I want to get back to Boston as soon as possible.

We look forward to getting back home.

You said that you hated Jennifer.

You can cut wood with a hand saw, or with a jigsaw.

After a long argument, I finally gave in.

Is it unconstitutional?

Donal convinced Deirdre to start studying French.

I have important work to do.

I thought Kerri might kiss Jose.

He applied his theory to some cases.

What do you want to give him?

The word "black" represented most of the minorities of the time.

I hope it stops raining.

I still clearly remember. It was seven or eight years ago. Where exactly? Were you also there?

They waited for their teacher.

He got a position as a clerk.

Do you come from New York?

He did not know that he was doing anything wrong.

Both Vicky and John wanted to take Julius to the dance.

I'll have to stay behind and help Giles clean up.

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The first immigrants in American history came from England and the Netherlands.

Tyler was bitten by a cobra.

I threw it away.

Red doesn't look good on Jonathan.

I'm prepared to die.

That added to his unhappiness.

I'll give Gale a chance.

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What're you going to do about these cockroaches?

They didn't understand me.

Linder wants to know if you're free tonight.

Can we save Jerald?

We can't let anything compromise our mission tomorrow.


He's my age.

This hotel can accommodate over 1,000 guests.

There are tennis courts in this park.

Vinod wanted to do all the talking.

I hear with my ears.

The weather will be clear, followed by clouds later on.

They say fate will catch up with you. That was God's way of punishing him.

Although she kept protesting, he went.

No woman is born a prostitute.


Yesterday we were biking in the woods.

It's a great idea.

This car is in good condition.


Plants grow.

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I wasn't prepared for this surprise.

He answered my question in the negative.

They forgot to turn off the light.


We watched the game while holding our breath.

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Eileen is being punished because of me.


Kieran was kidnapped by pirates.


At any rate I will go out when it stops raining.

I've been so scared.

We didn't get paid this week.


We're armed.

Today, it's cloudy and cold; it might snow tonight.

Does your sister teach there?


You still haven't told me why you decided not to go.

Cindy has had good role models.

They serve a continental breakfast in this hotel.


Add the picture.

We're doing what we love to do.

Orville hired Sally.

Don't confuse Austria with Australia.

I wasted too much time looking for you.

Can you recommend any vegetarian dishes?

It wasn't Gale's idea.

Cliff looked at the agenda.

I came only for you.

You're our guest for the week.

All Laura does nowadays is swim.


Are you going to see him?


I wanted to make some telephone calls.

After the earthquake the neighbourhood felt insecure.

Just look in the mirror.

For now, I will wait at the hotel.

I promised I wouldn't say anything.

I need your help in finding Rudolph.

I'm supporting you.

Does Lenora live far from you?

Life is difficult.

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I'm surprised to see you again.

I go to bed at eleven.

We will call you when your package has arrived.

Sue was in the hospital.

Sometimes everything goes wrong.

Yes, really!

I need you to be honest.

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The guards grabbed them.

You would be safe there.

I cannot bring my car. There is no parking.

Keith may even be having fun.

This is how I usually cook fish.

I don't seem to be having much luck today.

The current of this river is rapid.

Gregg gave Paul a thumbs up.

The Constitution was proclaimed during the dictatorship.

Will I still be able to do it?

We can't really do anything until we get permission from Plastic.

This is where I live.

I have to do the best I can.

I think I can really trust you.

You have to eat everything!


I want it by today!

"To hire a good lawyer?" Al-Sayib asked.

It is not safe for a girl to go out by herself so late at night.

Cry me a river.

How long does the airport shuttle take to get to the airport?

I didn't like beer at that time.

How many of these are yours?


The criminal became a Christian and turned over a new leaf.

You've seen enough.

You obviously want to help.

They called off their engagement.

Shots were fired.


He severed himself from the party.


Dan was apparently murdered in his bed.

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He couldn't have put it more plainly.

I'll call you at seven.

Francis didn't say what he did.

Something's not right here.

Keep down.


She found a man dead.


They're trained in first aid.

You are irresistible.

Benson and Marion are putting on their coats and gloves.

Why will I not write in Chinese?

Tell me where you come from.


Wes stands up for us.

Don't you ever sleep?

I'm supposed to pay my rent on the first of every month.


I don't enjoy doing that.

I usually went to bed at ten in my school days.

Find out what Varda is doing in Boston.

Tao is clearly worried.

Damon just left.

You think Rahul is too old for me, don't you?

I almost missed the train.


Where do we come from? Where are we going?


Nobody else is going to want it.

That man is abusive trash who's lied in circles over and over again. We have no reason to believe that this isn't just more emotional manipulation. I've seen this exact thing happen over and over again with other abusers like him in different places. Abusers like him use their perceived instability as social capital to keep their trust and good faith alive long after it's been crushed again and again by their cruelty and perversion.

I'm thinking of going to Disneyland for my next date with Jane.

I wouldn't go that far.

I didn't know you knew him.

I would like to illustrate children's books for a living.

How many times a month do you write letters?


That horse is not white.

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She wore an apricot-colored dress.

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It's getting late. I don't wanna go home alone.


Don't forget death.

As soon as I left home, it began to rain.

You can't make us leave.

At a given moment.

Israel is in no hurry to sell his car.

I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Who's your favorite writer?


Clayton wasn't wearing a uniform.

Kari and Pim and their children all live together in a small house on the outskirts of Boston.

I cannot stand that noise anymore.

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She denied that she's my mother.

This year the cherry blossoms are coming out a little later than usual.

He really wants to buy a new motorcycle.

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Tell Mohammad Erik is waiting for him in the lobby.

Maybe I'm just crazy.

Let's keep an eye on him.