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When did you get the concert ticket?

She shook her head and said nothing.

He's an attractive guy.


Kayvan is lucky he didn't get shot.

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Norman is taking a day off.

I'm sure that it'll be fun!

Things aren't always as they appear.


Jong can sleep on the couch.

I have to use the phone.

You're not a killer and neither am I.

Tears were flowing down her cheeks.

They were drawn to each other by a magnetic attraction.


I'll do it only if you tell me the truth.

Promise you'll think about my offer!

He attached great importance to the event.


There was a terrible storm here last week.

Little is known of this curious plant.

I've written several papers on this topic.

He comes to school earlier than any other student in the class.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can result in the child being born with foetal alcohol disorder.

His house is just over the road.

The girls amused themselves playing games.


I wonder what time it is.

Our dog has gone away.

Rand likes classical music.

Anderson collects sentences.

Ralf is kind of cute, isn't she?

Would you like to go to the lake with us?

I wish Pantelis hadn't told Bart I'd been in prison.

Irvin disappeared behind the house.

I think I have a lot of tartar.

I'm thinking of going to Boston.

I don't even care if you're handsome.

Yes, thanks. Recently I've been roughing it so I was able to get a proper sleep for the first time in a while.

Isabelle tried, but failed.

Obviously, you volunteered.

Congratulations on passing all your examinations.

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Cookie is ten years younger than Kate.


Was Marty happy?


They're all against me.

Brandi didn't remember to send Caroline a birthday card.

Jeremy knocked on the door and waited.


I'm sorry to call you so late at night.

Do you mean us?

Who rescheduled?

His heart misgave him.

Sjouke told me you were retired.


Agatha promised not to hurt us.

Leaving Boston was the biggest mistake I ever made.

The absence of a greeting means something.

I'm in charge until Rajesh gets here.

When I call on you, I'll let you know in advance.

I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket.

Claude is my father.

Is there a difference?

We don't have any questions.

The reform of the Chinese healthcare system is an acknowledgement of its failure.

A bone stuck in my throat.

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I'm not always right.

I'm thinking of offering her the position.

What did Rafik do to you?


Land prices still show no sign of evening out.

Son, I love you.

I'll miss you guys.

He moved to Canada.

Three voted against the idea.

It is three years since he died.

I'm an archaeologist.

Juvenile delinquency is on the increase at a rapid pace.

I wanted to keep my job, so I did what the boss told me to do.

Their attitude is very ridiculous!

I'm sorry, I was distracted.

Would you kindly come here at nine?

The thought is not bad.

I just feel so lost.

I'm only thinking of you.

The name rang a bell in me.

Mario doesn't seem to be interested in making friends.

He did not appear until about noon.

Don't expect everyone to agree with you.

He was intrigued.

From childhood I dreamt of being a pastry cook.

Guess what I was thinking.

I can't speak to him.

Heresy was a crime for which people were sometimes sentenced to death.

I asked her to marry me and she accepted.

My children like to sing in the car.

My grandfather on my mother's side is celebrating his 60th birthday tomorrow.

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I'm against big government.

I have to see him at 2:30.

Does this taxi go to the Jingan temple?

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Everyone knows that Jessie has a thing for you.

John has a pen.

Do you think Rathnakumar wants to go to Boston with us?

The chances are even.

He unfurled the flag and laid it on his bed so that he could roll his piglet in it.

You never let me do anything.

I will meet you in the hotel foyer.


We regard him as a great man.

By looking at an object's electromagnetic spectrum, scientists can determine if an object is moving away from Earth or towards Earth.

Christopher cannot swim.


I had a premonition.

What'll they do to you?

I don't make much of his opinion.

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You'll have to go to Boston to meet Swamy next week.


She always gives an instant answer.

Are you a maniac?

Women are cleverer than men.

Sergeant still seems concerned.

You should be respectful to your teachers.

She had blue eyes.

I wish you'd stop complaining.

Thuan now has a good reason to be happy.

Sarah wrote two books.

Dana might have lost his way.

There is a picture of his own painting.

Why do you clean the house each week?

Water shot from the pipe.

I grew up with him.

You should do whatever makes you happy.


I love that store.

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You should give up drinking and smoking.

This will bring you to grief.

I can't afford to buy a new bike, so I'll have to manage with this old one.

Norbert's the real expert.

Can't we tell him about it?

When I entered the room, Marsha and Markus were snuggled together on the couch.

He is thought to be guilty.


Hey, guys, wait for me!

A heavy heart bears not a nimble tongue.

Why do I not have the courage to find my own path?


She chatted with her friends about the football game over coffee.

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I need a word with you.

I thought that might happen.

Nothing's working.

I need a place to crash.

There were as many as five hundred people present.


Are you students at this school?


She'll give one more carpet to me.

A chain is made up of many links.

We need about five men to lift these heavy cases.

I did what they told me to do.

Keiko deftly piles up the dishes and takes them to the sink.

Douglas got his way.

Last summer's sky was invariably grey.

Success is never blamed.

I need a ride to school.


Torsten had a decision to make.


Pratt shoved his plate of food toward Harry.


He can't have written this; it's not his handwriting.

I wasn't expecting this.

Apparently, they nest in a tree in front of the house.

It was only a beggar-girl that had crept up to the window and stole a glance at the bright scene within.

It is easy to consider man unique among living organisms.


If I had had enough money, I could have bought it.

It's good to hear that you can work in Japan.

I pretended to be friends with her.


Vinod knows how to repair computers.


The boss strolled around the balcony above the office, observing the workers.


Where're Teriann's things?


Next Saturday, I will go to Paris.

My house is backed by woods.

I don't want to worry you.

Nadeem doesn't know if he will be able to visit us next Monday.

Only the lowest of the low would break into and vandalise a child care centre.