Just reading a computer manual is like practicing swimming on dry land.

Don't include annotations as part of sentences.

Kazuhiro is ashamed of me.

Patricio sat listening.

You certainly fooled him.

It hasn't been easy for us.

What exactly is she referring to?

Breathe, damn you!

Who can afford to buy such an expensive house?

You forgot to let the dog in!

Pam was a fussy baby.

He's in the joint.

That's a great start!

You were right, she doesn't live in Rio.


The residents made complaints about the noise.

Albert covered the table with the new tablecloth he'd just bought.

All right, that's as much as I'm going to get done today.

I like when you kiss me on the lips. No, on the cheek.

Would you be quiet?

I'm the tallest one in the class.

Take a sweater with you so you don't catch a cold.

She remembers you.

Brandon refused to marry him, but she gave in at last.

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Eventhough there's no money, no political machine and even we will lose, we'll still compete in the chess tournament this coming April 29 3030.

Leave them as they are or not at all.

Shall I wrap it for you?


I've had it with you.

Put down your name and address here.

I think we should let Suzanne go to Boston by himself.

I don't know English.

The farm house has mysteriously turned white.

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Janet is more famous than Cris.

She showed him a picture of her high school.

He went about the town looking for the dog.

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Everyone's saying it.

Check for old versions.

You should be more discreet in expressing yourself in public.

Before David arrived, Samantha started to lay the table.

The typhoon struck the city, causing great damage.

What should I do today?

My friends encouraged me to learn German.

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I'll go take a look.

You'd make a good diplomat.

I made up for lost time.

I used to pretend I was him.

I was defenseless.

Leith picked up some food for dinner.

She went to mass every day.

What we should do next is the question.

Harv has the information you need.

I need to ask Jack about how to get to his house.

It was cool, not to say, cold last night.

I envy you your beauty.

I'm quite satisfied.

Cole didn't live up to his end of the bargain.

Annie revealed his secret.

This could have unintended consequences.

I'll be right behind you.


In ten years our town will change a lot.

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We had three wonderful years together.

Do what you want with it.

I'm here to rescue Piet.

He was leaning against the rail.

You're not an idiot.


The man lost all hope.

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He studies economics at university.

I haven't seen her for a while.

That's not scary.


I want to drink coconut milk.

I wish you'd talk to me.

John, you've been working too hard. Have a seat and rest awhile.

I want to see what's going to happen.

You're taller than I expected.

He is anything but a fool.

Come, sit by me.

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Why didn't you tell us?

Only humans can laugh.

I'll ride with you.

Some people caught rats and ate them.

He told me that he was busy.

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Sandra has grown up to be a beautiful woman.

He was engaged in biological research.

Lightning normally accompanies thunder.


You're using that dictionary as a crutch. You don't really need it.


Hello everybody!


Forget about us.


We slowly approached them.

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I am a polite and very responsible person.

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Why bother?


Please, don't be noisy.

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That happened almost thirty years ago.

He had great influence on those around him.

Your paintings are beautiful.

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Stay here and keep an eye on Ray.

Ramneek doesn't really love me.

Are there to be hidden characters as well? We ask the developers.

She sent me a long letter.

I don't understand how Nguyen could do this.

We will agree only under that condition.

I just want her to love me.

Would you like a dog?

Lewis is with his friends.

It's 10 a.m.

We're not going very fast.

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She would not tell me why she had gone home first.

I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble.

My leaving early made them feel sorry.

Today I hooked my trailer up to my car, filled it with rubbish and took a very full load to the local rubbish dump.

The people all praised the emperor's clothes without telling him the truth so as not to seem stupid, until a little boy said, "The emperor is naked!"

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

We learn a lot in our trips abroad.

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The loneliness is a disease that makes me not happy anymore.

I prefer living in the country to living in the city.

The theater was too crowded.

He was subjected to severe criticism.

She really speaks English well.

I hardly know Vistlik.

We can all dream.

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I want to practice basketball with him.

This is the room where Pratapwant killed himself.

I never get to do anything fun.

A free port was established.

In English, your answer can be 'correct' or 'incorrect'; but in Marathi, your answer can be 'wrong' or 'un-wrong'.


She does talk a lot.


No man would say that.

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I gave him a choice.

He likes the rain.

Kristi deserves to know.

I'm married to Laurie.

I sometimes think that God got overworked when He created human beings.

Dan entered the courtroom.

You are completely wrong.


He has an extraordinary faculty for mathematics.

Will you show me how to set up a cot?

You will find other speakers here who may help you.

One's as bad as the other.

So, how did she like it?

I called Sonja this afternoon.

My sister went to Kobe yesterday.

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I saw some English female soldiers in yesterday night's news reel. For some, you couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman, but the majority were rather feminine, and it didn't feel that grotesque.

It was stolen.

These shoes are very comfortable.

What are you guys drinking?

It's one of the greatest taboos of our time.


We're not in control here.

I want to know why you weren't here yesterday morning.

We usually met at a certain place in the city.

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I really like to read.

Blayne isn't ready to quit.

We love reading.

There are happy people and unhappy people.

Last night, I heard dogs howling.

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He turned with a vengeance against the religion he was brought up in.


If he is in middle circumstances his clothes will be chosen chiefly for comfort.

Each one is different.

Can Dawn get a dog?


Kathryn sat on the grass next to Tad.

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No one said anything like that.


She made up her mind to graduate from high school.

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Why did he leave so suddenly?

You are repulsive.

Did Van say anything else?