It made me supremely happy.

Where is the gate?

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For a short time, Patrick lived in Boston.

You're a big boy.

Look at this picture.


You're not familiar with his city.


It's a huge opportunity.

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Aren't you a little out of your depth, Lawrence?

It might not be that easy.

I've never seen them so happy.


We'll come to look for you.


It's a figure of speech.


Alain has to go to school early tomorrow.

Call me after you talk to him.

Robin Hood robbed the rich.


I'll get you something.


I met an old friend of mine.


This was totally unexpected.

It hasn't been easy for us.

The weekend is here.

If humans were meant to write, they would have pencils for hands.

Peter's very tall. He takes after his father.

I'm sick of eating fish.

To my great sorrow, my father died young.


Terri may come.


This statue is made of solid gold.

Panzer told me you were dead.

There must be some way we can help Judy.

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You make too much of the event.


I'll show you what I've got so far.

We've been lucky.

I'm already stressed out.

I thought it was a good idea.

Take a short walk every day.

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All our things were turned upside down.


He sells fruit.


That's what I can't remember.

To my disappointment, he had already started.

The 'gold' yearned for by the Japanese synchronized swimming world was not quite reached.

John is a good husband to his wife.

Do I owe you money?


Gunter can't tie his shoes by himself.

The word "sam" is short for "computer" in Lojban.

Malloy apologized for not doing what he was supposed to do.




I won't see you today. I'll see you tomorrow, however.


I hope they'll understand you anyway.


I can't let you give me your last ten dollars.


The young girl laughed carelessly.

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Daniele is more optimistic.


It's a confidential matter.

The new house is here.

For example, this is a pen.

How come pumpkins are traditional on Halloween?

He was sitting between Raif and Rick.

Julia felt like crying when she heard the news.

Kamel nodded his head and left.


I haven't spoken with Evan yet.


I think that I should leave.

It's still cloudy.

I have to open the window.


I never drove a car until I was thirty.

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Try it out.

Did Josip let you borrow his umbrella?

There is no reason for such mayhem.

Harry didn't tell me what I was supposed to do.

A person's way of looking at something depends on his situation.

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"Do you have a pen?" "Yes."

How much worse is it?

Don't leave your stuff behind.


Does Klaus still wrestle?


He slept until ten o'clock.

Can I just ask you a question?

Jeannette bought Claudio a car.


The judge bound the spectators to keep quiet.


I'd like to go back to the office.

This song sounds somewhat familiar.

Don't put bell peppers in the bento.

Clarence got attacked by a bear.

Can you clearly define this word?

You have to settle down and study for the history test.

Moe had never been to Boston before.

Eva started to walk towards the door.

I don't want William telling Gideon she needs to be here all day.

I thought they looked familiar.

I came here to talk business, not to chit-chat.

She likes adventure.

You have to resign.

I entreat your pardon.

He was small, but strong.

Judy turned off the flashlight.

Tad works eight hours a day.


What do you do exactly?


Is it your first day at school?

I'll gain weight again!

If mankind does not put an end to war, war will put an end to mankind.


This is worrisome.

I'll take you there.

I'm only bringing personal items.

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I've told you everything I know.

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We can't send them out there.

Don't make me shoot you again.

There is nothing in the world from which we can't learn something.


I hear you retired.

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I like challenges.

The young woman, supported by Claude, remained a few moments without talking, looking at the island that was disappearing on the horizon.

Klabaster and Gizmo are cats.


Does that trouble you?

Glen usually only wears glasses when he's reading.

Darryl wanted to buy that book.

I'm not sure I have enough time to clean my room before I go to school.

You weren't that great.

That's just the way he likes it.

I couldn't stand the heat.

It's no easy task to keep up with him.

Japan's foreign aid is decreasing in part because of an economic slowdown at home.

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The cleaning staff is cleaning the men's bathroom.

That's so wrong.

I was scared.

You should spend what little time you have left with your friends.

Jerry sipped his tea.

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I came to talk to Galen.

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A debtor of my debtor is not a debtor of mine.

Do you suppose that we're actually in any danger?

Yvonne doesn't have a lot to give.

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Dale helps Ravi with her homework.

What are you calling me for? I'm just about to enter the competition.

You haven't told anybody, have you?

I can tell you things you won't hear from anyone else.

It's one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I shall be introducing the street paper that is only sold by the homeless, "The Big Issue", started in England and has had its first Japanese issue.

That doesn't suit me because I have to leave at 5 P.M.

Phill wrote his name on the dust-covered windshield.

I'm able to do what I want.

It's not so far-fetched.

At the time, Japan was faced with a host of diplomatic problems.

Nichael abandoned cigarettes after the doctor's warning.

Don't you even think of eating my chocolate!

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Rolf forced his way into Hwa's office.

Do you like Europeans?

Her help came at just the right moment.

Darryl is doing well in his schoolwork.

Is there a problem here?

I had my camera stolen.

He was a great musician.

Do you feel better?

Let's watch that again.

Do you want me to take you there?

I knew you were behind it.

I've only been here a week.

We used to talk about everything.

You should get some rest.

She got up to answer the phone.