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Philosophy teaches us to feel uncertain about the things that seem to us self-evident. Propaganda, on the other hand, teaches us to accept as self-evident matters about which it would be reasonable to suspend our judgment or to feel doubt.

How clever Bart is!

Farouk was hurt in a car accident.


Since they had no children of their own, they decided to adopt a girl.

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Perhaps Martha is still in love with Bob.

My father was completely bald by the time he was forty.

I hate getting up early in the morning.

Every person has the power to abuse their privileges.

Be careful in there.

God created man in his own image, God is a warrior.

Do you ever think about Mat?

Do you really not like those guys?

I should be used to this by now.

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It's a good thing to be religious.

He's no eagle.

Malcolm could hardly hear what Mysore was saying.

Eliot wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

Well then, it becomes a matter of urgent concern to the lurkers of this mailing list whether the guilty party confesses or not.

The elevators which are on the tail section are used to control the pitch of the plane.

Sorrel hadn't expected that.


We'd like to start over.

Ahmet was the only man in the room.

It is a picture that I like very much.

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Some communities kept their own languages and cultures.


Neither do I.

How can they stop us?

You should always try your hardest.


Please let me know when you're ready to go.


He's afraid of telling his parents that he's homosexual.

Many people were there, I didn't know.

Lewis is on the list.

Karl complimented me.

It's the sort of day when you'd like to stay in bed.

We need to find him tonight.

Do you need time to think it over?

I'll soon be with you.

You're dismissed.

I could use some help.

Everyone except Sarah and Donald are already here.

I'm tired!

You are complete.


Do you suffer from sleeplessness?

We just got here today.

Acid rain in drinking water affects human health.


We went with him on that plan.

Faith can move mountains.

We still have to tell her.

Narendra has excellent taste.

She could not keep her daughter from going out.


Your sense of humor is beginning to exert itself.

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Bryce drank and drank until he passed out.

This generation of online daters, far more native to the Internet, are a lot less awkward than the first generation.

What's its fiscal status?


I'm supporting France in the World Cup.

In time, Juri came to love her.

How ever you like.

I make a living playing music.

I met Blaine at a club.


I'm surprised Blake went to the party without Hans.

It's been a pleasure meeting you.

You did great.

I don't know if he'll come.

Real doesn't often get invited to parties.

Annie pushed the button, but nothing happened.

I can try to forget, but I don't think I'll be able to.


I am only too happy to know that fact.


You'd better take an umbrella.

I can't think out the design any more.

She promised to marry him, but she didn't.

Translating this material calls for a lot of patience.

He is concerned about the result of the exam.

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The day turned out fine after all.

I'm lucky today.

You pay me well enough.

Lorenzo hid the stolen ring in a sock.

Making a good start is half the battle.

She saw herself in the mirror.

Do you folks need anything?

The famous Gordian Knot was cut with a sword blow.

Yes, this is a wine.

Will you drink wine instead of milk?

The element phosphorus is present in our DNA.

Ruth has a very close relationship with his mother.

I like to take pictures so I will be a photographer.

You are beautiful.

Turn on the gas.

After watching the movie, I wanted to read the book, too.

Bobbie felt lucky.

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The dancer's graceful action charmed the audience.

Now go brush your teeth.

There are monsters everywhere.

I'm almost sure that my cat ate my hamster.

I know what you're going to say.


Follow us. We're headed to the nearest bar.

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Do you do subtitles in Esperanto?


I'm from Turkey.

Sal eats more food than Tad does.

Have you found a place to live?


I'll go and talk to him.

Now, listen to the doctor, or you won't get well.

Yesterday we went to the movies.


Chuck's hesitating.


I want a pony.

Long long ago, there lived a pretty girl.

He shook his head back and forth.

It was a scurrilous attack.

I've always wanted to get my hands on one of these.


It'll come right in the end.


It was I that came here first.


Bill was singled out for a special award.

It gives me something to do.

A few days ago, my girlfriend Sophie moved from Edmonton, Alberta to Victoria, British Columbia.

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It is not like that. Become a supporter of Barack Obama.

He has good credentials as a conductor.

My umbrella will serve for a weapon, should the occasion arise.

What he had said proved to be a myth.

He did something stupid and was sneered at.


Jean-Christophe bought a bottle of balsamic vinegar in Modena.

Shahid seems disturbed.

Do you know what's on at cinemas?

Is that all you have?

That would be logical.

I have to find out why Ragnar died.

It's still alive.

I stayed in Japan only a few months.

Graham said he was having fun.

If we leave now, we could be back in Tucson before nightfall.

Our town has only one traffic light.


We've been eating a lot of beans lately.

Do you have earphones?

Let's go to the theater early so that we can get good seats.

He doesn't speak in other languages besides Esperanto!

He's a gentleman.


I'd like to see that ring, please.

He has a generous nature.

Kriton is tall, isn't he?

Do we already have that text?

Computers almost always have the same price. Maybe the prices are set according to the customers' buying ability.

This is just racism!

I'm happy to teach you German for free.

He is Brazilian.

Doctor-patient confidentiality should be respected at all times.

Spudboy spent three weeks in bed.

They lived in Spain for several years.

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Geoffrey demanded more.


I think it's reliable.

I'm quite embarrassed now.

Can you come over to my house tonight?


Last night I lost my lunch.

For all their serious wounds, all of them were in good spirits.

I need 100 shekels.

Welcome to the town of Westhampton.

The entire bathroom was stainless steel.

Look at Harry's face.

I have no time to do my homework.

I wasn't as careful as I should've been.

Harry called at Tony's house.

Sharon's impressed.

How long has George worked there?

Do you realize what would happen if you did that?

I was never involved with that scandal.


I'm fed up with your complaining.

I told you I locked the door.

She went on to lay out two more parks in the town.