me?


I regret kissing her.

I am worn out from working all day.

I didn't go there.

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I will give you what help I can.

Don't breath! It's poisonous gas.

I'm majoring in American history at university.


That's what most people do.

She couldn't accept that her husband died.

We need your help now.

I woke up at noon.

No one can foresee how that result will turn out.


She moved to his place.

I doubt I can go with you tomorrow.

I spend as much time working in the garden in one day as my brother does in a week.

Takao didn't want to talk with Amanda.

My mom used to tease me all the time about it.


Thick clouds swallowed the airplane.