Full Band Antennas

Our 4G Antenna range of wide band Antennas are high quality 4G Antennas designed primarily for use with 4G Routers. They are called Full Band Antennas because they cover the whole GSM frequency range including 2G (900/1800 Mhz), 3G (2100Mhz) and 4G (800/1800/2600mhz).  Becuase they cover the 2G, 3G and 4G spectrum our 4G antennas can be used with the majority of mobile networks and cellular devices.

This means that you can use our Full Band Antennas with a 4G router whichever mobile network you choose. This makes them ideal for 4G routers because when the 4G network is unavailable then most 4G routers will drop down to 3G which uses a different frequency and many 3G and 4G routers include features like SMS reboot so the router may also need to access 2G services or in the event that 4G and 3G are unavailable some routers will use 2G for data (EDGE and GPRS).

Our 4G Antennas are suitable for use with the majority of 3G and 4G Routers and the majority are supplied with SMA Male connectors.  Many of our antennas come with standard cable lengths, but for larger projects we can custom make our antennas with different cable lengths and antenna connectors to suit your requirement.


4G Mag Mount 7dBi Peak Gain Dual Antenna with 5m cable This is a great Dual 4G MiMo antenna for use with 4G routers […]

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Outdoor 4G Antenna – Cross Polarised 3G/4G Antenna

Fullband FBXPMIMO Outdoor 4G Antenna – Cross Polarised 3G/4G Antenna 8dBi Peak Gain

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MiMo Hi Gain, Robust Panel Mount DOME Antenna

Fullband FB4GDOME MiMo Hi Gain, Robust Panel Mount DOME Antenna – 2G/3G/4G with 2 x 3m cable, SMA Male Connector 3dbi Peak Gain This […]

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4G Antenna – Magnetic Mount

4G Antenna – Magnetic Mount 3G & 4G fullband antenna 2.5m cable, SMA Male The FB4GMAG3 is a fullband 4G antenna suitable for use […]


4G Antenna – Magnetic Mount

4G Antenna – Mag Mount 7dBi Peak Gain 4G Antenna with 5m long cable SMA/M The Fullband FB4GMAG7 is a high gain 4G antenna […]


Window Antenna

Fullband Window Antenna FB4GWIN 3dBi Peak Gain 2G, 3G & 4G Antenna with 3m cable and SMA Connector Window Antenna to connect to your […]

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Low Profile 4G Puck Antenna with 2.5m cable and SMA Male connector (Wideband Puck 800-2600Mhz) for 2G/3G and 4G The Fullband 4G Puck Antenna […]

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Magnetic Mount Wideband Antenna 4dBi Peak Gain – GSM/2G/3G/4G Antenna 3m cable SMA/M Fullband Magnetic Mount Antenna with 4dBi Peak Gain – supplied with […]

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Fullband® MIMORAD outdoor MiMo 4G Antenna with twin 5m cables (SMA/M) – 6dBi Peak Gain – Omni Directional Radome Fullband® MIMORAD is an omni […]

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MINI MIMORAD Outdoor 3G / 4G MiMo Antenna

The Fullband MINI MIMORAD is an outdoor 3G / 4G MiMo Antenna with 5dBi Peak gain with 2 x 5m long pre-teminated cables with […]

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Omni 4G Antenna – Panel Mount

Omni 4G Antenna – Panel Mount / supplied with wall mount bracket – 3.5dBi peak gain with 2.5m cable with SMA GXS404 Omni Directional […]



Outdoor Directional YAGI 3G/4G Antenna 12dBi Peak Gain with 10m cable and SMA/M connector The Fullband Directional 4G Antenna is an enclosed YAGI antenna […]

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Outdoor GSM/3G/UMTS/4G Omni-directional Antenna

Outdoor GSM/3G/UMTS/4G Omni-directional  Antenna with 5m cable GXS606 4G Antenna – Quad Band External Antenna with Stainless Steel Wall mounting bracket and 5m long […]

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Radome External Pole Mount 4G Antenna

Radome External Pole Mount 4G Antenna with 5m long cable and SMA/M connector – 5dBi Peak Gain The Fullband® FB4GRAD is a fullband antenna […]