Jock and Lynne must really like each other.

Our landings in the Cherbourg-Havre area have failed to gain a satisfactory foothold and I have withdrawn the troops.


She kicked her boyfriend out of the house.

He was respected as a hero because he defended his country against the invaders.

Will has a really good sense of balance.

Miek didn't call Bob like he promised he would.

I don't know how you did it.

He lives in a large house by himself.

Make haste, and you will be in time.

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Where have they gone?

Collin put milk in his coffee.

This is how he killed the big bear.

In my view you should try the exam again.

You should inform your mother as soon as you can.

She is stunningly good-looking.

He put a pack of cigarettes on the table.

I need a pencil. Can I use one of yours?

Did Kamel ever mention a Canadian named Ruth?

Don't pick on me, please.

That attitude is part of the company's culture.

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Johnny sat at his computer and started typing something.

I want to grow old with you.

The police have started a nationwide hunt for the criminal.


I really needed that.

No one has died yet.

This desk is too small for you.


Be careful, eyes, what you see, cause it's the second glance that ties your hands as darkness pulls the strings.


She married again in her mid-forties.

Take anything you like.

When Ahmad was a boy, he could climb tall trees.

Sylvan has forgiven me.

Almost everyone I know wants to go to tomorrow's concert.


Norm has varicose veins.


The police shot Sandip's tires out.

Lindbergh was the first man to fly across the Atlantic.

Mahesh has a blue coat on.

Only 3 out of the 98 passengers survived.

I squeezed the juice out of the oranges.

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He has proof that he's employed.

Is all this really necessary?

Don't be so mean to me.

Barrio has good eyesight.

This coat retails for about thirty dollars.

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Piete has some serious problems.

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I am so stoned.

There are too many managers and not enough employees.

We've become good friends.

I went to the beach with him.

About how many hours does it take by car?

Bernie kept cleaning.

She had not been employed two months when her ability was recognized.


The children told me they loved strawberry ice cream.

Sanjeev finally noticed what Kikki was doing.

Matt trims his beard with the same scissors he uses for everything else.

I play basketball with Murat.

I have a different opinion on that subject.

Ah, cruel Three! In such an hour. / Beneath such dreamy weather. / To beg a tale of breath too weak / To stir the tiniest feather! / Yet what can one poor voice avail / Against three tongues together?

I remembered everybody.

I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Tony runs every day.


You've only got thirty seconds to explain yourself.


You should come see this.


It's going to be huge.


Get inside and lock your doors! Close your windows! There is something in the fog!

Let me see that list.

I am against this project.


Thank you for your honesty.

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The wind bit her cheeks.

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You had better set off at once.


Playing tennis is fun.

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I can't stand being laughed at in front of others.

It is difficult for foreigners to get used to Japanese meals.

Joan caught her breath when she saw the sight.

Spudboy had to say that.

Don't blame me, Miltos.

I'm sure you will succeed.

He likes to smoke tobacco.

It's raining, so you should stay at home.

Apparently his father died abroad.


This is not satisfactory.


Niall lives in a small house.

I heard them call you.

We ran on as far as the station.


It would be great if you could sing.

Laurianne doesn't like men who talk a lot about themselves like Toft.

Being poor, he can't buy it.

I'm afraid we don't have the time.

Blind people sometimes develop a compensatory ability to sense how close objects are around them.


Hein is getting help.

I've always hated this place.

You don't have to be so sarcastic.


He led the defense of Ostyn castle, besieged by the Teutonic knights.


Stay as long as you want.

That's about all we can get done today.

I escaped from the fire with nothing but the clothes on my back.

Lorenzo said that he'd help.

Maarten shot at Saul, but he missed.

All my hope is gone.

I should've worn short sleeves.

A man who never makes mistakes is a man who does nothing.

Did you catch anything the last time you went fishing?

He's had many unhappy experiences.

Don't leave my name out of your list.

I'd like to try it on.

She asked me if anything was the matter.


I took over the business from my father.


I'll be on my own.

Where is my sentence?

Kiyiv is the mother of Ruthenian cities.


Helge pulled out a pistol and shot Bernard.

You have to make a careful choice of books.

I caught a cold yesterday.

The conclusion is crystal clear.

This is a major environmental disaster.


Seen from the sky, the river looked like a huge snake.

You should know something.

Vince told me he was happy here.

I'm here with Wilson.

Your composition is free from all grammatical mistakes.

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"Where's Kieran?" "Beats me."

I thought maybe I'd better not go home right away.

My husband is a senior citizen.

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Can you give us until the end of the week?


They advanced to the river.


I like exotic foods.


Paul is one of the most handsome men I've ever seen.


Metin and his buddies slit the throats of eleven men and women.

I hope it's not Meeks.

That's not scary.

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I'd like to strangle her.

Do you want to know what the real problem is?

Several councils of school administrators have agreed to increase class sizes.

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Could you please help me figure this out?

I've heard that many times.

Where did Hubert have to go?

I came here to tell you something.

They spent more time kissing than watching the movie.

I think it looks great.

"You've had two wishes already," the hag said, "but your second wish was for me to return everything to the way it was before you had made your first wish. This is why you remember nothing."


Leung claims that Google Translator translates better than I do. This is a bold lie


You know where to find me if you need anything.

I hate it when people ask me stupid questions.

Can Bob be sick?


We took a long hike up to the summit.

Let's start the week with a good swim!

I'd like to send this package to Japan.

I thought you were going to watch Celia this afternoon.

Shannon feigned concern.

This should only take a second.

The elephant is grey.

There are a lot of deer in Nara.

He is by nature a kind person and is popular with the children in his neighborhood.

I remember our first meeting. It was 20 o'clock. On Friday.On April 14nd

Turn off the light on leaving the room.

Page has been looking around.

He shook hands with the girl.

He danced in the fire.

It's getting kind of late.