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Help! They're going to stab me!

I apologized to you for that.

Linder turned off the computer.

Gregge ate my lunch.

We're doing fine.

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The sun is about to sink.

So what do you suggest?

I was going to suggest the following possibility.

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Are you safe?


He turned the key.

I think Juha is unstable.

I think we should call Charles.


Everyone says it, nobody knows it.


The new president wants to build up the army.

My daughter is a communicative and inquisitive girl.

Well do I remember the scene.

You didn't let me answer.

He considered two alternative courses.


That might be difficult to do.

This book is older than that one.

He has recovered from his bad cold.

That was our home.

I'm from the West Coast.

We were eating a sandwich.

Do you love Tatoeba more than you love me?

I didn't want to humiliate her.

Kristen is a member of the First Nations.


When were you fired?

We ran down the hill.

Val and Tanaka are proud of their son.

They left this.

I've had no problems with Randell.

Lifeguards are now on duty.

I am considering how to settle the matter.

Ask for Bud.

The leaves of the trees turn yellow in fall.

This will improve the performance.

That's right, but what's it to you?

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Fay is practicing piano.


She was always ready to help people in trouble.

Tomas takes good care of me.

He turned back halfway.

That's what Cristina did last year.

The cycle is repeating itself.


Toby intends to go regardless of the weather.


Come on, how often do you think a fictitious character needs to change clothes?

I'm trying to find out where it happened.

If you need any help, ask me.

Who should I talk to?

His back itches.


I don't mind if it gets a little cold.

The Conservative Party won the election in 1992.

With whom did he talk?


Raghu set a drink in front of Troy.


You left this, didn't you?

Summer is the hottest season.

A mouse went for a walk on the table.

Sandip had a good time at the party.

Give her a kiss.

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Exactly how much money do you make?

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No antidote is available.

You had better chain up the dog so that he won't bite.

She's a socialite.

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My uncle bought me a watch, which keeps good time.

They are treating me like a child.

We're in luck.

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Rambo doesn't exist.


Put some coal in the oven, so that the milk will start boiling.

I have no memory of you.

I can call anyone I want on my car-phone.


Wendy seemed terrified of something.


We've made a lot of progress today.

I wanted to make him happy.

I don't think she takes after her mother.

Someone somewhere must care.

Is that cabinet yummy?


We have to start all over again.


I broke off the engagement.

They treated me well.

Can I get you a coffee or anything?


I think you've had too much to drink.

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I don't feel anything anymore.

A snowman is left in the night darkness in company with snowy stumps, boulders and anthills.

Do we have time for a cup of coffee?

Here and now.

He said he's lost with that math topic.

The talk was peppered with scientific jargon that no one understood.

You can't hide forever.

Wendi said that Think was drunk.

Monica wasn't sure at first what it was.


Po was watching TV in his underwear when I entered the room.

He was sent to jail for murder.

You can't replace the comma with a period in this sentence.

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It's been three years since Jeffrey has been to visit us.

Gail'll lose.

Great thanks for a lovely night.


I helped him once.


Janet's sword was knocked from his hand.

He's learning English.

I can feel the change.

We like to have fun.

What the hell is that supposed to mean?


Lana almost choked on his tea.

He zipped up his jacket.

The acceleration of a body is proportional to the force acting on the body and inversely proportional to the mass of the body.


Shatter doesn't know yet.

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Julie doesn't look all that busy.

That's a pretty big problem.

Will you take the job?

I caught it.

The U.S. Department of Health says people should exercise at least two and a half hours a week.

We don't like cheese.

It's not Damon's problem.


Amedeo didn't eat dill pickles.

Young people tend to complain about everything.

Some speculators take advantage of the ignorance and helplessness of old people.

It's not possible.

The anger that I had built up in me until then evaporated like a mist hit by the sun.

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"What is she saying?" "You don't even know 'norito'?" "Norito?" "It's something like a Shinto spell."

You're a lot like her.

I gave up on him.

Brett took off his jacket and laid it on the chair.

They'll never tell me to go.

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There's a lot to discuss.


What department do you work for?

I like disco music.

I'd like to dedicate this song to Sandra.

Just don't give up on them.

It will not be long before the cherry blossoms come out.

She was clothed in a black blouse and red skirt.

The cost of fixing the broken window is coming out of your paycheck.


Taurus is standing right behind you.

Did Kerry notice?

I want to give you a gift.

You are doing it the wrong way.

It's possible, though rare, for humans to catch diseases from animals.

I want to say I'm sorry.

You'd be surprised if you knew how many times Sabrina has been here.

Vladimir found his missing shoe under the coffee table.

The father of this president was also a president.

Study about different brain waves to see why you think that you are always working.

She is extremely vulgar in her speech.

We have enough money to buy this CD.

I've never seen the Eiffel Tower.

Didn't Judge tell you I was in town?

In English, your answer can be 'correct' or 'incorrect'; but in Marathi, your answer can be 'wrong' or 'un-wrong'.

There is a leap of logic in what he says.

Are you a high school student?

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The door shut of its own accord.

What is the main goal of this project?

My brother sends you his warm regards.

So who are we talking about?

He escaped from prison.

Ask them not to wait for me.

Juanito has four sisters.

So, where do you want to do this?

Don't get ahead of yourself.

The Japanese tend to identify themselves with the group they belong to.

We've been ordered to investigate.

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I delight in going to the apple orchard each fall.