How long did it take you to get to Boston?

You can't call them.

Where did you have in mind?

My wife used to stay home, but she works now.

Pantelis had a good reason for being late.

I feel as good as I've ever felt.

I just said something very stupid.

They don't want to die.

We probably should try to get some sleep.

She has been busy preparing for her trip to the U.S.

Ernie thinks that Lar won't be able to pay all her bills this month.

It's as American as apple pie.

Did I tell you what Melissa said?

Unfortunately, they're the majority.


I guess I just like making people happy.

That's no lie.

She repaired my umbrella.

Tell me in your own words what happened.

The majority of what Dan is saying is correct.

Parents need to cooperate with each other.

She proposed giving a party.


I thought Nadeem would be valuable to you.

It's possible we'll arrive at the Tokyo station around noon.

He was there physically, but not mentally.


I love you beyond measure.

I met her at Darci's house.

Just don't worry about it, OK?

Why do you want to see Gordon?

What is man? Anyway, not what he likes to think he is: the crowning glory of creation.

We began to understand more.

I checked her out from the corner of my eye.

A zombie is living a life of its own now and then.

I'm surprised that Kriton didn't enjoy the concert.

Unplug this apparatus during lightening storms or when unused for long periods of time.

Choose a particular event you remember well.


Many of our pioneers are still alive... but, alas, many of them aren't alive any more.

Allan's son was robbed for the third time.

The cow lost its calf.


If anything can be done in America, it can be done in New York.


He has an abhorrence of snakes.

Francisco clearly has no choice.

I used to walk everywhere when I was a teenager.

Mrs. Smith, I'd like to introduce a friend of mine, Pierre Dubois.

He had a little piano on wheels, and a poor thin monkey which sat on top of it.

Do you want to say a few words?

Pierce shouldn't have gotten in the way.


Lenny is proud of his past.

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I am completely out of breath.

They laughed away my worries.

It's time to say goodbye.

How old is your dog?

Does Lynn have a choice?

It almost made me cry.

I want a refund.

Girls like to show off their fine clothes.

We should substitute margarine for butter for our health.

It's urgent that I see you.

I'm not justifying what he did, but you have to admit, his was a labour of love.

I was thinking of the same thing.

Unfortunately I have no money with me.


I was too afraid to do anything.

Let's go for a drink.

Pull the trigger.


Let me know the time when he will come.

Tell her to help us.

Elisabeth believes that these quartz crystals have healing powers.

Wes dug through the unclaimed baggage, looking for something to pawn.

Make sure you tell Sharada.

I wouldn't do that if I were you.

I don't trust anybody.

Franklin was really decisive.

I just want to hear you sing one more time.

You're a valuable asset to me.

Let's turn back now before it's too late.


You're overly reliant on people. You'll never make it in the world that way.

Jwahar has a big family.

You CAN do it.

Ducks were swimming about on the pond.

Ramsey met Jeffie in a local flea market.

Unlock it.

My left foot has gone to sleep.


Pratapwant drank a glass of red wine.

He tried in vain to quit smoking.

I met some hikers on the mountain.

What else could it have been?

Sumitro is a big guy.


His policies were too progressive.

Joyce almost always goes to work by car.

Racism exists even on television.

Irving locked himself in his room.

The new boss wasn't very social with his employees.


Mr. Spencer works in a shop.


I prefer to walk rather than stay here waiting for the bus.

Getting busted isn't fun.

I couldn't tell you why.

Tell us what happened last night.

She won't be missed.

All you have to do is read these two pages.

He raised his hat when he saw me.

He blinked his eyes.

The TV didn't announce anything.


I think it's a little risky to do that without some help.

We must escape from this place.

Is Vance finished eating?

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Shamim must be at least thirty years old.

Vaughn lives in a bad neighborhood.

How are payment methods different?

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There were no temples or shrines among us save those of nature.

Tell them I have a broken leg.

The fire fighter demonstrated how to put out the fire.

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She made up her mind to stay with us for a while.

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Children shouldn't be spoiled.

His wife died in childbirth.

No amount of money will change his mind.

He rests for two days.

The baby is still screaming.

I saw you ogling women on the beach as they passed by.

How many people are in your group?

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The newspaper published a hilarious parody of the president's speech.


Nou realized that Duke might be busy.


Did you two play golf together?

I'll call you on Monday.

I detest them.

May I have the key?

They employ foreigners because Japanese workers are in short supply.

Why do you stay with her?

He has gone to New York on business.

I didn't know you had a sister.

I should like to speak to the manager.

The excessive presence of the English language does not contribute to an equal and fair debate.

I should go home and get some sleep.


She despised him.

Who's your favorite person to hang out with?

I just want to be comfortable.

I was annoyed with him for being so late.

I don't see another option.

I thought that was the whole idea.

You look exactly like Heather.


The people in this town, generally speaking, are kind to visitors.

We've got to keep moving.

This is quite unequivocal.


Our task has been easy so far, but it will be difficult from now on.

Were you happy?

I want us to make it happen.

You're very busy.

We knew you were sick.

The workman, as a rule, works eight hours a day.

It is just like her to think of others before thinking of herself.

Unfortunately, the report is correct.

Hartmann was glad that Bob was home with the children.

There were 30 guests.

I'm not worried anymore.


What did you think of that?


I'm afraid your guess is off the mark.


Almost everyone here speaks French.

I don't think there is any way I can help.

I still respect him.

Valeria has always been the kind of guy who gets into fights.

She baked her husband an apple pie.

They are sitting on the lawn and the ground.

I just got your letter yesterday.

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What gave her that idea?

Do you do double-entry accounting or traditional governmental accounting?

By the God of the Hungarians we vow, we vow, that we will be slaves no longer!

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I guess that's just the way it is.

You can ask for help if you need it.

I stick to the point.


England expects that every man will do his duty.