I see the dog.

Victoria makes it a rule to get up early.


It's five o'clock somewhere now.

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They called off their visit to London.


You need to be very careful.

He repaired the legs of the table.

And when innocents in Bosnia and Darfur are slaughtered, that is a stain on our collective conscience.

My sister got a job with an airline company and became a flight attendant.

The accident happened because of our carelessness.

What is your favorite time of year?

Sehyo was poisoned.

I was surprised to see you here.

What time will you be leaving?

He wants to live in another world.

I forgot that Darryl knows how to read French.

The snowstorm held on.

The Rodin museum in Paris is magnificent.


All the children loved and adored Knut.

They gave me a good deal.

Yokohama is one of the largest cities in Japan.

Is this supposed to be funny?

A fiscal tightening policy is being enacted.

He bought a Honda.

Have I told you that I hate you?


She was merely stating a fact.


This rule cannot be applied to that case.


Given time, we should be able to solve this problem.


The mango is the national fruit of several countries.


The time would fail me if I were to recite all the big names in history whose exploits are perfectly irrational and even shocking to the business mind.


Why is the Moon larger when it rises and sets, than when it is high in the sky?

Keep practicing, Lou.

Let me try one of those.

Terri nervously opened the door.

Why don't you just tell us where it is?

I got the grammar lesson without difficulty.


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Here's a letter from them.

Music is the soul of geometry.

The investigation is under way.

The drag show was spectacular.

Who did you receive this flower from?

I heard him sing a song.

How did you get into that line of work?

Precognition is the act of using spiritual-power to know things that will occur in the future.

He will always be with you.

Tell Dion you can't do it.

I am shy.

I don't know what to think anymore.

She was already pregnant.

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I think I'm used to the pain.


Some staff members at health clubs ought to be trained in the proper use of a defibrillator.

This is the best band in the world.

I'm still waiting for an answer to my question.

This is awesome.

Seals eat fish.

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It is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish.

It's impossible to make out what he wrote.

It's snowing this winter even more so than last.

I'm unprejudiced.

Drop by drop, the water can conglomerate into a lake.

She despises people who lie.

Darrell drove back to the hospital.

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I gave Venkata detailed instructions.

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Finland is a Nordic country.

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I should like to speak to Mr Brown, please.

We met a traffic jam on the way.

I'm not afraid of snakes.

Give me a cup of coffee.

She's having tea with her scone.

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The scent of lilacs is pervading the garden.


The cheesecake tasted too sweet.

She perceived that she had been wronged.

You didn't have to do this.

I vowed that I would never speak to her again.

Sadly many people will believe things told to them via an email which they would find implausible face-to-face.

Don't get too close with him.

He somewhat resembles his father.

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The child had no overcoat on although it was very cold.

Go fuck a refrigerator, peckerneck.

Most people who have lived in a foreign country have experienced some form of culture shock, although many people don't recognize it in themselves.

Is this bag yours or his?

What kind of test is this?

Liber could be there.

He needs assistants.


Hadn't we better be going now?


I'm not overly concerned.

I'll be whatever you want me to be.

It doesn't matter to me who wins.

He worked through the night.

He had died of natural causes.

Teakwood naturally contains a highly water-resistant oil that protects the wood from insect attack and prevents rotting.

I walked around town wherever my feet led me.


How did you find Byron's hiding place?


This room is anything but warm.

You'll have to work hard if you want to pass the exam.

Should you change your mind, let me know.


When Hon was a kid, he used to collect his father's cigarette butts until he had enough tobacco to roll a cigarette for himself.

I know a great Italian restaurant on Park Street.

Do as you like.

He is not available at the moment.

They both agreed.


Could you tell me your name again?


She took him by the arm.

What we're doing now is very dangerous.

Rafael has never read the Bible from cover to cover.


I guess I'm not the first to tell you that.

I wasn't permitted to see them.

You have a good heart, Sergiu.

Adlai has been very unlucky, hasn't he?

I need to find out why Pablo isn't here.

If you wish us to reserve an alternative room, please let us know immediately.

I did my best to protect her.

Panos lost his hat.

Here are my books.

That's the badger!

That's the best I can do.

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I've got to prepare for the test.

In his autobiography, he repeatedly refers to his unhappy school days.

Deirdre looks cool no matter what he wears.

I have a pain in my foot.

The cake was all eaten up before I got home.

In looking through the mist, I caught a glimpse of my future.

You will never manage to forget me.

A Turkish soft G and a Spanish H eloped and had lots of completely silent children together.

Markku never imagined that he would marry Liisa for convenience and stay married.

I arrived this afternoon.

All he thinks about is himself.

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Vincenzo put his goggles back on.

I'm going to need some volunteers.

They just cleaned their room.

My father used to read me bedtime stories.

She is noted as a singer.


My boss has a grudge against me.

We do have a problem, but it's not one we can't solve.

I wonder why the sky is so pretty after a typhoon.


Do you foresee any changes?


Vidhyanath says we're not compatible.

We're talking about you.

I could not go to the party because of illness.

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He started his job in his early forties.

Mayor Beccaria is dead.

He must have stacked them up against the wall.

A large pillar obstructs the view of the lake.

I prefer silver rings to gold ones.


They are very thick with our family.

No is very unscrupulous.

In this way, we waste a lot of time.

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I wonder if you'd talk to us for a moment.

What else do they need?

Geoffrey said he takes a walk every day.

I'm going to miss Malloy.

Lin wasn't too careful.

You are a wolf in sheep's clothing.

This shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.


Kristian is himself again.

The teacher told me to stand up.

We are distinct from each other in taste.

I don't want to rock the boat.

That company produces microchips.

I fell madly in love with him.

Our teacher called our names in turn.


Are you a strong believer in Maoism?