I want to be quiet after a day's hard work.

She is no stranger to me.

I'm hopeless!

A teacher's job isn't easy.

Even my mom knows it.

Everytime I look at him, he smiles.

This book seems interesting.

It has a seepage.


Don't make fun of Rupert.


My mother is out there.

How did Lynne miss this?

Gerald told Leila all about what happened.

He was raised to the rank of colonel two years ago.

Should I let him kiss me?

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Thanks for waiting so long.


Someone like you won't be able to do that.

Every man must die.

He beguiled me into accepting it.

Mitch's problems aren't over.

It is one of the most serious problems facing this country.

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I'm glad I could be useful to you.

The two spotted ladybird is very rare.

Would it be OK if I discussed it with my family?

Is anyone looking?

It is because light travels faster than sound that we see lightning before we hear thunder.


An epigram is a short, sharp saying in prose or verse, frequently characterized by acidity or acerbity and sometimes by wisdom.


You're sitting in my chair.


It's finally finished.


The prisoners tried to escape.

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Do you want to keep playing?

The population of the city dropped by a third.

Kent is younger than I am.

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I'm going to study French this afternoon.

It was a legitimate question.

I don't care about any of that.

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You should never look down on a person merely because he is poor.

You are only a common mortal, who will have to die one day, and you cannot stay here any longer.

Didn't you tell me you have a brother?

Her work is to wash the dishes.

Could you dust off the table?


She went home and cried.

I always hear assurances about economic recovery, but I still haven't seen it.

If he asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?

Australia's Great Barrier Reef is in danger.

I would adore living in Paris.

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I don't expect Trey to do that.

Does anyone here remember how to do this?

He pretends to be gay.


I guess it's not true.


Give me the phone.


We heard the boy playing the violin.

He fell head over heels into the water.

I'm so glad you decided to come.


Where did this happen?

Kobe is famous as a port city.

Don't make faces.

Subra says he can't wait to get started.

The teacher told us to stop chattering.

Can you jump over a chair from a standing position?

We are worried because of his unexpected departure.

She rolled up her sleeves.

Claudio was obviously tired.

My nephew was accustomed to sitting up late.

Cosby's argument concerns the reliability of the Hette Manuscript.

She has a good command of English though she was brought up in Japan.

I'd like to get married to someone like you.

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In summer, I like to go out for a run in the countryside.

This and that are two different stories.

He cannot speak well that cannot hold his tongue.

I need an assistant.

That isn't the case.


Didn't you know that oil floats on water?


He worked hard in order to succeed.

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Dan managed to get Linda's fingerprints.

Let's just say yes.

Only Hughes knows that.


Do what you believe is right.

I wish Mitchell were here to help us.

Stuart told me to stop talking.


In the room there was a piano, but there was nobody who played it.

Srikanth is lighter now.

I'm here with a friend.

Life can force you to make tough choices.

If I had to study, I would stay at home every day.

Can we hide in your basement?

Are you sure Werner can do this without any help?


What about Portugal?

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I'm worried about me getting killed.


The mail train lost most of its mail in the fire.

I don't know what happened, but there are feathers all over the place.

I'd like to have ketchup on the side.

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Reid doesn't like coffee with sugar.

It happened right in front of us.

You're with friends.

Would you please repeat what you just said?

She would not approve.

You haven't met my family yet.

If there are no taxis, we'll have to walk.

I thought I'd try doing it again.

This book is very thin.

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The health sector is one of the biggest problems for the country.

Let's cross that bridge when we come to it.

I suppose I should get some rest.

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I've already told Collin what he needs to do.

There are many rats on the ship.

I think he likes me.

Why didn't somebody help her?

Jinchao became world famous.


I prefer to write in cursive.


It'll save time.


Can you turn that down?

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I'll come back the evening after next.


Stop pushing me from behind!


You're going to tell Isidore what happened, aren't you?


The road ascends gently here.

While walking down the street, I saw two white cats pissing near a car tire.

Mr Yamada, you are wanted on the phone.


He's mad at everyone.

Jack didn't make any mistakes on the math test.

If you are at ease, you are feeling confident and comfortable.

His arguments don't convince me.

You shouldn't judge a person by their looks.

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Excuse me, I'm very busy.

I guess I could go easy on them.

You should know better at your age.

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I pinched myself to make sure that I wasn't dreaming.

Victoria absolutely detests Jacques.

Keep a close eye on Skef and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.

Mom, hurry up! Everyone's waiting.

Ram has requested help.

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Clayton is a lunatic.


It wasn't important.


Adrian is going nuts.

I don't think you can ignore this problem anymore.

He had the room to himself.

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Yesterday, I went to see Martha as I hadn't seen her for several months.

You should make sure that you have enough money in your pocket to pay for the ticket.

Do you think this is stupid?


Kenn is one of Boston's most successful athletes.

We can't avoid putting off our departure.

He is concerned about his parent's health.

That'd make you crazier than Eric.

Paul came to Rome to greet me.

We will agree only under that condition.

You were born to be real, not to be perfect.

Do you think Darin is going to find anything?

That story is a pack of lies.

Your kiss is bitter with cocaine.

We're truly worried.


Alejandro didn't know what else to say.

Are you hurt?

Be patient with them.

Fritz is approximately six feet tall.

No one is listening to you.