Let's settle this now.


You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

She was furious.

Ofer waited for me.

I could not make myself heard in the noisy class.

So, Who is your best friend? Tell me about him or her? What is s like? What is he like?

After an absence of ten months, he returned home.

I need to stop.

I always go to school at 7:15.

I'm normal.

Lori and Alan have decided to get married in October.

Mandarin, English, and Arabic are all examples of the world's most widely spoken languages.

Page and Saqib do everything together.

Will it be hot again tomorrow?

Boston is where it all began.

I've heard you have a secret admirer.

You and Dean are made for each other.

Do you have this in my size?

There are some children playing in the park.

And your parents? When do they arrive?

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Stephan said he slept well last night.


For the past seven days, our entire computer network has been down.

Boyd used to meditate every morning.

Some people will go to great lengths to avoid conflict.

Children in the town were taken away for safety.

The goals were placed at the opposite ends of the town.

You are expected to put out lamps and heaters before you leave the office.

I never conceal with you.

It is inevitable that I will go to France someday, I just don't know when.

Don't worry. We'll find them.

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She has a gentle disposition.

We must speak.

Dan found a bruise on his son's thigh.

Hazel certainly drives a nice car.

Japan is not as big as Canada.

Why are you telling us now?

Kelvin doesn't like being around children because he's always afraid of catching a cold from one of them.

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Let me think about it.

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It's stuffy in here.


Come on out with it.

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Alexis finished his sandwich.

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He's fast.

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I almost believe I could do that.

I'm very glad about that.

Have you ever been married?

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Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.


I think Denis is exciting.

I'm sorry, my Uighur is a little coarse.

May I ask how old you are?

There are simpler things in life than finding a good husband. Nailing jelly to a tree for example.

I have not eaten breakfast yet.

At the top, there was a clump of trees.

That was too close.


We all sang in unison.

I want to know how you feel about this.

Don't you think it's time you called me Ilya?

Don't keep your eyes on the ground; look at me.

I can't shake him.

Almost one-third of all office workers wear spectacles.

Small children work as slaves on the chocolate plantation.

I'm keeping three secrets from you.

Frances's funeral is today.


You'll have to talk to Barbra.

Where's Brenda going to stay?

The grammar of Esperanto is very simple.


Do you know when the musician will come here?

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Means of transport were improved.

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Cathrin and Rik have been waiting for you.

When he appeared, the party livened up.

Girls don't like you.

There's no reason for you to quit.

Aladdin found a magic lamp.

You wouldn't have won without me.

I think it's time for Jeremy to go.

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I told him where we'd gone.

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He has a crush on Justin Trudeau.

The lawyer spoke on and on.

Brett bought a high-efficiency front-loading washing machine.

I don't think I will get through all this work this afternoon.

Go away: I'm working.


Our team gained a great victory.


Hector shoved his hands in his pockets.


They prayed in the morning and in the evening.

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It was a simple matter.

His argument has many inconsistencies.

We'll wait thirty more minutes.

The exposition is dedicated to photographs of ideal, natural, and grotesque bodies; conceives of sexuality as a part of existence; and presents photographed sexual practices, desires, and phantasms.

Take a chance!

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The benefit of being intelligent is that you can pretend to be a fool, but the reverse is not possible.

I'm a woman and I don't think that it's strange at all.

Something happened to them.

My brother has a Twitter account.

Do you need a second?


It's difficult to visualize four dimensions.


Something's happening.

Let's go and see as many things as we can.

It's great when you're in love.

Never work on electrical wiring without unplugging it; it's a bad idea. I know from experience.

I'm beginning to recall.


I want to know who they are.

Don't you know how dangerous it is to go swimming by yourself?

The children were all ears when I was telling them the story.

It was grotesque.

You can go wherever you want to go.

I killed a duck once.

I know his address, but it's a secret.

Where've you guys been?

It's no use trying to keep secrets from journalists.

I slept late and I missed the first train.

We felt dead from the five-hour trip.

He is a bank clerk.

He was walking toward the town where he would be put in prison.

There's no need to be frightened.

I think it would be a mistake not to attend today's meeting.

The balloon deflated quickly.

Her career is on the line.

I know a few words of French, just enough to be understood.

I want to bring them here.

They settled in the country.

You fired me.

I'm still in Boston, but I'll be back home tomorrow.

I caught an earlier flight.


I sent them home.

My car was stolen by a thief.

Would you like me to take care of it for you?


Is that a rhetorical question?

Wait, pax!

I was in the middle of my holiday.

Dominick cleared out his driveway with his snow blower.

What does Damone expect in return?

The professor was famous for his abstemious meals.

Benjamin Franklin was an American statesman and inventor.


Is it cheaper to call after 9:00?

He closed the window for fear of rain.

Thanks to all of you for coming.


We have been friends.

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He is a great scholar, but lacks what is called common sense.


He is going to strive to explain why.


We want to know the truth.


Collin couldn't be bothered making the effort to get on with Sanjeev's mother.

I do think there's hope.

We wish to speak to you.

He says he has already overcome his failures.

By the time human civilization was a million years old, it had achieved mastery of faster-than-lightspeed voyages.

Irritating, isn't it?

Farouk misses his wife.

Anatoly lost his only son in a car accident.

We spoke of several issues.


Lord, I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.

I regret that I can't come today.

I got hit by a car.

He had a large family to support.

Toby will be waiting for you when you get there.

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Hurry up, we are leaving!

I think all fat people should go on a diet.

Raanan thinks I stole the money.


Two thousand pupils attend school.

A man is known by the company he keeps.

Many municipalities have reduced chlorination and now also use ultraviolet light to sanitize the public supply of drinking water.

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I didn't send them anywhere.