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Maybe you're in love.

I'm optimistic.

He has a notion that life is a voyage.

Today I'm paying you for lunch.

Halley's comet makes an appearance once every 76 years.

I'm glad you're enjoying this.

Roxanne doesn't like cocktail parties because he finds making small talk difficult.

You were eating a sandwich.

Quick, let's get started on the project proposal while the idea is still fresh in our minds. There's no time like the present.

It was my dream.

I'm doing it for the money.


This year's good harvest will make up for last year's bad one.

It's still too early in the morning to visit anybody.

This flower is the most beautiful in the garden.

When are you going to face up to the fact that you are getting old?

We don't want to take anything.

Please come back home as soon as you can.

The United States had nuclear weapons.


Randal could tell there was something wrong.

You can't swim well, can you?

I will eat the orange.

Saqib put down a dish of food for his dog.

She wished her mother would not be mad at her.

I'm still married to Dwight.

She ran as fast as she could to catch up with the others.


He used to play football before his marriage.

He plays at aerobics just to please his girlfriend.

I was there when Knudsen died.

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Guido couldn't decide what to eat.

Raphael has an American accent.

It was the first delegation that the new country had ever received.

Why is everybody hugging her?

What do you have for me?


I understand why you're concerned.


I can't stand this pain.

I don't know what he's trying to say.

Don't you trust him?

Johnathan wasn't a bit interested.

I don't want to pressure you.

Could you lend me some money until this weekend?

As compared with his, my collection is nothing.

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Nobody disliked Susumu.

Our bodies respond to our feelings.

Could you explain to me what happened?

I don't know why I remember her from time to time.

Do you want to see her?

Do your best for him.

I don't adhere to any particular political tendency.

There's a call for you. It's Teriann.

Your innocent act doesn't fool me.

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Are you having dinner?

The boy stood still in horror.

He was delighted to see you.

I can teach you how to fish.

Textured vegetable protein is a common meat substitute.

Where would I find shoes?

I wish Valerie had done it.

Have you known them long?

I'll stop.



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Where have you been up to now?

Why can't we go and see him?

It was a question none of us could answer.

Life would be terribly monotonous and deadly boring if everyone felt, thought and spoke the same.

All three of our daughters will be here for Christmas.


Why didn't you listen to Helen?


Phill put a spell on Darci.

One should not make fun of others.

Gabriel took the sandwich out of his lunchbox.

I wonder how Hector put up with Griff for so many years.

This morning I missed the train I usually take.

You didn't see her, did you?

A song says a girl's mind is variable.


That's dry information.

The young couple included their parents among their Thanksgiving guests.

The journalist was too upset to distinguish vice from virtue.

Jim dropped his pen and bent to pick it up.

Do you think this was intended for Justin?

Herve doesn't plan to go to Boston with us.

You'd be amazed how few students finished their homework.

You live in St. Petersburg.

I know it's very difficult to understand why Reinhard did what he did.


You got your revenge.

Your bag is on my desk.

Kristi enlisted in the Army.

The question is understandable.

I'll explain later.

I don't like the idea of leaving Ernst alone.

I wanted to make sure your family knew that.


So one can bring joy to Briggs even with small things.

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Gregory can't give up now.

I said I didn't know Tollefsen.

I heard that you were out sick yesterday.

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I run ten kilometers a day.

Dioxin is very dangerous.

Luke unlocked the door and went inside.


I'm sorry I made you worry.


What that man's done is an outrage.

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You sure you wanna do this?

I see something moving.

Is Mr Parker in today?

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I can't go out, because I was injured a week ago in an accident.

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I don't like doing this.

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We both miss you.


Marnix and Josip take turns taking out the garbage.


Look here.


She cannot be staying at this hotel, because she has gone back to Canada.

You guys are pathetic.

My mouth forms a lot of saliva.

That bag looks expensive.

Come along after me.


You don't have to be so sarcastic.

These things are expensive.

We only see each other on weekends.

Jennifer has been living in Boston for many years.

My father will help me.

The leaves of the trees in the garden have turned completely red.

Wish you a nice weekend!

I speak for all people.

The sun is our most important source of energy.

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I'm going to join the school orchestra.

I always thought that a stroke was one of nature's ways to tell you that it's time to die.

Did you talk to him today?

Their love story is a real battlefield.

Follow the old river bed for two kilometers.

Let's hear Archie's explanation first.

What're you all doing in the library?

It's a trap, isn't it?

She made my mother take care of the baby.

I saw it three hours ago.

You screwed her?

I don't know how, but I just picked it up naturally.

Return to the ship immediately.


Jefferson was a happy president in those early days of 1801.

Get out! And don't ever touch me again!

Shall I tell them the truth?

Would you do that for me?

The word "black" represented most of the minorities of the time.

I'm trying to stop him.

We tried to stop you.

I am in no small degree indebted to him.

It's surprising how many unhappy marriages there are.

Don't lose hope.

I've been waiting for years.

We buy the cattle and slaughter them.

Presley sat at his desk with his eyes closed.

Money doesn't grow on trees, you know.

Here everybody goes in for skiing.

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I think Mike knows something the rest of us don't.

She was not a little surprised at the news.

Amish romance novels have become popular lately.

Improvisation is an essential part of jazz. It also used to be important in classical music, but this is not true nowadays.

I feel ridiculous.

Your jokes aren't funny.

I would've sent you money.


I have done with him.

She hugged her parents before she left.

I can't think otherwise.

Jared doesn't want to study French, but he has to.

I got a job.

Anatoly was staring out into space with a bored expression on his face.

Since Michiel is a bartender, he uses an ice pick every day at work.

Dan and Linda were walking home.

The world is a sacred vessel that cannot be acted on. Whoever acts on it will ruin it; whoever holds on to it will lose it.

The western sky glowed with crimson.

What's this room?


I'd better go look for her.