Juice™ Mobile Power

Active learning demands Active Charging™. Take power on the go with Juice Mobile Power. Turn a single wall outlet into a powerful, flexible mobile charging solution, providing safe charging for the entire classroom or office.

Let us help you find the perfect locker, cart, or station to fit your technology needs.

TechGuard Connect®

Simplify your technology deployments with TechGuard Connect. The secure charging locker, with the power of 7013834773.

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The CUBE™ Family

Bretford’s budget-friendly, line-up of carts, stations and trays, safely store and charge up to 40 devices. Available in sixteen fun, vibrant colors, each member of the CUBE family offers a simple, no-frills solution to your store and charge needs for your Chromebook, laptop or tablet devices.

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Color Changes Everything

Color can be used to scientifically promote certain types of behaviors or emotions in our environments. Our eyes and brain see and interpret color to generate an emotional or physical responses.

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“Because students only need to stop at the smart lockers twice each day, we’ve been able to shorten our bell schedules and give students more time in the classroom, and that has a positive impact on both learning and funding.”

Jim Culbert
Executive Director of Information Technology

Bretford Case Study
Duval County Public Schools

The Dilemma
Duval County Public Schools, the 20th largest school district in the United States, implemented a 1:1 roll-out to Fletcher Middle School. They were looking to bridge some key gaps in their roll-out. How were students going to keep the student-managed devices charged? How are student devices’ charged while they are in gym class?

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What our customers say

Being the first is not easy. Understanding what others have been through makes decisions far easier.
See how organizations from K-12 to higher education use Bretford to create more connected, more productive environments.

"In class we are always creating things. It seemed logical ... to design a space that fosters creativity and innovation."
Jannine Tuttle
Middle School Science Teacher

"With 9,000 new Chromebooks coming into our schools ... managing the condition and safety of these computers became a primary concern."
Bill Klopping
Director of Technology, VESD

"The Academies at Jonesboro High School is the largest school in the area with approximately 1,200 students. After each student at Jonesboro received a MacBook Air device for schoolwork, students and faculty needed a place to safely store and charge the MacBooks both during and outside school hours."

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Store & Charge

Bretford Store & Charge products let information go mobile. They transform any space into a modern digital hub, with advanced power management that provides charging for virtually every brand of laptop, Chromebook and tablet device.

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Made for Apple

Built from the ground up and optimized to enable support and mobility of iOS devices, Made for Apple products from Bretford are designed to keep iOS devices ready so that rooms, people, and information can move - and still stay connected.

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Reach your full potential by outfitting your space with the latest power innovation from Bretford. Juice Mobile Power is our Active Charging™ solution that provides power to an entire space from one traditional outlet.


Presentation Support

You depend on technology to get things done. Available in a variety of design styles, Bretford AV carts, whiteboards, and mounts provide ...

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Bretford offers an extensive line-up of book trucks that are versatile, functional, and reliable.

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