Welcome three new guest to our pissing bar

Welcome three new guest to our pissing bar. The couple came in after an agreement with the waitress, so we are in for a nasty pissing threesome scene of the highest quality.


It starts with a golden shower that the guys shoots at the girls. When they are wet enough, its time for some cock sucking and riding. In the end everybody pisses on everybody.


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Lea Magic saw her boyfriend running to the toilet so she jumped up to stop him. Why? She didnt want him to waste his beautiful urine when she is a better target for his golden stream.


To make him motivated, she spread her pussy lips and peed on the ground a bit first. The guy understood pretty fast, he aimed the dick at her face and left go. The warmth she felt on her face quickly sent her over the edge and Lea climaxed.



The boy wanted to take a shower but there was a surprise waiting for him in the bathroom. Hot blonde chick Brigitta, who was taking a piss in the shower.


The guy got pissed off at her, so to punish the little slut he pulled out his cock and gave her the golden shower of her life.


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Hot blonde Martina agreed to play a game with Boris in the barnyard. The game is called piss or miss.


Rules are easy, every one is given a chance to hit the partners mouth with the pee string, whoever misses has lay on the ground and let the other one piss on the body as the partner wants. Martina lost the game today, so she also had to blow the guys cock at the end.

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Zafira as a slutty college babe

Zafira is the star I have for you today, she came in dressed as a slutty college babe. Today we are shooting in a barnyard and Zafira really likes the setup.


Once she is nude, the fingers start to slam her eager pussy. At one point she spreads her pussy lips wide and a piss fountain starts to stream out of it. If you like to watch super hot pissing sluts in action, make sure to check her out.



Betty Six is a nasty chick and she loves to experiment with all kinds fetish games. So when we told her to shoot a peeing scene for us, she was all excited about it.


First she stripped her sexy dress and started to finger fuck her cunt. Soon enough she told us the urine is ready to go. Minutes later, the flow was completely wet from the golden shower she released.



Cindy Hope wanted to feel the warm sun on a sunny day so she went out and started to strip on her terrace. Once she was completely nakes, the horny gal started to finger fuck her pussy.


She needed to piss, but instead of going back inside the house, she left the golden shower flow on the ground. Check out hot peeing action now.


Another pissing orgy for you

Another pissing orgy for you, and again 4 kinky sluts starring in it. As usually, they start by pissing on each other, but once theis urine runs out, its time to call some guys in.


This dude probably didnt go to toilet for a few days as he had more piss than a dozen girls could ever put together. There was enough for every single pissing slut in the room.


Penny Play is a hot big breasted model

Penny Play is a hot big breasted model who made her first pissing scene with us today. She stripped at first, so we could see the awesome boobs.


Then we asked our two piss filled studs to join the action and give her some golden shower. Penny ended up completely wet, from head to toe.

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Chicks in a cage

This was an interresting scene to shoot to say the least. We had these two chicks in a cage, pissing on each other.

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The we let two guys in and the chicks sucked their cocks, of course they wanted a golden shower from the guys too. And at the end, there is another chick begging to lick their wet cunts and piss on the girls too…

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