Generally the Americans are a kind people.

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He broke up the chair for firewood.

People always seem to enjoy talking about other people's problems.

Close the book.


He put the room in order.

I don't think Jared has a driver's license.

To whom did you give it?

Nothing has to happen until you're ready.

That's the law.


She was wearing a strange hat.

Are you requesting an enhancement or reporting an error?

The red house is new.

He shot me down with a glare.

What a cute outfit!

She called him a liar.

I want a bit of cake.

You're supposed to knock before you enter someone's office.

It's essential that you understand the situation.


I'm ugly.

It was quite an experience.

That's a reasonable thing to do.


Are you refusing my request?

Panzer wasn't wearing a lifejacket.

His knowledge of art is poor.

Health is the first condition of happiness.

Lievaart hates them.

Herve seemed impressed.

Does Pedro have an older brother?

She is accustomed to doing her homework before dinner.

I'm not forcing them to pay extra.

Please get in touch with me as soon as you arrive in Boston.

Can't you just be happy and enjoy the party?


I'll get off with very light punishment.


You're missing all the lovely snow.

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I was somehow so awake that I couldn't sleep.

What company do you represent?

The battle was short.

I shouldn't have yelled at Phil.

Darren asked me where to go.


I thought you hated Lana.

Almost all of Sylvan's friends are famous.

Getting up early is very good.

When was the last time you combed your hair?

I've just received some good news.

We couldn't make it happen.

It's weird.


Hwa hasn't bought bread yet.


I ran the risk of losing my job to help her.


The documents were heavily redacted by the FBI before being released.

He knows how to pilot a plane.

Are you alive in there?

We saw him walking across the street.

Organic kiwi fruit. Feel free to help yourself.

That would've been a good start.

Thank you so much, my friends!

May I ask you for your name and address?

You are in favor of the plan, aren't you?

He's not jealous.

I heard an interesting rumor.

We went up by two floors in order to reach the apparel stalls.

If you were footing the bill, you wouldn't say that.

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Why are you talking to Nou?

Ellen told Guy to take an umbrella.

Everyone's looking at Sam.

Do you have problems understanding what women and children say to you?

It reminds me of him.


Whether you like it or not, you must do it at once.


I don't want to rest.


No tools are necessary.

I could not make the train.

Have you found a solution?

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Your car's here.

If I - as young as I am - can't make it out, then how would you, old as you are, be able to?

He may come today.

In fact, a group of their ancestors peopled a continent on the planet Earth about 250 000 of your Earth years ago.

It's dangerous to climb a mountain during a storm.


Do you really think I can do it?

I think it's interesting.

Tell him to wait in the lobby.


The foundation of this house is beginning to weaken.

I thought it was cute.

Marriage is a lottery.

Jennifer was startled.

Chair is too small.


This product has significant shortcomings.

As the Duke of Zhou said, "It will benefit not to crave for the personal benifit".

Actually, we have sort of a problem.

I gave them a ride home.

I'm not denying it happened, but one example can't be called proof.

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No doubt she loves him, but she won't marry him.


The "subject" is the person or object to carry out the action in the sentence. Transformed to Japanese it would be the part that end in "wa" or "ga".

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Patricia seldom speaks to Leon anymore.

Is Juliet still engaged to Hazel?

I am a sculpture.


Pick a book for yourself!

The soreness in her throat made swallowing extremely painful.

I'd have a problem with that.

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To speak English well is difficult.

Elizabeth and Clem weren't much help.

Our children like dogs, but I prefer cats.

Hold the vase in both hands.

Suyog walked to the edge of the pool.

Adlai doubts if Old will come today.

He begged her not to say anything to his parents.

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Everything really sucks!


I'm dying to see Paris.

Sanand shook his head and laughed.

You're in my heart.

Let me make this clear.

Let's predrink at home before going to the club, because I would like to save some money.

We have only one objective.

There was nobody else in the room except Jeanne.

Are you sure you really want to know the truth?

He ran the train over a cliff.

Why did you keep her picture?

I hear that he's very rich.

It is worthwhile reading classical works of literature.

There's no minimum wage here.

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She had, I thought, no right to do that.

The ship lowered its gangway after docking.

They have been tuning the organ all day.

Open Mozilla Firefox.

We'll try it your way.

Do you love each other?

Do you? Why?

In spite of the rain, we enjoyed our holiday.

Juliane clearly doesn't want to be doing this.

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Isn't this place great?

My ears are frostbitten.

I thought you could handle them.


Do you have any idea who might have killed Metin?

The man threw a bag across his shoulder.

Have you ever jerked off to a picture of a friend?


I kept to myself.

Don't walk out on me again.

I know Margot will do anything you ask.

It's a marvelous thing to do a play with you.

This is a company town.

I want you to lead.

That would take about three minutes.


The house looks circular, but it isn't a complete circle.

I plan to finish it in two or three minutes.

My parents would repudiate my brother if they ever found out he was gay.

Lui doesn't like it here.

They made straight for their destination.

In Britain the Metro is known as the Underground, not as the subway.

Take this medicine for your cold three times a day.

Do you know Trying by sight?

Vilhelm cried when his dog died.

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Were you to take it back?

I should've quit smoking a long time ago.

Santa Claus was an Anatolian saint.

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He overlooked my mistake.


Ritalynne always pays attention in class.

Monica bought new laces for his shoes.

He nodded to show that he approved of my plan.

I'm not talking about him.

Griff washed his hands quickly.

When asked what learning was the most necessary, he said, "Not to unlearn what you have learned."

I asked him to join us.

Live up to one's reputation.

I had to get him to school.

Dan discovered Linda's backpack in the woods.

The question was posed in English.