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The treasure was buried in the deepest of the sea.

You're kind of scary.

Go ahead, I dare you!

But why is French so difficult?

I think it's unfair that you can't receive a good education if you're poor.

How do people celebrate the new year in Australia?

She and I have about the same number of stamps.

Can you see that small house?

Do introverts not live as long as extroverts?


These shoes don't fit my feet.

It can sometimes be difficult to find out where an oil leak in a car engine is actually coming from.

It's not even true.


How do you feel about what she said?

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

The interface is very intuitive.


Evan asked me for help.

Just tell me where Saiid is.

I feel betrayed, but I still like her.

What about the office?

Kenton says you're a good artist.


Fishing is prohibited in the lake.

Poor Pinocchio! He even tried to tear his hair, but as it was only painted on his wooden head, he could not even pull it.

Cathy is a little guy.


Just recently, I've become very lazy. I need to work to restore my self-esteem.

I know you make fun of me behind my back.

The denies that he broke the window.

Those cats always sleep on the carpet.

Eileen realized Andrew was expecting him to laugh, so he started laughing.


I think it's the smart thing to do.

Did they find anything?

I asked them to stay out of it.

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I sometimes dream of home.

They assisted the painter financially.

I told Spy I had to leave early.


Del asked us to arrive early.

It's not easy to master French at all.

The governor supports the bill.

I care about Linder.

Pangolins are said to be the world's most trafficked mammal.

I saw Jesper being interviewed on TV.

I don't know how to reply to that question.


They've gone to buy a baseball.

He soon accustomed himself to cold weather.

You must work more.

Why is Charlie mad at me?

It will not be long before Scott gets well.

Nothing much has changed.

The man got mad when his wife called him names.


Give me a minute with him.

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He sang and sang.

I cannot bear such an insult.

You could have told me the first time.


I'm sitting right here.


Tell Joanne what you mean.


The population of this country is diminishing.

It was nearly pitch black.

I wish we could be friends.

They probably thought that you were not one of us.

Brender auditioned for the part.

Murph is the chairman of the board.

Renu has been a close friend of mine for years.


The service agent helped me solve my problem.

Moran showed no surprise.

Kuldip wants us to go to church.

You just don't know how it feels.

I have to live.

I want to eat a mango.

I've got some suggestions.

I didn't think it wasn't so funny.

We don't think there's another bomb.

Have you seen a brown wallet around here?

She knows my wife.

That's a safe assumption.

I was caught in a shower and got wet to the skin.

I don't like to go outside when it's raining.

I am studying kanji.

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Just so we're clear, that was Ann's idea, not mine.

Hanako likes cake a lot.

I almost slapped Emil.

Elvis tried to put the ring on Deborah's finger, but she wouldn't let him.

There is no need to take his advice if you don't want to.

I couldn't get out of doing this.

I know how busy you must be, but I need your answer to my last email before I can proceed with the project. Can you take a moment and write me back?


This kind of work makes me hungry.

I told you I wouldn't do it.

I can survive.

I have a strong will.

Recently, I moved to a new apartment.

That's very difficult for us.

I haven't received any messages from you in a long time.

Hostility was replaced by love.

Norwegian prisons are the most luxurious in the world.

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Are you sure you can trust Sekar?

He longs for the fellowship of the rich.

People are gathering.


Try harder next time.

I'm still waiting to hear from Morris.

Let's see what Kamel has to say.


Vincenzo wouldn't let us in.


Who discovered America?

Her father is famous as a man of letters.

Are you still a virgin?


She persuaded him to marry her.


I wonder what that is.

He has changed his clothing style.

Each and every boy has gone to see the game.


Are you all home?

Bernie is a cameraman.

Not everyone in town likes her.


He gouged his eyes out so he would never see again his homeland he had betrayed.

They drove away.

You'll soon get used to eating Japanese food.

Moran got a good look.

We'll have to deal with that before we leave.

The battle is not always to the strong.

They are talking with each other.


I told you exactly what I saw.

Let me congratulate you on your success.

You see that tall building over there, don't you?

Excuse me, do you know where the economics department library is?

A sapper makes only one mistake.


I know I can do it.

Jeffie majored in music education.

Anything may happen till that time.

The question of what constitutes a work of art is a controversial subject.

What did you ask her?

It looks like it's rained.

Hillary looks a lot more like your father than you do.

How many dresses like that does Jong have?

Did you think you were right?

I know that you cared deeply for Micky.

This song is beautiful when you sing it.


"She asked about you." "About me?"

She sang her sweet song with feeling.

He came first in the competition.

It is only logical for the translator to become a part of the world of the author.

Well then, it becomes a matter of urgent concern to the lurkers of this mailing list whether the guilty party confesses or not.

I heard that Tad crashed the party.

Bring in lunch for the children.

She'll try it once more.

If you and Marco are well, Paulo and I are well.


Oh, it's quite simple, really.

Don't judge others based on the color of their skin.

The population of the world is increasing so rapidly that it will be doubled within forty years.

I needed space.

The hostages reunited with their families.

Walls have ears and Shoji style Japanese paper sliding doors have eyes.

The tennis match was postponed due to rain.

We can conjecture that it may be advantageous for a particular bird to be known to its neighbors or its mate.

I've just learned the news.

Some day, your wishes will come true.

It seems the task will not be accomplished in our generation.


She has been praised everywhere.

Show me where Boston is on the map.

You should be reading Shakespeare's sonnets.


I'm sorry, but I didn't know it was a secret.

I thought Mwa would pass the test.

I guess we could do that.


The answer seems too obvious.


The gentleman kissed the lady's hand.

I'm in Tel Aviv.

He is vehemently opposed to political correctness.

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Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.

What's the name of this place?

How is the family doing?