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An endodontic treatment is one that specializes in the root of the tooth where a root canal will be needed. We are a dental office that has experience with more than 20 different brands of dental implants. There are people who have so many things wrong with their teeth and gums that they spend tons of time in a dental chair. You may still want to wear a retainer after you are done straightening your teeth with the clear aligner braces. People who have a missing tooth and missing root can have it replaced with a dental implant.

Bring your children in to meet our local dentist so they feel comfortable in the dental office. Dental appliances, such as mouth guards, can be used to stop people from snoring loudly. Some dental offices are now considered dental spas with many different treatments. Braces are not always necessary to straighten teeth that are not very crooked. Taking care of your teeth will help the health of your entire body.

Sometimes people have a lot of pain when their wisdom teeth come in and some people never get their wisdom teeth at all. When you have a serious infection in your gums, it can travel to the root of your tooth and you will need a root canal. When you have a toothache every time you drink hot coffee, you may have a problem with sensitive teeth. Fluoride treatments and sealants may be recommended for your children, depending on their age and the shape of their teeth. Regular brushing and flossing is something kids should learn early so they have great teeth and gums all their life.

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