If you can't solve this problem, ask your teacher.

Bryce has over thirty first cousins, some of whom he's never met.

His oldest son is not married.

He was well built, if not fat as such.

His girlfriend was not supportive.

Let's get together here once a week.

I try to learn something new every day.

How much worse can it get?


The store sells foodstuffs, such as butter, cheese, and sugar.


I woke up at eight.

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She refuses to abandon her career for marriage.

That country has natural resources.

What's the fastest way out of here?


My son likes to play with cars.

I just wanted someone who'd talk to me.

I won't beg you.

In difficult times like these, no ordinary degree of effort will get our company out of danger.

I haven't seen them around.


These two friends are always together.

I only asked if I could borrow the book.

Ahmet learned how to swim when he was three.

His teacher gave it to him straight for breaking the chair.

He began to raise beef cattle.

Mike managed to carry the suitcase by himself.

We ate some Twelfth-Night pancake this afternoon.

Why don't you let them go?

I couldn't tell what kind of person this girl I met on the internet was from her profile, but something about her still piqued my curiosity, as though I had met her in a previous life, or something occult-ish like that, anyways.

Germany is a parliamentary republic.

Spass didn't tell the truth.

Jackson had his arm around a young lady.

Raanan made the children clean their rooms.

What time do you usually turn in?

The committee was split over the project.

I am accustomed to the climate.

I was forced to go.


Does Oscar look upset?


Never did I tell her that I loved her.

You should go home. It's late.

Please don't ask me about him.

As soon as she comes, we will begin.

Mother divided the cake into eight pieces.

That custom is quite foreign to the Japanese.

In order to swim, you have to learn to tread water first.

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

The Lord chastens those he loves.


She braked hard when she saw a child run out into the road.

Let's say that you're right.

Please give me a blanket.

Maybe Son would like that.

Art wants his mother's approval.

But very soon, the battle would become fierce.

Do you have any evidence to prove him guilty?

Now listen to me closely.

I didn't even see him go.


I use "Yahoo" to browse the internet.


Who do you think you're kidding?

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It's OK, but I think you can do it better.

We found him.

What tea do you drink? Is lemon tea okay?

Do you study French at school?

She went by cab to the museum.


Are your hands free of dirt?

You obviously don't remember me.

Golden reins do not make a better horse.

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Sandra owns a sporting goods store.

After all his efforts, he also failed this time.

I'm standing.

Is he my friend?

The default color of the desktop's background is blue.

When our class performed a play, I took charge of stage effects.

It's wonderful to see you all again.


I don't like waiting for Brooke.


I cannot train with the military.

Did Marika understand Japanese?

I couldn't understand why she frowned at him.

Hubert wanted to do something really nice for Pitawas.

I think I understand you.

I think we're moving along pretty well.

Jane will never forget this past year. Neither will we.

We're all mad.

The company went bankrupt.


Monica may not be able to do that.

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I'm having a breakdown.

That's outstanding.

Juliane is my dentist.


The doctor advised him to keep away from drinking.

The population remains stationary.

Corey should've helped Tandy with her homework.

Claire ducked for cover.

She is always courteous!

Everybody was looking at me.

He bumped his head against a post.


I couldn't help laughing at his joke.

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It's too late for us to back out.

As fluently as she speaks French, she may have studied in France.

We are grilling sausage.

You might have prevented the accident if you hadn't been so inattentive.

The beaches of Huelva are very pretty.

Does Revised know what you're doing here?

I owe you all nothing!

Pierre is glad it's all over.

What do you think I should've said?


He's the new CEO from the parent company in France.


Then the witch placed her cauldron on the fire, to prepare the magic draught.

Ned's thirsty.

We shouldn't have let him go.


Five colonists were killed.

Did Mark tell you to say that?

Young children can be very loud.

Discriminating against people because of their race is a mistake.

The policeman gave Anton a ticket for reckless driving.


Who is Paul to you?

Allah is everywhere.

I don't know what to do about that mess.


Look! There's a bird in that tree.


I am training to be a forwarding agent.


I looked at Emily's face.

Irvin promised me he'd come back.

Even though it's a bit cold, we still plan on having a picnic.


Vance is expected to win.

To be honest with you, I never really liked Teriann very much.

Nick enjoyed playing baseball with his friends.

Rand could be dead by now.

Petr finished the work by himself.

Mehrdad is a New Yorker, but he doesn't have a New York accent.

There are sayings, phrases, idioms and proverbs in every language which can not be translated literally.

I'm on the list.

You're accusing me unfairly.

The deer was killed by hunters.

Feeling hot, I turned on the fan.

Rabbits have many offspring.

Take a good look.


I loved reading when I was a child.

I don't believe to what he says.

The poet died young, but his works survived for centuries.

The betrayal of a friend is a real tragedy.

Oxygen is necessary for combustion.

If you walk your dog, scoop the poop.

They do it faster than me.

Imogen of the Internet is not yet notable on Wikipedia, but it is one of the many things she aspires to.

I cannot remember her name.

All the students come from the US.

I've been working since I was fourteen years old.

Martin was there to meet Tyler's plane.

How long did you stay in Boston?

Daniele was bleeding profusely.

Out of all of my children, Ernesto is the youngest.


I'm not leaving until you tell me everything.


The ice-cream will melt, so I put it in the fridge.

You are the only one who can protect them.

Don't you just hate this weather?

Are you getting ready to leave?

He seems to have been in poor health when young.

That's got to make a difference.

The average man fails not because he lacks ability, but because he lacks ability to concentrate.


The soldiers halted at the entrance to the town.

The speaker covered the microphone with his hand and whispered something to the woman sitting beside him.

I can afford no further delay.

They continued searching.

We're spontaneous.


What about watching the night game on TV?

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I followed him.

It's another ball of wax.

He saved the child at the risk of his life.

There are more messages on Loglan mailing list than on Lojban mailing list every day.

It's the story of a boy, a girl, and a cat.