We create Securities in Blockchain form (Tokenization)

Creates Liquidity

Previously illiquid assets become easily tradeable

Tokenized private investments can be listed on exchanges, and transacted in seconds instead of weeks

Lower Fees and Overheads

The investment process, and asset administration throughout the entire life of the security, become more cost and time efficient

Secondary Market Efficiency

Transactions can be settled instantly, removing the need for layers of clearing and settlement

Blockchain increases transaction efficiency, facilitates easier co-investment, and reduces administrative costs significantly.

Partnered with the UK Financial Regulator

Member of the FCA’s Sandbox Cohort 4 (the FCA is the UK’s financial regulator –the Financial Conduct Authority)

Globacap digital securities have been developed with FCA oversight, and recognised by Company and Securities law

Example: Asset Tokenization

Primary Market

Globacap Facilitates:

  • Asset ownership fractionalization
  • Co-investment with a wide audience, and KYC/AML checks where required
  • Funds transfer and FX
  • Security creation (tokenization)

Secondary Market

Instant Transfers:

  • Transfer of the token is a legal transfer in ownership of the underlying asset

Globacap Facilitates:

  • Direct cash for token swap between two parties
  • Connection to several liquidity venues (regulated exchanges) for token listing, price discovery and matching

Example 02: SME Capital Raising

Our CEO illustrates the benefits to small companies in this video...

Executive Team

Photo of Myles Milston, CEO & Founder of Globacap

Myles Milston

CEO & Founder

Successful entrepreneur, CTO of an online gaming company from startup to exit, 17 years in financial markets, from quantitative research at Macquarie Bank to structured bond issuance at Morgan Stanley

Photo of Alexander Green, CCO of Globacap

Alexander Green

CCO & Co-founder

18 years across equity research and equity sales at J.P. Morgan and Citigroup, successfully raising over $55 billion for EM companies through 60 equity offerings

Joanne Filbin


Specialist advisor to private equity funds on operational transformation; senior finance roles at FTSE 100 companies, Transaction Services at KPMG (ACA qualified)

Mattia Giuffrida


Experienced architect and builder of financial markets web platforms, leading teams at Currency Cloud, ColossusBets, and EasySoft

Photo for Bhanu Ratnakaram

Bhanu Ratnakaram

Head of Blockchain Development

15 years development experience across the full life cycle, built an Ethereum-based trade reconciliation system at amajor financial institution

Andrea Politi

Head of Infrastructure

15 years experience building secure infrastructure across a wide range of industries

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