Funa Family Locator allows you to locate your family members and friends at anytime, anywhere. Now you will have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones have safely arrived at a destination.

How Funa can help your family?

We believe that family is always the priority for everyone. With Funa, you can now stay connected with the people you care the most in real time!

剛開始試用 位置更新快 目前為止很滿意 請繼續加油哦!

淡小然 / Taiwan

"App is very useful to keep track of your loved one. History is also very useful as a record"

Chee Ming Ngo / Malaysia

"I loved this app! But what I liked the most is the great technical support given by the developers. These people are wonderful!!"

Roxana Sida / Maxico

"This app is unbelievable! I have tried many locator apps, but FUNA is simply the best. Very easy to use, never crashes and 99% of the time it shows the exact location. Places where other apps struggle, FUNA does the job fantastic. 100% satisfied with this app! It works flawless with excellent accuracy. The rating should be A+++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thank you so much!"

olaf olafi / United States

"Excellent app for Family.. Always stay in touch with your loved ones"

Amit Rawat / Philippines

"No more words. ..you guys are awesome"

Arun Chandran / India

"Funa Melacak Benar" membantu. Pokoknya sipp dech"

Lisa Fasta / Indonesia

"Funa Memudahkan kita mengetahui lokasi keluarga atau kerabat"

Zack Boom / Malaysia

"너무좋네요! 저희가족이위치보고어플을항상다같이깔아서쓰는데그전에사용하던게 만료돼서이어플깔아봤는데너무좋네요저희가족다좋다고하며잘쓰네요:D 근데 프사설정을하려고하는데사진을업로드할수없다고뜨네요그리고위치보고를할때 시간간격이정해져있으면좋겠어요! 그것빼곤너무나완벽한앱입니다 "

유댕찡 / South Korea


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    Invite your family member and friends to view your location without having them to install Funa! Just share them the URL and they can view your live location on browser

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    Stay connected with your loved ones at everytime, anywhere.

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    Track location history of family members over past 7 days

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    See detailed location information at a glance in real-time data

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    Notified when family and friends arrived or left a location

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    Send or receive SOS alert whenever you or your family needs help.

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    Get notification of your family members in real-time

Stay connected with the people you care

We believe that family is always the priority for everyone. With Funa, you can now stay connected with the people you care the most at anytime, anyway!


Funa Family Locator App - Stay Connected with Your Loved Ones
The world today is all about "go go go".
You want to get to the place that you are going, so you tell your family you're off, and you head out. It's a pretty common scene that happens in families of all kinds. That being said, families worry about each other, and there are many parents who wish they had the tools to keep an eye on their family members so that they would know if they are okay. With the world full of predators and other dangerous happenings, this is totally understandable.
So, make finding your loved ones easier and faster with the Funa Family Locater App.
This is a safe and modern app that is perfectly designed to make sure that you always know where you family is located.Here's all you need to know to convince you that this is the right option for your family.
It's easy to use
Whether you're a tech savvy teen, or a parent who is still trying to get used to the idea that phones even have a GPS in them, this app is the perfect option in terms of ease of use.
It puts everything on the main screen so that you can access all of the main uses of the app, and the locator screen is large enough that you can see a pinpoint location for the person that you are tracking. This is a great option.
Moreoever, you can add people to track in three easy steps:
1) Invite the family member to Funa
2) Accept the invitation
3) See their location at all times
There's no need for tricky bells and whistles when it comes to safety, and the Funa family locator app gets that.
This is why the app is centred around keeping those people you're connected with at the forefront. You don't need to know about additional features, because you're focused on watching where your family members are.
Detailed location information
You want more than just a general location when it comes to your loved ones, especially in those tense moments where you are watching from home and waiting for them to arrive at the place they were headed to.
You want live updates and a precise location so that when you zoom in to see just how close they are, you can see it with little to no effort spent on trying to make it show you precisely where your loved one is.
This is guaranteed with the use of Funa family locator app, so that no one is left wondering they really are 10 metres from their location or not. After all, if you've noticed that your loved one is still 10 feet from the entrance of the place they were going to, aren't you going to worry when they haven't moved for 10 minutes?
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Of course. So, Funa makes sure that the data is live and accurate so that you know exactly where your loved one is.
Perfect for emergencies
The Funa GPS cell phone tracker app is intended for everyday use, of course, but it really makes its benefits known when emergencies pop up. These could be emergencies with friends, or something more serious like an earthquake or a lockdown. These are the times when the app really comes in handy, because you'll know that your loved one is safe, or at least where they are.This is where modern technology really comes in handy and proves its worth to families desperate to know where the other members are. These are the times when Funa really shines and Funa really proves its worth to the everyday person as well as the corporate worker.
Even with the hiccups that all technology comes across from time to time, you'll still find that Funa is the best out there and it is there in those moments that really count.After all, it makes sense that you are going to want to use it in those hard moments, and Funa GPS cell phone tracker will keep up with you.
Perfect for most phones
Understanding that we all have different tastes and desires, the Funa family locator gps tracker app is available for different carriers and phone companies so that no one gets left out of the party.The family locator app is updated as need be with bug fixes, etc on all platforms so that you can always know that you are getting the best service out there.There's no kidding around when it comes to knowing where you kids or spouse are,
so Funa family locator app works hard to make sure that the child tracking device is always in top shape for when the time comes when you are depending on the app to work as it is advertised.
Intuitive programming
Funa GPS cell phone tracker is carefully crafted so that everything works perfectly from top to bottom of this modern and accurate app.When you're zooming in on the location that your loved one is, the screen stays centered on the pin, understanding that it should be the centre of the screen intuitively.Additionally, you can set it up so that the app will make a noise when the person you are tracking arrives at, or leaves, the destination they were headed to. This allows you to know that, while you can't physically see them,
you can know that they have arrived or are leaving and that will give you some peace of mind.Whether you're the child watching the parent arrive or leave, or vice versa, knowing where you family is is important.
Funa - The Best Family Locator GPS Tracker of Its Kind
There are all sorts of apps out there like this one, but Funa family locator gps tracker is the best option out there in terms of an app that is going to be there for you all the time, whether you need to know whether your spouse has made it to the grocery store yet, or whether you need to know where your child is during a bomb threat evacuation.Funa family locator gps tracker has it all covered so that you never have to worry about understanding any of the technical parts, you can just see where your loved ones are at all times.


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Funa – Family Locator

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