The hole is two meters across.

Hurry up, please.


Must there be a link between diet and health?

Price is upset.

The taste is delicious.

Can you tell me where the nearest antique shop is?

The nurse hit a blood vessel.


I got my shoes wet.

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The boys in the village laughed at me.

In life there are ups and downs.

Have I told you how beautiful you are?

You think he is a good doctor, and so he is.

The village is beyond those trees.

People die in wars.

Do you really want me to tell Alain that you were the one who killed his father?

I see a rare flower in the vase.

I understand what you're saying intellectually, but it doesn't resonate with me emotionally.

I think you really should do this by yourself.

I don't skin their animals.

Can I have a coffee?

Do you really love me from the bottom of your heart?


Sunday is the last day of the week.

I am not satisfied with the result at all.

Your pits stink.


I need to know his name.

Go ahead and ask her.

I'm still Cristopher's boyfriend, I think.

Go upstairs and bring down my trunk.

The desk has three drawers.


Thanks for taking them fishing.

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No one has yet found the fountain of youth.

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He's the perfect drummer for the band.

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My neighbor is a lovely fat woman.

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We need to find out how many people are planning to go with us.

We're still working.

Johnathan eventually told the truth.

I have bloody stools.

When Lee described me Stevan's appearance, he "omitted" the fact that she is very very fat!


The more you know about him, the more you like him.


A new case occurred. They applied the new rule to it.


Tiefenthal put aside a lot of money.

We don't know that for sure.

Do you have a cigarette and a light?

OK!! Bro!! I don't want to hear any more!

I'm observing wild birds.

Sylvan dropped out of the competition.

Troops were swiftly called in to put down the riot.

To overcome drag, airplanes use a propulsion system to generate a force called thrust.

We did fine.

Rhonda is a very fast swimmer.

The plastic chair costs four libras.

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We can't stay here. The roof is about to collapse!


I'm not sure I have enough time to help you.

Is that what it was?

Shyam was here a minute ago.


You're as stubborn as Vincenzo.

How about taking in the Nijo Castle?

Vladislav isn't foolish.

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She cultivated her mind by reading many books.

My family is still working, so I can't go to Texas right away.

Please hold on to the strap.


My sister is crazy about tennis.

"How much is it?" "Ten dollars, I think."

I'm sorry to disappoint you.

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I'm a friend of the princess.

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Have you ever had cheese with apple pie?

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His way of speaking intrigues me.


We lost no time coming out of the shop.

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Now let's return to the main problem of education.

While I sing, I'm walking.

You're sadly mistaken.

Tell the truth and shame the devil.

Markus abandoned his family.


There is one point which is not noted on the contract.

I study at the university.

He'll become a father soon.

I am on good terms with him.

I made too many hamburger steaks.

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The language spoken in Australia is English.

During an EVA, the outer layer of an astronaut's spacesuit may be 120 degrees C for the side facing the Sun, and the part of that same suit facing away from the Sun could have an external temperature of -100 C.

You'd better come inside.

Tony reads the New York Times.

The actor was accidentally shot dead during the making of the movie.

I love doing things and crossing them off my bucket list.

I didn't know that you used to work here.

Everyone began to laugh.

We saw you.


I eat cheese.

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I want Kory off this ship.


Claude is very ill and I'm afraid she is dying.

She's been ill since last Wednesday.

The times are hard.


I think we should take a break.


I don't know about the others, but as for me, I'm for it.

She kissed me, not him.

There's nothing left to drink.

I kept talking to Randal.

You've never trusted me, have you?

I'm really not good at that kind of thing.

How many books are there on the table?

My father was the same age I am now when he moved to Boston.

Are you on the baseball team?


Samuel called a cab for me.

May I call on you today?

You must gain Pitawas's trust first.

Keep under cover.

There's no better pillow than his chest.


This knife won't cut well.


I'd love to hang out with you this weekend.


Eugene is revising for his exam of tomorrow.

Is there someone who speaks English?

Don't harass them.

Victoria is a goal keeper.

I want something more.


You know you want it to happen as much as I do.

My father is my friend because he gives me a lot of toys.

The sisters played a duet on the violin and piano.


I hate to put you through this.

Have you seen the new film?

Dominick doesn't need to do that if he doesn't want to.

Are you really busy?

Rogue is playing golf.


Here is the father's hat.

Myrick and I are very busy.

Ramiro is still there, waiting for you.


Ethan and Mahesh were a match made in heaven.


No one knows how those who were born feel.

He slipped me a note.

Are you sure Frank will let us help him?

What's it they're building?

Matter is made of atoms.

Knut excelled in his studies.

Give Thierry back his money.

Kelly has arrived in Boston.

When Lyndon was a child, her family was very poor.

Dan wrote articles for a local newspaper.

Let's not rush it.

Numerology is like schizophrenia.

I followed you.

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How did they do?


I remember having seen her some place.

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Sorrel has had three glasses of wine already.

What is your natural hair colour?

I had trouble convincing Elwood to help.

He seems to have been rich before.

What do you usually do after school?


We've been told not to do that.


You don't want me to sing, do you?

I crawled under the fence.

I want to eat breakfast outside.

I'd like to fax this to Japan.

They tried that.

Please come home as quickly as possible.

Would you like my address?

All those products are unfit for human consumption.

Put it down.