Man is a creature of circumstances.


The only problem was Shawn didn't care.

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The express train is an hour faster than the local.


Art was in its golden age in Venice during the Renaissance.

Josh looked a little distracted.

She told Tony.

Aimee seems to have caught a cold.

We are to have a garden party tomorrow.

Newsweek had a big picture of the ex-movie star entering the police station.

Why didn't you come?


James has always been good to me.


We do know what to expect.

I'm fascinated by the extraordinary flexibility of this language.

Anthony spit out his gum.

The building was reduced to rubble.

I hope I survive.

It's out of the question.

Is that everything?

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I don't have to apologize for what I said.

Steven is in Boston now.

I'm still not giving up.


The police will put you in prison.

It is too dark to see clearly.

The officer seemed to be afraid of their revenge.

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She has bought a new computer.

But no man could help me.

I spent all my energy on that project.

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How can I reach the hotel?

I started sweating.

Shakil seems a lot happier since you showed up.

Giles wants to be happy again.

The horse stopped and refused to go any further.

I've found a job.

I'll ask whether she wants another drink.

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Have a satsuma for dessert.

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True zombies are to be found in the special forces. When you spend a week in the cold, without sleeping, you become a zombie, and the only thing you feel is hatred. Hatred towards yourself, hatred towards the others. And the only thing you think about is to finish your job and go back to where you can enjoy a "good sleep".


We need to have a chat in private.

I think it's important to tell the truth.

One of us has to do this.

It seems as if he is finally branching out from his specialist subject area.

She is addicted to alcohol.


You might want to glance at this.

This is getting awkward.

She was absent from class.

Why don't you get yourself a decent house?

She has changed greatly since I last saw her.

Wholesale prices had been basically flat.

You're quite a liar.

Did I interrupt something important?

Cristi opened the door wider.


We do this every Monday.

Don't make noise.

Mann escaped from his cell.

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There's no possibility of that happening.


I came to thank you.


I'm going to make my own decisions from now.

The students went at their work as the examinations approached.

John hit me on the head.


No one can understand how the accident happened.

There was nobody to ask.

I was asked to wait here.


Will he come to the meeting next week?

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I think that I want to apply for the job in the advertisement.

I'd started to think you weren't coming.

Phill is all weirded out.

I met Roy, who asked me to give you this one.

I want to go to sleep.

"Why are you wet?" "I fell in the water."

I will sleep until it is half past eight.

I got him.

Why didn't anyone tell me?

We should respond.

Alexander got custody of his son.

A great treasure was discovered in a sunken ship.

Mahesh says he's innocent.

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Is climate change really happening?

A butterfly's wing contains many details.

Some kids start to carry on at a supermarket when they are not allowed to buy some candy or other treat.

My native language is Turkish.

They scanned the spaceship with a probe.

Valerie ran to the door and tried to get out.

My ears are bleeding!

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I had to do something fast.

I am cutting the meat.

Nobody talked about my country.

Do not rely on the room clock for the accurate time of day.

Publication of the article was timed to coincide with the professor's birthday.

Did you tell Benjamin about Edwin?

I'm contemplating doing that.

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Will anything really change?

All the members of our club, excluding me, are men.

Dieter is probably not happy right now.

Fight fire with fire.

Sidney doesn't think Guido's crazy.

It must've been Juri.

Mayuko came out of the room.


Finally we arrived at the lake.

Why do you laugh so hard at his jokes? They're not even funny.

French is one of the languages that I speak.

I'm getting nervous.

On the house, Suwandi.


Delbert asked me if I knew how to swim.

He's always late for school.

I have to get home before it gets dark.


I grabbed my little sister's hand, and the two of us started running.

Rayan should let me do that.

Also, there is a greater risk of accidents.

I erased my name off the list.

A scientific theory is a hypothesis that has been proved by testing.

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That's a nice dress you're wearing.

The boy playing the guitar is my younger brother.

Jeanne is still unsure of himself.

We were all surprised at the effect the news had on him.

Vilhelm couldn't understand it.

How much does a bunch of grapes cost?

Somebody called. Guess who?

I didn't know what it was.

Voice of America broadcasts from Washington.

It seemed the quarrel would finally be talked out, when Mark added fuel to the fire by bringing up the question of who was guilty.

I want to minimize the chances of another incident.

Anything oral is fine by me.

Leo helped again.


Do you speak Dutch?


He is not guilty of murder.

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The boy didn't reach his father's height of six feet.

Kenn fixes things.

You can't hurt us.


You can't find a pet like that anywhere.

Everybody liked me.

You disappointed me.

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I'd be willing to do anything to get that job.

She gave an amateur performance on the piano.

Do you want to go first?

This nude poster appeals visually to the young.

You don't need to hurry. Take your time.

Doesn't Eva have any fun?

Sanjib filed a lawsuit.


Dan started dating a girl named Linda.

I wish I'd kept my mouth shut.

The contents of the wallet were missing.

Can you recommend a good restaurant?

I cannot inflate all these balloons.

Just start again.

Did you want me to call the police?

They are both good students.

Her husband is rich.


Stop feeding me wormy fruit.

We're not quitters.

What were you telling him?


You must be new around here.

What is it you hope to buy?

I envy you your luck.

Don't bother.

As for me, I don't trust him at all.

Rex knew that he couldn't speak French as well as Varda could.

I told Woody to be here tomorrow morning.

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I told them I wasn't interested.

Rick isn't wealthy.

We've been here for a long time.


I have an understanding wife.

Casper knit Del a sweater.

The grapes ripened well that summer.