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I can't stop shaking my leg.

She'll return very soon.

I know all about cows. I love cows.


Swamps, marshes, and bogs are types of wetlands.

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It wasn't harassment.

What does it contain?

I am uncertain when he will come next.

His father answered, 'God will provide, my son, the offering for himself.'

I'm going to go check on Vaughn.


We are conservative.


What an odd expression!

Let's take a look.

Recently someone told me about a language website, tatoeba.org, which I will definitely check out.


Where was she at that moment?

Don't do it if you care for your reputation.

Scot bugs everyone.

I tried to make the most of my chances.

We do not anticipate their buying a new car.

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Brooke was very grateful.

The best thing to do is to ask an expert to repair it.

When you enter a conversation, you should have something to say.


I've just finished watching episode three.

Even if there is life in other galaxies, it is impossible for man to travel at the speed of light to study them.

Have her come see me.

I cannot dance one single step of Salsa.

The cost of the book is five dollars.

The children were playing at keeping house.

Maybe Pascal has other plans.

What were your impressions of it?

Merton is an outcast.

No guy has ever asked me that.

Is Isabelle cool?

Did you find her?

It's made a big difference.


Let's not talk about it.

Mark knew that Oliver was hungry.

Marek is very unhappy, isn't he?


Blayne is standing on his head.

I think Nick is following me.

I'm watching out for your baby.

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Darryl had his sweater on inside out.

You should pay more attention to what he says.

We should've been told about it.

Is money important to you?

If you mention New Year in China, the image that many people will think of is a family gathered around wrapping dumplings together.

Say hi to your father for me.

Just get to work.

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Number of Turkish sentences on Tatoeba exceeded 200,000.

You said you were going to hire me.

Truth be told, she didn't like it in the least, but she didn't say anything.

Glenn said she would do her homework.

I'll be right by your side.

How long has it been since you've seen your family?

Driving through that snowstorm was a nightmare.

Trevor saw Revised heading into the woods.

They're unbelievable.


Geoffrey asked everyone to take off their shoes.

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Beckie is one of my best students.

You too.

He does it fast.

He would sit for hours reading detective stories.

Let's try to have a good time.

Mathematics is her weak point.

It's real.


I think doing that would be a big mistake.

I think I'll do that.


Moran waited patiently.

Only 20 percent of people over 55 in the European Union get by in English.

There remain approximately 900 art sketches by Leonardo da Vinci.

Next week I have an appointment with the dentist.


I hardly ever need help.

He is known to everybody as a great ballplayer.

St. Crispin is the patron saint of shoemakers because he is said to have worked as one.


Shun will take over my job while I'm away.

Elijah smelled a rat.

Seth and Guy lost their jobs.


What size helmet do you need?


I know how much this means to Christian.


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

I was trying to tell him that.

Farouk smiled affably.

He had been booted out of school.

Come and celebrate Canada day with a fun-filled evening of live music and dance performances, family activities and spectacular fireworks.

This is familiar.

Despite his weak faith, the priest blessed him.

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Little girls like playing with dolls.

I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?

He blamed me for the mistake.


Is Myron on our team?

I cannot plant trees here. This land is too dry.

Heinz had no appetite because of his illness.

I have tennis elbow.

I have no idea what'll happen.

Why did Soohong want it?

I advised him not to spend all his money on food.

I'm just not having any fun.

These houses have been improved by the addition of bathrooms.

Steven may not want to go swimming with us.

There is no telling how long their quarrel will last.

Behave yourself during my absence.

Sid was not surprised by what he read in the report.

You used to live in Boston, didn't you?

I take care of my body.

Why was this a secret?

Who left this mess in the toilet?

Are you frank and diplomatic? These are good prerequisites for resolving everyday relationship issues.

She was able to go to college thanks to the scholarship.

What happened first?

I showered before breakfast.

I suggested that she go alone.

When will the MCA take place?

You're not being rational.

Why don't you tell me the way you think it happened?

No one cares.

There is ample room for another car.

Don't let others do what you yourself don't like.

Carisa was in the garden.

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I run.

You're kind.

I couldn't have stayed even if I'd wanted to.

I'll call you later.

Alberto held out his glass.

I purchased a new car last week.

We all want Venkata to be happy.

I passed a boy in the street.

You're very good with people.


Anita will have to be replaced.


Nothing tastes as good as the food that you make.


He betrayed her secret to his friends.

Steven is outgoing, isn't he?

I forgot to attach a stamp to the envelope.

She's also a beauty.

Where are we going now?

Every idiot who goes about with 'Merry Christmas,' on his lips, should be boiled with his own pudding, and buried with a stake of holly through his heart.

Brandy wants justice.

Norm told Eva not to be late again.

It's a moral gray area.

I've quit using French with you.

I took care of him.

It's quite a jump from one side of the brook to the other.

When was Sharada injured?

I think experience helps.

I currently live in Boston.


That happens to be an unrelated matter.


I need to speak to him.


I know that now, naturally, all are waiting for me to share something about my voyage.

I have no idea what I should be doing.

Spit it out!

Can I talk to you in private for a second?

Clearly, it would be worthwhile for me to read this book.


Can anyone explain this to me?


How about going to the movie?

He has very bad handwriting.

He is very slow at making friends with anybody.

What were you two talking about?

Rudolph still needs more training.


Stamps are sold here.


Her mother was busy cooking dinner.

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I felt tired all the time.


Do you have lunch plans?

Whatever we may undertake, diligence is important.

Give me a few.

Vishal is with a customer.

While dreams cannot tell you what will happen to you in reality, they are able to convey your innermost thoughts.