Pierce is my age, or maybe a little younger.

The roads of Istanbul are crowded.

Do you know where I can find it?

Cranes are big beautiful birds.

She rendered the love song very well.

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Brenda, we must not stop here for too long. The sun will set and I think we're very far from the river.

Phill told me I had done pretty good.

I fail to see.


How much of a return did you get on your investment?

Perhaps having realized it was impossible to persuade her, Ms. Kurosaki sighed and sat down in her seat.

Is your sister married?

Look at what you've done.

They cheered for their teammate.

The Old Man and the Sea is a very exciting book.

The bank lent her 500 dollars.

Teachers have difficulty coping with superior intelligence.

Would you like to tell me what happened?

Can you recommend another hotel?

Keep in mind what I tell you.


The ship will set sail at noon.

I complained to him face to face.

That's what we've always used.

Prices have dropped recently.

An exclusively behavioral approach to psychology ignores family problems, school situations, and a host of other issues that can adversely affect a child's emotional and psychological growth.

Everybody made it to the wedding.

He fell down from the roof, and what made the matter worse, broke his leg.

Now, now, eat quickly, you have to go to kindergarten.

You are way off the track.

They have been cheated of the best things that life has to offer.

What kind of car do you have?

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She stared at him with frightened eyes.

Kay works harder than anyone else does.

I saw Sarah in concert four times.

Put the two sticks across each other.

Brandon was cooking something in a large pot that smelled really good.


Harvey wouldn't tell Terrance why he had quit his job.

I wasn't home at that time.

They had to leave at once to catch the train.

The war ended in 1954.

He allowed John to enter yesterday.


I am a Japanese.

Radek talks to you more than he talks to any other girl.

Maybe it's not going to last.


How do you know about this?

You've been here all night, haven't you?

I helped her.

To provide food for the hungry.

Dad gave me a computer game.


I hope we don't miss it.


We're having so much fun.


I was just in time for the last train.

Sherri buttoned his coat.

It is clear that he pretended to be ill.

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He was a mediator.

Ernie must choose between honor and death.

You weren't supposed to come today.

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Do you think that he is dead?

John said he'd like to marry me, and I'm as happy as can be.

I planned a party for them.

Don't fail to come and see me one of these days.

I hope Hiroyuki recovers quickly.

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I didn't know who was going to meet me at the airport.

I don't think Francois understood.

She treated his wound.


So far I've written five songs.

Would you take a look at something for me?

I want to live in Helsinki.

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I want to know how much I'm going to have to pay.

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Give us any help you can.

The conclusion I have reached is, unfortunately, a pessimistic one.

I'm supposed to be the one helping you.

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Dale and I are well.

Skeeter could've been a little more helpful.

I want to be alone for a while.

A bird shat on my aunt's car.

Who cares whether Tuan eats egg yolks or not.

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This day will go down in history.

"We're getting married Friday." "What?"

The passengers load their suitcases and luggage into the trunk.

My regular waitress wouldn't have anything to do with me.

Mario hates his tiny bedroom.

That man is alleged to have committed the murder.

I pretended that I was sleeping.

Countries vary in customs and habits.

They guarantee this clock for a year.

I don't think I have one of those yet.

Kit did her job.


I'm really quite busy.

Manny knew that Mahmoud knew John.

A hypochondriac imagines maladies where none exist.


That he did such a terrible thing is certain.


Can you tell us where you're going?

It was bound to happen sooner or later.

Did you sleep all day?

Stanislaw wasn't jealous.

We will have to consider each application on a case-by-case basis.


Nothing is more permanent than a temporary fix.

He might pay me some of the money he owes.

She's a total wreck.

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The American culture had been transplanted from Europe.

I hope you get shot by a stray bullet.

Himawan didn't even know what to do.

The question is by no means easy.

I don't have all the details.

Why don't you take off?

They sang songs around the fire.


All the old men in our village have long beards.


Are you off your meds?

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I'll return in a jiffy.

I'm the captain of this ship.

Pigeons stay with the same partner for life.

Knowledge without common sense counts for nothing.

I could've married them.

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Bill kept on crying for hours.


This sentence makes no sense at all.

Can he drive?

I'm married to him.

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You'll let me know, won't you?

I have a book with 365 children's stories.

The list keeps getting longer.

If I should fail, what would my parents say.

I don't eat the core of an apple.

I love peace and quiet.

I put a piece of paper around the box and tied it up with a ribbon.


We graduate from high school at eighteen.


The exclusion of mathematics from the field of culture is like intellectual castration.

Let's stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase.

No gains without pains.

Ramneek usually arrives home just in time for dinner.

The next thing to be considered was food.

I'm on a fixed income.

Greenness is good for any city.


His face clearly shows gratitude.

He succeeded to his uncle's fortune.

On bad roads this little car really comes into its own.

He made his intentions clear.

The show's Thursday.


That's a risky strategy.

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I'm sorry to say this, but I need to put my foot down! I'm not a charity! Unless you can solidly convince me that the devotion of my time to you is truly worth my while, I'm through! I mean it this time.

My schedule's really full right now.

I can fake it.

I know you don't have time to help us.

You just need to get some sleep.

I just can't get out of it.

I know you're scared.

The eyes are the windows of the heart.

That's his favorite language.

Let's see if Raanan will say anything.

He's your age.

We need fresh air.

I don't see any reason for hurrying.

My friend remembered which way to go.

Should she lose her keys, she will call me.

Sundar listened to the radio all day.

I forgot that Tony didn't speak French.


We'll meet you out front.

It's unrealistic to think that small-scale farmers will be given the same power as governments or big international companies that are interested in purchasing the land.

The coxswain egged his crewmen on, and made a winning spurt at the last lap of the regatta.

At our high school, French is an elective.

Panos is one of the tallest guys I've ever met.

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We're saved.

Space is still not entirely sold on the idea.

Nils and Isaac even always wear the same color clothes.