I paid attention to what Max was saying.

I'd rather lose an argument to you than lose you to an argument.


Stay here with Raghu.


Emma turned off the lights.

Carlos says he needs a break, too.

Frederic is wearing a baseball cap.


Will you excuse us, please?

Your chair is identical to mine.

Why would somebody want to live in a place like this?

I dated Rafik for three years.

"B" is the second letter of the alphabet.

Carlos climbed the mountain.

I couldn't tell what color his shirt was because it was too dark outside.

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Where were you when the fire occurred?

The President cannot make clouds to rain and cannot make the corn to grow, he cannot make business good; although when these things occur, political parties do claim some credit for the good things that have happened in this way

He trained very hard.

I lied to him.

How fast can you walk?

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My mother signaled for Alice to follow her.

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I want to go to Bali.

They invited her to go to the party.

Trapped in the van, Ninja tried to force open a window.

They expect some cooperation of you.

I actually like Naomi a lot.

The gum's ten cents.

I was busy.

What, in particular, did Ramon not like?

I have never liked her and I never will.

Have I embarrassed you?

There is a hospital nearby.

Can I fix you a hot drink?

I saw her yesterday.


Something must be different.


In many African countries south of the Sahara, poverty exists.


Is that a serious question?

I don't go out much.

I didn't try to kill him.

Let Giles know.

Spock is the only one in this group who owns a truck.


I tried to stop her.

You knew I was married.

They agreed to start early.


She has an abundant supply of seeds to plant in the spring.

Would you like to eat some fried potatoes?

The pleasure of teaching is not smaller than the pleasure of learning.

Johnnie has difficulty making decisions.

She didn't tell me anything in the morning.

Martha tidied up the living room.

I'll see what I can do, but I promise you nothing.

You're not a very nice person.

What exactly do you want us to do?

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What are you looking for?

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Press freedom is advancing.

You're on my property.

Vance was upset by what you said.


Irvin wants to say yes, but he can't.


How do you say "steamed rice" in Vietnamese?

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Did you fit all the clothes in the bag?


He has a checkered past.

It's wrong to deceive people, but worse to deceive yourself.

Every bus is full.

Gerald apologized for what he did.

Did we solve the problem?

I'm on the N634, five kilometers from Llanes.

So far I've written five songs.


When you are young you need somebody willing to give you a start in life.

I was hoping you'd tell me.

Is she my friend?

He heard a shout.

I forgot all about that.


Go ahead with your story.

Oh my gosh! You're the last person I expected to meet in a situation like this.

I wonder who named this ship.

On the arrow that hits him, the bird sees his own feathers.

I checked Ronald thoroughly.

That's really nice to hear.

You know you can tell me anything, right?


He stood up in the room and looked around.

I didn't take the bus home.

Are you involved?

If you need Vietnamese self-learning books, please contact me.

Robin went to Boston for a week.

I'll vote for Helge, of course.

Edmond, I also want to know what your opinion of this is.

It's no use pretending that you can't speak French.

I thought you might like that.

I didn't know you wanted to learn how to swim.

How many days old was I when this picture was taken?

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Is it a deer?

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I don't know whether Jarl will swim or not.

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What Blayne was saying made no sense to Panzer.


It's a daydream attack.

The sailor plumbed the shallow water with a weighted rope, and the ship's keel did not scrape the rocky sea-bed.

Do you want me to throw that away?

I'll watch them.

Don't try God's patience.


We saw many unusual plants in the botanical garden.

Caroline sliced the tomatoes.

Could I have half a kilo of chicken thighs, please?

There aren't any bullets in this pistol.

Day breaks.

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If I were you, I wouldn't do such a rude thing.

I don't like being all alone.

Carol missed his stop.

The weekend is here.

The plane had five hundred passengers on board.

Strange as it may sound, it is still fact.

Where did that idea come from?

The dramatist resides now in New York.

This is from them.


Kenton is a mother.

The nurse took his temperature.

I met your dad yesterday.

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Well, we managed to land at the last moment.


I did it on my own.


That box is made of wood.

We probably shouldn't talk here.

It's still too cold to wear shorts.

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The doctor gave it to her.

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Our teacher urged us to study harder.

I expect him to come.

He's pretty cute.

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Can you tell me who sold them to you?

Nobody would notice.

What animals are you afraid of?


Sofoklis had no choice but to grin and bear it.

I like teaching.

They have to figure out the cost.


Which son does his father love?

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As the iron was heating up, Howard poured distilled water into the reservoir to make steam.


Margie played at local jazz clubs.

I remember these faces.

Why are there three?

"It's an atmosphere like a ghost might appear" "Hey, don't say such stupid things!" "Wait, Trevor, are you afraid of ghosts?"

Fossil fuels are the main causes of global warming.

You've got to give it time.

How many sacrificial lambs do we need to bring the rain back?


We'll have to do this ourselves.

You haven't even updated the firmware?

How are you connected?

I'd like to stay at your hotel.

He jumped on the train.

Wendy wanted to punish me.

The captain ordered his men to gather at once.

It's hard to imagine a family more dysfunctional than ours.

The voting began again at noon.


Please don't open this window.


Suu doesn't want to lie to Daniel.

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There's still much to do.

You know more than you think.

You absolutely must watch it.

His escape from prison was well planned.

He has a plan to ambush him.

Stop worrying about that.

Laurianne was somewhat doubtful.

When the police entered the room, they found Randal tied to a chair.

Exactly what's the accusation here?


I couldn't move my right foot.