It's not too late to tell Lenora that you love him.

I was quite shocked by this.

The fact that it's expensive doesn't mean that it's any good.

She is busy preparing for the examination.


I don't have time for reading.

Just ask next time, okay?

Mario is the most popular kid in the class.

Increasing numbers of people in France resented the absolute rule by the king and the nobles of France.

I think it's obvious.


How did this happen?

The sea came in sight of us as we turned the corner.

This website seems quite good.

Death is the door that brings this mortal life that we have lived to an end and opens out to the eternal life to come.

I don't know anything about their plan.


I'm getting tired of you.

I tried to stay on friendly terms with her, but it was impossible.

I only wish I had stopped him.


It'll work like a charm.

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I'm very slow at making up my mind.


Swamy has been in Boston for a while.

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Ideally, a candidate for this job should have four years' work experience.

After dinner, we took a spin around town in my car.

John was standing alone with his arms folded.

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Susan found out where the puppy had come from.


Is something wrong with it?

Heinrich searched all day for the letter.

These machines aren't working now.


Machines that his company produces are superior to ours.


Productive thinking and creativity are unthinkable without imagination.


I think online dating isn't safe.


I took part in the sporting event.

Betty is mischievous.

Thanks for taking care of that.


Tigger says he wants me to leave, but I don't think he really means it.

I did without heating all through the winter.

Dancing: the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalized by music.


It's not really food.

Mike had a good time talking to Yumi.

Korean is a puzzling language to learn, isn't it?

Police are urging people not to pick up hitchhikers as they search for two prisoners on the run after escaping from jail.

Rock is the music of the young.

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Celia stayed at home all weekend.

That's what had me puzzled.

Graeme respected Rolfe's chastity.

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I don't like that lawyer you hired for me.


Dan maintained his innocence all along the lawsuit.

Michael wanted to know how to say "thank you" in French.

She hated him so much that our family could never go and visit him.

Graham stood up and walked into the kitchen.

The train leaves at 3:00 p.m.

She is a better singer than any other student in her class.

I am not looking forward to going to university abroad - I will feel intense nostalgia for my home town.

I just want to sleep.

Are you listening to English?

Well, it's just like the proverb "fine feathers make a fine bird". You look really good when you wear a suit.

Kathy isn't the type of person who learns from his mistakes.

Combat soldiers during peaceful moments like to reminisce of their halcyon days.

Jacques is younger than you.


Ahmed stared at the ground.

Martial arts have their limits. You just have to look at Bruce Lee. He was the strongest but he couldn't help dying.

The registration deadline is tomorrow.

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I don't really like him, in fact, I hate him.

I'm delighted that it's all over.

Are you aware of what's happened?

Of all the children, he's the one who counts the fastest.

The mother said little to the sons.


The tape recorder is a useful aid to teaching.

The radio is a bit loud.

That's just what I was going to say.

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Daniele looked at Will closely.

International law is a branch of law.

He will cast me a bone to pick.

However, that magic power is evil and is similar to Zeref in a way.

The answer was not correct.

I knew that.

When did you miss your watch?

Can I get you some coffee?

I can't live without my cat.


Refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.


Can anyone tell me what this is?

Let's get to the library before it closes.

Our farm is located in rural Nebraska.

Scott! Please make hotdogs for lunch.

List doesn't need to worry about Major.

I'll have to tell her the truth tomorrow.

Is that unusual?

We'll leave it to them.

Uri is still skeptical.

There is another question too that we must discuss.

There were beautiful women at the club last night.


He's really gorgeous.


You will eat your sandwich! Whether you like it or not!


Are you intending to go already?


When was the last time you heard French being spoken?


I cried too much.


It has to be me who goes.


Tell me what I can do to help.

It seems like years since Sunday morning.

I don't know. I can't remember.

The boy considered the dolphin his best friend.

Pieter and I've been very happy together.


I'm sick of it!

Sylvan was in the center of the room.

We weren't able to determine her whereabouts.

The letter reminds me of my young days.

Democracy encourages freedom.


I dashed off the report.

I want you out of my room.

My little sister's hobby is designing icons on the web, and she distributes them free of charge on her website whenever she finds the free time to do so.

I'm hoping Subra learns from his mistakes.

Go out and have a good time once in a while instead of just studying all the time.


How do I know you won't steal it?


He is poor, but he is in high spirits.

It's time for this to end.

Rich was the best man at my wedding.

Gigantic space stations were soon constructed with parkland inside the shell structure.

Mathematics is an interesting subject.


I'd like to shake their hands.

I have a stiff neck.

She needs a hand.

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This restaurant is busier on Saturdays.

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The duty must be discharged by every one of you.

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Not all answers have questions.


I slept comfortably last night.

Why are you feigning innocence!

Ole did not struggle.

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Fred looked after the child who had no parents until that child graduated from college.

What were you celebrating?

Where could I see you?

I had thought that I had already corrected it.

Prove that you love me.

I have a different opinion.

She greeted me with a smile.

I don't like this one; show me another.

This city is cold and lonely without you.

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My last name is Jones.

Bill and John like to get together once a month to shoot the breeze.

You knew this would happen, didn't you?

I think Tahsin is having fun.

I told him not to go to the place alone.

I've filled the glass.

We are writing to inform you that Mr Koichi Ohara has been appointed as Manager of the Technical Department in succession to Mr Taro Iida.

Each one is different.

I would like something to drink.

Come alone.

She had a strange hat on.

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But Pepperberg says working with the parrot has already changed the way of looking at animals.


It's not for you.

I hope that the jet lag isn't going to disturb my sleep schedule too much.

Is it going to snow soon?


Please slow down when getting close to the intersection.

Tell me what you are looking forward to.

I'll miss them.


I'm doing this for him.