You don't want to be late.

Irving isn't so dependable, is he?

The bus was about to leave.

The girls laughed.

Gunnar is buying bananas.

Roger works from morning till night.

Had you come a little earlier, you could have met her.

I won't lose anything.

My mother cooks well.

The jury hasn't yet made a decision.


You mustn't swim in the pond.

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Let's talk about how this is going to work.


Piete tells me the same thing all the time.

We want Neil to stay and help.

A good lawyer would leave no stone unturned in his efforts to defend his client.

I can't find the equation.

His speech contained many fine phrases.

I walk every day.

I want to stay outside.

Society must do away with laws which cause racial discrimination.

I guess something is better then nothing, right?


What do they know that we don't?

Call me when you get there, so I know you're safe.

Did you get permission to park here?

You're sweet.

I'm done with that.

You could at least try.

Excuse me, are you Jingbai, by any chance?

She finished the marathon.

The traffic accident took place on the main highway.

Marcia finally stopped.

I deserved that.

I know it's true.

All drivers should obey the rules of the road.

Go and say goodbye to him before he leaves.

Vince is the leader.

Christmas falls on Monday this year.

This material has a rough texture.


I only left him one message.

Anything you can tell me might be helpful.

I'm still kind of thirsty.

You don't like living with your parents, do you?

Her advice to me was to work harder.

He is leaving Narita for Hawaii this evening.

The airline makes sure to send your luggage all the way to the final destination as soon as possible, or at a later date at the passenger's choice.

If I can't have Junior as my child, then no one can!

The actress has a very beautiful name.

Some of them seem to be too difficult.

I have been wearing this overcoat for more than five years.


The scientist found out laws.

Have you both lost your minds?

That boy is running.

The fish was swimming in the water.

Would you mind if we talked about this later?

I like sushi.

The waffle is unchewable.

When did you last sharpen this knife?

The explanation is simple.

The tree cast a shadow across the road.

We should take a coffee break.

You probably scared Hsuan off.

I know exactly what it's like.

I never agree with him.

I shook hands with Shean and left.

She just kept her distance from him.

Barney was on the phone.

I asked them to fix my car.

Go along this street, and you'll find the movie theater.

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Those are sunflowers.

Business has really slowed down.

Something's not right here.

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Isn't that kind of cool?

I didn't tell Amanda about it because I didn't want to ruin his day.

He's not young anymore.

Alberto's ties are always too loud.

Everyone mistakes me for my brother.

We urge you to be patient.

I saved you.


I argued with Barbara.

I'm not disappointed.

Patty exposed her back to the sun on the beach.


Elizabeth thinks Vick has a bad influence on John.

I have an interest in photography.

I found her in the kitchen crying.

Let's listen to music.

There are a lot of things that need to be done that can't be done until tomorrow.

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My neighbour's name is Kate.

The men cried for help.

Dawson asked me if I would be willing to contribute some money.

Now, lets just hope Pontus stays in Boston.

If anyone saw anything, I want to know.

After that newspaper wrote that no farmer wanted to work as a tenant in Vestfold, interest has skyrocketed.

You can build a camera obscura with a shoe box.

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Grant can't stop thinking about Jef.

Please explain to me what you wish to say by this.

Give us peace!

She started from the summit.

Try as you may, you can't do it in a day.

I abhor politics.

You know how Sergei is.


The grey man appeared in the doorway.

What Liza did made me angry.

I have some French books.


I'm touched by your concern.

Spike can't turn Marvin down.

I'm all in a dither about the concert.

She's pure bred blue-blood you see. Unfortunately that's no sort of put-on but her natural self.

The Kiso River is often called the Rhine of Japan.

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I'm disgusted with Heinz.

This type of blouse is beginning to be dated.

I've said too much already.

That's the last I heard from Raman.

It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.


She talked on and on about her family problems.

It is not good wishing.

He was absent from school.


I told Renu to calm down.

I want you to take care of Spyros for a little while.

We need competent leaders.

As a kid I was possessed by a ghost.

They say that every problem has a solution.

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Is there any adverse reaction?

Has that been scientifically proven?

Put your clothes on the bottom shelf.

I have never kissed a girl before.

The boy became happy.


I wasn't expecting to win.

They made up and became friends again.

I thought you might feel like an early lunch.

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What if hijackers should appear?

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Our guide misinformed us about the location of the hotel.

Have you already finished your homework?

The rumor that she's getting married is spreading around town.


May I interrupt?

Give me that envelope.

I made him sweep the floor.

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Do you feel too cold?

There was a lot of wind.

You're probably wondering who I am.

He has very little interest in his children.

Neither whales nor dolphins have gills.


We will someday make the world a better place.

I want to change my life.

Mario was sitting in the corner.


I'm just really happy.


These pills come in a blister pack.

I've been to America twice already.

Are you going to kill us?

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Why should you be surprised?

Bucharest and Budapest are two different cities in two different countries.

Sylvan has stopped smoking.

I think Ron is poor.

Yecch. This rice cracker is soggy.

Tell me where I can find him.

How exactly was Felix killed?


You're wasting your time trying to convince him.

Can you quickly go and buy grey bread from the baker? And have it cut!

You can eat very well there.

He looks pale. He must have drunk too much last night.

Don't eat!

You are exactly the person I am looking for.

I'm afraid we'll lose the game.

I did nothing.

He did it in front of the staff.

It was a fake.

This sound of danger lent me wings.


Naples gathers many tourists.

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I didn't speak with Margaret directly.

Quitting one's job in a big way is cathartic but is it the right thing to do?

Give examples.