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Luke doesn't think that Dwight's performance was very good.

Casey doesn't take very good care of his children.

Hunter asked Charleen out on a date, but she said no. A year later they were married.


I live in Istanbul.


I caught the ball with one hand.


Sanity assigned the job to Real.


Let's meet in front of the theater.

I've got to sign off.

I have 13 million dollars.

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This just now became understood by you?

I don't expect Loren to be here today.

The air by the sea is pure and healthy.


Elijah could tell there was something wrong.

The event starts at 5pm.

Let's offer it to Sigurd.

I've never kept a diary.

Is this one the bus for Oxford?

There was a little milk left in the bottle.

Earl lives with his parents.


I was worried sick about you.

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Are you scared to tell Lea?

Jerome did that today.

Deborah is missing the point.

She took him to the lake.

I'm the one that's frustrated.


I thought you enjoyed talking about baseball.


What it all boils down to is that we are in the same boat.

Andries didn't get up early enough to catch the first train.

I wish I was in Boston.

I would give you the moon if I could.

I love roller skating.

How long does it take to learn German?

I made a horrible decision.

I have seen the film before.

Tickets are $30 per person.

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We need great educators to teach our children the math and science skills that will enable them to compete for jobs in the future.

Danielle worked as a physiotherapist.

Brandi liked to listen to Leon play the piano.

I saw a movie for the first time in two years.

Many people attended Archie's funeral.


It's no use arguing with Connie.


I fixed it.


You had a long day.


I wish I had asked Kolkka for advice before I started.


Have you brought me what you said you would?

You'll have to look out for Jeannie.

Rajarshi died during surgery.


I was wondering what to do about Kristen.

Unfortunately the guide went wrong.

I'll be ready to go when you get here.

Didn't Ahmed wear that same tie yesterday?

They saw a drunkard lying in the road.

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I don't want that.

Astronauts are scheduled to exercise approximately two hours per day to maintain their health while on the ISS.

The news was radioed to us.

I visited New York for the first time.

I got a flat tire on the way to work today.

It was a little embarrassing.

It's a mistake that many people make.

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They exposed the books to the sun.

We're really, really good at what we do.

Cain was not his brother's keeper.

Let's try to find out how to do this.

She is not a nurse, but a doctor.

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Trent has just been given an invitation.

Were you with Thomas yesterday afternoon?

Do you think I'm stupid or something?

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The beaches are less crowded in September.


I didn't want to die.

We hope it's good.

This river rises in the mountains in Nagano.

Boxing Day, when presents are given to the postman, the milkman, etc., is the first week-day after Christmas.

Boyce was impressed with what he saw.

Renu had always wanted a daughter.

He handed her a sealed envelope.

Between meals, he usually manages to stow away a generous supply of candy, ice cream, popcorn and fruit.

Dark as it was, we managed to find our way home.

Give him a break.

So, will you go out with me?

He understood and remembered easily everything that was taught to him; his teachers were very happy about it.

Dalton's boss is Canadian.

Mr. President, what you are doing is treason!

Cole is one of my roommates.

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This is your only chance.

Ramesh aimed the gun at Gideon and fired it.

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona.


When you reach a certain age you don't stand on ceremony.

Please leave them alone.

We've only got this one.

I asked Bart if he liked Chinese food.

If it rains tomorrow, will you stay at home?

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I'm not usually this inept.


We have to come together as a team.

Drink some water.

Madrid is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.


She stayed up late last night.

Jos intended to visit Boston last month.

Jacques tried to explain why it would be a waste of time.


Marsha and Ssi both prefer watching comedies.


That's common sense.

I'm totally and completely in love with you.

The cow goes "moo" and the cat goes "meow."


Would you mind if I left a little early?


Did Ann really tell you that?

Suzan never even said goodbye to Ross.

Is that your goal?

Please translate this.

Saumya clobbered Sorrel with a skillet.

I think it's unlikely to happen.

I really want to see Joyce.

You don't need a list.

He doesn't say what he thinks. He is hiding something.

How much was your new computer?

Not all change is bad.


Nathan fanned himself with his notebook.


Someone has to do that.

Valeria lives right by the old fire station.

They lost no time in leaving their home.

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You can go first.

They're getting onto us!

So you'll do it?

Heidi committed suicide because he was bullied at school.

Randy sat cross-legged in the dark.

Darryl hates them.

Jong returned Ed's smile.


That is a lovely doll, isn't it?

Henry waited for someone to come.

Pass me the salt cellar!

Have you seen her anywhere?

When you're green, you grow. When you're ripe, you rot.

She put fresh soil in the flowerpot.

Can we say no to the USA?

They ruined my life.

She's a victim of her own success.

Mr. Jackson is our teacher.

I need to make a new playlist.


"Why are you grinning like that?" "That female high-school student I just passed by was really cute."

I wanted to see him.

Mosur let Taurus use his phone.


That's a bunch of malarkey.

Perhaps we will see each other again tonight.

I little imagined that she would come.


Mason didn't know that Stagger was in town.


Stephanie tasted the stew and frowned.

I'm surprised by the similarities between French and Italian in some cases.

He is rarely in a good mood.


I'll be the one helping him, not you.


Recovery of the world economy is not yet in sight.

The awkward moment when your neighbour sees you break his fence.

Syd went to Boston by car.

I should've said something earlier.

Piotr's girlfriend is very supportive and understanding.


I'd like a double for four nights from tonight for about fifty dollars a night.

Your explanation is too abstract for me.

It'd be murder.

I feel really sad.

Sonny seems to want this as badly as I do.