I'm being paid to do this.

I know what you guys are thinking.

I just want you to think about it.

Has anybody spoken with him?

I just wanted to tell you that.

Steve took off his shirt and threw it into the washing machine.

She is very popular with the clients.

Give Shean my best.

The eagle had to be fed by hand.

If Travis had a lot of money, he'd probably buy himself an expensive car.

Why is nobody around when I'm horny?

Cindy and I are both very happy.

I'm all for it.

I can't think of anyone better suited for the job than Loukas.

He caught the nine o'clock shuttle to New York.

Cyrus is very confident, isn't he?

Bob appears to be on edge.

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I already said yes.

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I don't have a job right now.


I get paid more than most people here do.

I'll be busy all week.

This is nothing more than wishful thinking.


They speak in so many different voices.

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Rebecca asked to speak to me privately.

How many soldiers did you see?

No one speaks this language anymore.


Is something wrong with me?


Do you want me to teach you some swear words?

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A thing like that doesn't upset me.


I still haven't found my contact lens.

Boyd and Ami live in a very small apartment.

You will be absent for three days.


He finally decided to get married.

I slightly bent over to choose a coffee and get the change.

I have had more than enough.

Toufic could hear Betty snoring loudly in the next room.

Do you see anything you like?

Marcia showed the bartender a fake ID card.

They're very busy.

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We didn't like each other.

Where do I get masks for water sports?

He used to collect beetles when he was a kid.

Geoffrey is the only one in our family who's been to Australia.

I work for a travel agency.

Ranjit just got a promotion.

Just remember, you can't compete with the memory of your younger self.

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The doctors are engaged in cancer research.

Eisenhower kept his promise.

Is there anyone here who knows someone in Australia?

Don't talk to me about work.

Everybody laughed except her.


I didn't like it much.

Sandra seems to be having trouble getting things done.

Please tell me what you think.


I like this city very much.

Ima told Bart that she should visit the museum.

I don't think any of us should go.

I had a crush on her.

He suffered internal injuries in the car accident.

He had to stay in hospital for a week.

I sent this letter to my uncle.

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I don't know if you feel the same as I do.

We are all going to die, aren't we?

Such an honest man as John cannot have told a lie.

I like foreign languages.

There is no problem between us. So much the better!


Why should I worry?

You ought not to have kept her waiting on such a cold night.

A person never reading anything may be fooled with an extraordinary easiness.

We'll consult them.

Our school is famous for its club activities.

He is not altogether wrong.

The next time you'll come with me.

Emma is already at his desk.

It is not my day.

You shouldn't complain because you'll look ugly.

I'm sure Edith knows what to say.


He's not tall, but strong.


What does she do?

I know you'd have done the same for me.

We saw an interesting program on television yesterday.

Why is he so popular?

They're studying French and web design.

They'll be arriving any moment.

Dory won't let us go there without him.


You've never slept with a woman?


Dan was a tow truck driver who worked at a local garage.

The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and science. He who knows it not and can no longer wonder, no longer feel amazement, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle.

We can't postpone the meeting.


Don't worry, you're doing well.

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I don't think that anybody knows the answer.

I can't tell you how worried I've been.

I introduced my father to the teacher.

Do you want me to give you a hand?

The grapes from this vine are good.

Wait for me next to that tree.

The blood was bright red.

They drew the boat on the beach.

I don't want to speak your language.

It was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.

Siegurd just can't stop looking at Julius.

I am not older than he is.


The government is not doing its best to solve the housing problem.


That's what I hope for.

I'm still alive.

I have to give something to Toerless.


Your father must have been very disappointed.

I'll send the book by mail.

Kevan entered the classroom, carrying his bicycle helmet.


I'm really tired tonight.

Your handwriting is messy.

Can we narrow down the ocean area where floating debris is supposed to be?

None of them speak French.

No wonder you are so happy.


Josip wants to kill himself.


Estella and I are going for a walk.

Greg arrived at school on time.

We cannot help admiring his talent.


I'm sure glad no one died.

Please remember to put out the fire before you go home.

Oskar laughed at the joke.

It's fine today.

Page has been going with Jane for almost a year now.

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I'm still waiting for an answer.

Please go with Ro.

Take her outside.

Sugih drinks coffee to stay awake when he's studying at night.

He dedicated his life to medical work.


You shouldn't try to do that by yourself.

Please give this to Jelske.

A fork is an instrument used chiefly for the purpose of putting dead animals into the mouth.

Andreas took a job with a trading company.

She isn't as stupid as she looks.

A laptop is better than a desktop.

He prefers tea to coffee.

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Only Cris didn't want to go.

You don't have to be alone.

Lou thought I was making it up.

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Tehran is my favourite town.


Morgan was worried that someone would discover details from his past.

You hired me, didn't you?

We're going to have some fun.

Tell Perry I'm not in.

I thought you thought Hunter was still a bricklayer.

In Soviet Russia, radio listens to the listener!

Can you count to one hundred in French?

I didn't get my way that day.

We know so little about them.

What do you think we can do to help Evelyn?

These clothes are too big for you.

His chief attraction lies in his character, not his books.

I have been reading the book all afternoon.

I don't like hiking.

She's getting older.

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When I came back, my car had vanished.


You need me.

Bradford and Allen have never been close friends.

Did you talk to him on Monday?

Sasha had a huge bump on his head.

They won't let her in.


Please fasten seatbelt.