I've never met anyone quite like Tanya before.

The functions sine and cosine have a range of values between -1 and 1, inclusive.

This place is packed.

It's a Chinese company.

The chances are that he has not heard the news yet.

I wasn't really in the mood.

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I'll be here in the morning if anyone needs me.


Those people contributed greatly to world peace.

Ian is still not talking to Tharen.

I am supposed to go to Tokyo next week.

I'll surprise her.

Are you ready to go home?

I'm angry because of their impolite attitude.

You still haven't told me who you are.

The debate was terminated abruptly after a water balloon was thrown at the stage.

We are really late.

Mahmoud seems to be acting a tad foolish today.

Connie is a nutty old bat.

The company was in the red and went under.

The man answers the description.


Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.

Why don't you do something useful and get me some coffee?

Nora helped himself to a cup of coffee.

Konstantinos and Edward spoke quietly in the corner of the room.

You have a good plan, Comrade Zhukov.


Kimberly had no one to tell his story to.


Don't drink on an empty stomach.

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Those who possess a good sense of humour are special people.

He entered the army.

This is my good luck charm.

Put the knife back in the drawer.

Have you read the book already?

He developed his English skill while he was in America.

You should've told Walt sooner.

Her parents insisted that she spend the summer in prep school

Why did you tell Sonny?

We must do more than yesterday.

I don't think that Knudsen will swim tomorrow.

I don't want to go to the dentist.

I'm hoping to see them.


I didn't go.

She attributed her success to luck.

I recently started seeing a man.

Roger was out of it.

I bet you work.

How long did it take Donna to paint his house?

There's a lot of room left for improvement.


He ran off with his best friend's wife and hasn't been heard from since.


How about dropping in at the shop?

Now is the time for Esperanto, because communication has become vastly more important in the world.

You'll come back to see us, won't you?

I see Urs playing the piano.

How hard he works!

She doesn't like baseball very much.

Perhaps I was too harsh on her.

Have you been practicing?

That painting is beautiful, and so is this one.


We'll get in touch with him.

Do you still have a key?

This increase in the number of unemployed people is a result of the bad economy.

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All our children are immune to measles.


I'll see that it never happens again.

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Even though he was exhausted, he had to go back to work.

God bless you!

I'm sure he'll be pleased to hear that.

Are there stars with other forms of life on them?

I think Pablo got scared.

You've misspelled my name.

Even though I ran down the stairs, I couldn't catch the train.


Finally, it's Friday.


I must open the window.

I'm in need of money.

Let's be best friends forever.

Jong has a scar on his face.

How many eggs do you eat per day?


I refused to pay.

She was able to continue her education through correspondence courses.

Skeeter just showed up at work.

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Please give me a cup of milk.

The answer is pretty simple.

I don't want to fight anymore.

How about Brazil? Are you coming?

Attitudes sure have changed.

He tried to stand up.

Do you think that I'm a dictator?

We don't know what's going to happen.

The dream of world war may be linked to a linear religion.


I hope to cure my social anxiety one day.

Please take one.

I want to talk to Lui.

Do you know the girl over there?

Kazuko bared her breast and fed the baby.


I met him on my way to school.


Through some strategic planning, she managed to get into her teacher's computer to find the exam.

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I was having a bath when the phone rang.

I hope you don't tell Marsh that.

Your pants are dirty.


Land prices are very high in Japan.

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I know my daughter.


It wasn't just me.

Hotta won't be expecting us.

You're a very lovely woman.

I can't tell yet.

She looked at me and said "Hi!"

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As often happens, he slept right through the lesson.

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I want to be there, you know.

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There were more than 100 people at the party.

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Bjorne has a difficult relationship with her eldest daughter, who is now 17.

He raged like a wild beast.

Jordan made me promise not to tell Roxie anything.


When is my brother's birthday?

I like doing stuff like that.

Travis is really good at golf.

I need to shit.

Do you want the lights left on?

Pardon me, can you add another wine bottle please?

I like to be organised!

You still don't trust me, do you?

Though I have neither money nor friends, I am not so unhappy as you think.

The person standing at the front of the room is a professor in the History Department.

Silk is very precious.

Let's not talk about school.

Margaret and Valeria don't really speak French very well.

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He wasn't in a position to give any interview.

The gun went off by accident.

How do you prefer your eggs?

You're curious, aren't you?

Divide and conquer.

Night draws nigh.

He knows a lot about wild animals.

Reality TV isn't real?

I don't have the time or the money.

That's a pretty dress you have on.

"Death Note" is one of my top ten favourite TV series.


I don't need you to support me.


Look at this picture.


He's coming home again.

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That's kind of deep.

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Sandip traveled around Australia for a few months.

I think Hamilton has done a great job.

I'll answer your questions if you'll answer mine.

The pilot is 30 years of age.

It rained during the whole meeting.


Being something special seems to be Britain's first priority.

Look out!

I admire people who express their opinions frankly.


I do not know if, to use your manner of speech, he loves you; but I know that he will return.


Why now?

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This place has not been the same since you left.

French people frequently make grammatical mistakes, too.

Rafik flosses his teeth at least once a week.


You're not helping matters any.

She will catch you.

The general concentrated the soldiers in Paris.

Let us show you how it's done.

Hitoshi was hired away by a rival company.


Doesn't that feel better?


Mom, I want you to braid my hair.