Takao wants to call his lawyer.

I'm going to sell my house.

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Our solar system is 26,000 light-years from the center of the Galaxy.


Tad said he intends to keep his old car.

"I fell asleep?" "Totally." "Really?" "You were very restless, did you have a scary dream?"

Roses smell nice.

Rajendra ate an orange.

The best yarn is that spun by hand.

Let's see if you've learned anything.

It's so different.

Owen may never recover the use of his legs.

He was seen to eat a piece of cake secretly.

I don't want to know what you did yesterday.

Do not throw or drop the console or accessories, or expose them to strong physical shock.

She doesn't like to associate with Bill.

I didn't get an email from my company today.

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I know what Erwin was trying to do.

Does Barney still wrestle?

Tell her I won't be there.

It's all but impossible.

Leave it to me. I'll see to it.


My mother is not accustomed to hard work.


Man's skin is very sensitive to temperature changes.


He's good at arithmetic.

This is the first time I've ever helped my father.

Is Mrs. Smith an English teacher?


He began to play the music written by a pianist in that country.

I only need two more minutes.

Easter begins next Wednesday.

Let's hope Roger hasn't done anything stupid.

It may be that he is not a bad man.

I was in excellent spirits.

Hillary has a blue coat on.

We have many goals.

Penny was counting on Winston to help him get ready for the party.

Did you try the cake that Margaret baked?

Let's plan a trip to Australia.


I should be happy for them.

Victor stepped out onto the balcony.

It often seems that women will say one thing, but think and want something completely different.

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Rob thought about what Peter had told him.


He lives a long way away.

Getting a sports car is easy, compared to the maintenance one must do on it.

When I saw the two of them on a date, I asked them: "Are you going to marry?"

Gordon has many friends.

Ilya isn't qualified for that job.

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The boy decided to observe and record bees in detail.

You had better not do anything today.

Peter has been trying to find a new apartment for some time.


We finally published the book.


Copernicus proposed the idea that the Earth travels around the Sun.

John can't bear the noise.

You should watch out for Wilmer.


Pilot was still there.

You have a choice to make.

I had to beg my friends to come to my party.

There's no choice now.

Let me pay.


We'll do our best to realize what we've planned.

This isn't worth the wait.

Lee went deeper into the cave.

She went out of her room grinning.

That'd be a good color for you.

Isabelle doesn't need to be told that.

Let me show you something I found.

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African Americans demonstrated for civil rights.


You chopped off the chicken's head.

I sent your present today!

He's the tallest one in the class.

Can they hear us?

The rumor that she's getting married is spreading around town.

Jennifer said he's going to do that.

I'm not going to lie to them.


He was absent from school because he was sick.

I don't want to impose.

We lost sight of him in the crowd.

This is a good opportunity.

Morgan le Fay was a powerful sorceress and the half-sister of King Arthur.

I want the freedom to my country, so that other countries can learn something from my free country.

Luxury and convenience do not equate to happiness.


He lived in Istanbul for years. He speaks Turkish very well.

I shouldn't have told you nothin'.

Brazil was discovered 515 years ago.

I've got to fix my hair.

Lance can operate a crane.

He will be calling on me next month.

I want you to leave right away.


The U.S. is a service economy.


Lana was reading a book.

He gave me a letter in his last moments of life.

I once read an interesting anthology of poetry generated by a computer program in 1984.

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Have you heard anything about Darryl?

That'll bring the cost down.

I'm not married yet.

You didn't understand!

I wanted to share it.

It didn't work out.

It's really pretty here.


I really wish Dieter would behave himself.

Let's order a couple of large pizzas.

Jonathan is a humanitarian.


But this is not true.


The last time I saw Beckie, he had a beard.

They paid five dollars for the food.

Serdar hatched a deadly plan.


It's important to have an off-site backup of all the data on your computer.

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It's the only explanation.

I'd like to meet you either on the morning of April 5 or on the afternoon of April 6.

Where are the luggage carts?


What exactly are his credentials ?

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We know that we are all people of one world.

Let's meet here again a year from today.

Why don't you go first?


They were delegates from India to the U. N.

That film's really interesting.

Why do those who don't want children have to pay for those who do?

You can't see what I can see.

I'm not hesitating.

If you are to finish the work before June, you will have to work much better.

Do you think you can trust me now?

To tell the truth, this is how he escaped.

If you learn Chinese well, you can go study in China.

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A great love is a credit opened in favor of a power so consuming that the moment of bankruptcy must inevitably occur.

Piet doesn't need your help.

Jess encouraged me to learn French.

Only the Portuguese language has mesoclises.

Tell them what happened.


She needs time to relax.

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Do you have a cell phone, Samuel?

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What is your impression of the United States?

What's happened to you?

May I open my eyes now?

Daddy is writing Chinese characters.

Does Douglas want to come in?

Not all baby animals are cute.

If it tastes bad, spit it out.


Don't be shy. Talk to me.


We're not looking for sympathy.


The animals living on a farm are the livestock.

I will kill you.

They made fun of me.

Oil and water won't blend with each other.

I cannot help laughing at his odd manner.


Is there life on Mars? If not, was it there before?


Live and let live.

Stop spending my money.

No, I don't watch CNN.

I only wanted to talk to them.

Niels is very gifted and talented.


We're running out of options.

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It isn't much further.

That's what caused our problem.

Dan apologized to his daughter, Linda, for not letting her go to the party.

Tell them I won't do that.

You'll be scolded when your mother comes home.

Micky went to an agricultural school.

Do you think Neville would be willing to do that for us?


I'll save you.