Please ask only one question at a time.

Every "why" has its "because".


I'm much better today than I was yesterday.

My holiday plan has fallen through.

I'll talk it over with Hui and see what he thinks.

The queen was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

She gave me a hand to set the table.

I really just don't like Christmas music.

Complete the following form to know who you could have been in a previous life.

My brother isn't waiting for the bus, he's going by foot.

What made her mad?

A promise made is a debt unpaid.

The most important things are often the ones that are hardest to talk about.


I knew you two would like each other.

I still remember you.

I need to tell you what's about to happen.


He is now better off than before.

He began to tremble during the movie.

A boy named Rob came to see you.

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Olivier couldn't understand what the purpose of the mission was.

I met him at the barber's.

Men in kimonos are no longer a common sight in Tokyo.

They were unimpressed.

He apologized to us for being late.

They splashed each other playfully.

Son is full of good intentions.

She loves chasing mice, and it's a far more natural way to die.

Were you friends with Kieran in college?

Do you happen to know any Professor Braun?

Is it possible that you're wrong?

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It's all so different.


He is indifferent to worldly success.


I'll be nice.

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Vivek laughed nervously.


I still have a few questions.

They like us to come and stay with them.

These containers are airtight.

Now give me the keys.

We both know what you're doing.

The hat on the desk is Karl's.

Will anyone be disappointed?

I am going to buy a beer.

She is employed in a trading company.

Do you need it now?

I cannot read the book in so short a time.


Mayuko ate up all the cookies.

How did you lose your leg?

Lynn is always daydreaming.

I don't want someone else. I want you.

All the students go home early on Saturday.

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Could you pick up Shigemi from the daycare center?


The day is short and there is much work.


There are pictures on alternate pages of the book.

The program has been postponed again.

You need to be honest with me.

I checked her out from the corner of my eye.

That boy used to collect tiny legs of cockroaches for no reason at all.

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London is among the world's largest cities.

Lynn danced drunk on a table.

There's so much.

We will accept nothing less than full Victory! Good luck!

The man gave no heed to her loud protest.

I'll beat you.

Himawan walked to the door.

Have Alain do it.

It would be nice to know who.

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You're very good-natured.

I'm sorry for calling so late. I just wanted to hear your voice.

Here I come.

King was being polite.

How long was Tran here?


I'm sure that they will pass the test.


They started out the following day.


They shouted at the top of voices.

You could afford to buy one of those if you wanted to.

The two teams were tied at the finish.

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My work is my passion.

Would you give us some privacy?

A good surgeon has an eagle's eye, a lion's heart, and a lady's hand.


Ken didn't have the courage to try it again.

Keith did well in school.

She kept quiet.

In any case, I've already entirely forgiven you.

Don't cut in while we're talking.


The First World War began as a regional conflict and become one of history's worst humanitarian catastrophes.


He has a serious girlfriend.

I know what you're going to say.

Granville was my best friend when I was in high school.

Now, before I say any more, listen to this;

We understand how difficult this must be for you.


You have to hold back.

Be gone!

We don't have time to debate.

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I owe you thirty thousand.

He was transported to the hospital by helicopter.

This is my home now.

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.

Thanks for returning my call.

The boss told Shakil that he had to wear a suit and tie to work.

It differs from culture to culture.


Adlai skipped work to watch the USA-Germany soccer match.

I think you're drunk.

The train slowed down to a stop.

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There isn't any hope.

This car gets good gas mileage.

Naren bought Tait flowers.

Marci entered his office and saw a box on his desk.

Everyone's watching her.


Edgar resigned three days after Sid was fired.

I can't get a straight answer from Cris.

There were a fair number of people in the hall.

What's so funny?

You said I was fat.


He could not swim.

Lar opened the book.

I want to thank you for what you did today.


Debi is just a little too perfect.

The end of the rainy season came late this year.

Do you have a picture of her?


Where's my daddy?

You've got your whole life ahead of you.

No one pays attention to us.

Susan found out where the puppy had come from.

I wanted to save this for an occasion.

She is far from a fool.

You should already know that.

You don't really understand how I feel.

I'm just having some fun.

You have to read between the lines to know the true intention of the author.

She was a strange child, quiet and thoughtful.


The river flowed over its banks.

You've got seniority.

I am halfway through this detective story.

I'm not qualified to do this job.

Cristi is giving a concert at the end of this month.

Men believe what they want to.

We should put out a call for bids.

What time is good for you?

Your face is red. Are you okay? Perhaps you have a fever?

Try that one.

Tell me about your ship.

I need to be alone.

He is often late for school.

The reasons against this are as follows.

He's always gossiping.


My sister insisted on going with me.


A person named Sato came to visit while you were out.

One thing Naoto does that isn't very safe is that he uses the same password for every website.

Tell me anything you want.

She perceived that her husband was unhappy.

Can we get this done by the end of the week?

Are you going to go to Terry's concert tomorrow night?

How come you speak French so well?

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It's annoying to hear people talking loudly in a library.

She's as clever as they make 'em.

You won't get a second chance.

I don't think it's really broken.

Is this a coincidence?

Sigurd received an award for her composition called "Secret love".

I don't feel very British any more, yet more and more Scottish.

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Ricardo felt lightheaded.

Do you have any gum?

I'll let him know.

Japan depends on other countries for oil.

Bryan pretended not to know what to do.