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It's a mistake that many people make.


Grandmother carried the table by herself.

I was born on April 3, 1950.

We knew that.

I'm tired of hearing about Molly and Elias.

Don't forget that there are exceptions.


I'm not going to ask you to do that.

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Don't skip classes, okay?

We were walking on dead soldiers. This is the worst sight that a man ever wants to see.

Out of the mouth comes evil.

Jim reminded me that I had a meeting at 2:30.

Did you and Irvin go on lots of trips together?

That's a simple matter.

I feel honored to make your acquaintance.

It's no longer safe here.

Douglas slumped back in his chair.


You seem very busy.


I'm thinking about changing jobs.

Where are your children?

Who do you think killed Eddie?

Sam told me he was good at water skiing.

When Ramneek couldn't bear the pain any longer, he went to the hospital.

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Knudsen can't reach the book on the top shelf.

Betsy wants me to go back to Boston.

They have decided to stick to the original plan after all.

Mom was at a loss about what to do with the mess.

Everyone is coming with us.

I'm a real cop.

The drum is weak.

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Christofer is on the computer.


What's wrong with my jokes?

We'll have to finish this later.

I feel alone inside.

Excuse me, what was the name again?

How could I have fallen in love with her so quickly?

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I'll call them tomorrow when I come back.

That would've been nice.

She has to keep her powers hidden from her family.

I'd like to talk with you about Del.

They need protection.

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It's a confidential matter.

She does not want to go to bed.

I wish I'd never done that.

You won't be busy this afternoon, will you?

Oskar is going to have to go to a hospital.

Let's call at his house.

Everyone was invited, except for me.

I want an answer to that question.

Ray has no idea where Ozan hid his keys.

The defamatory article can still be read on the website of the newspaper mentioned above.

I was born on March 3rd, 1996 in Marseille, France.

I don't want to sit next to her.

Pierette is the one who said he was too busy to help, not me.

Kevyn is near death.

I can't believe you would do something like that without telling me.


I like going swimming in the sea.

I can't walk.

I identify with you.

You should chew your food well.

Linley's native language is French.

He was operated on yesterday.

The bathtub needs to be cleaned.

Stephen stayed in the car while Floyd ran into the supermarket for a loaf of bread.

In my opinion, Esperanto is very important.

Eli is a great coach.

Planets move around a fixed star.

Neither Esperanto nor Interlingua employ double negative.

I caught Mitchell cheating.

I believe it's finished.

Love is seeing her even in your dreams.


The sun shone like gold.

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Will you go to Boston with him?

She had an air conditioner installed in her house.

Her faith in God is unshaken.

I'm just trying to help out.

Money is needed.


Where did you shave them?

Mechael opened his briefcase and pulled out a couple of documents.

Don't you say you saw this coming!


Let's make a pact.

Have you got 5,000 yen you could lend me?

You've got paint on you.

They left together.

Don't talk to your father like that.

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Who's with her now?

Mikael's parents were very impressed with Frank.

Did the Bush administration cooperate with al-Qaida?

Guillermo comes from a very wealthy family.

Everyone believes that they have prepared for their old age.

His salary is too low to support his family on.

Alvin got some bad news.


Keith didn't kill Ian.

The Keisei Line Sky-Liner will take you from the airport to Ueno Station in 75 minutes.

Both songs were big hits.

You should go back to bed now.

Let's go for a beer.

He thought up an excuse.

Malloy often screens his calls.


That was a total disaster.

She teaches reading and writing.

May fortune smile upon you.

They stole apples from my orchard.

How many cars does this train have?

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A dance will be held in the school auditorium this Friday evening from 7:30 to 10:00.

I'm in the mood to talk now.

He can swim well.


What are you doing next Sunday?

There may be something in the next room.

He was saying his head hurt a lot.

Teach me how you do it.

I've never seen Shamim dance.


A woman conceals what she does not know.

The toilet was outside, in the yard.

Don't be a brute.

It has a hole in it.

You won't believe it.

I hope to visit this airport again.

Coleen likes his job a lot.

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Choose friends you can rely on.

Would Kuldip be interested in going with us?

Roberta took his watch off and laid it on the table.


I must get back to work.


Jason, who was in charge of the project, was dismissed for corruption.

He can run 100 meters within twelve seconds.

Jesus drove the merchants and money-changers out of the temple.

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Do you think this jelly's firm enough to eat yet?

You don't need to make dinner tonight.

Her mind is filled with dreams of becoming an actress.

I shave every morning.

I go to Tokyo every day.

I don't think I've seen you before.

What has he gotten you to believe this time?

There are several options.

So it seems that cloud of odorless deadly gas had a silver lining after all.

Triantaphyllos escaped from the castle, disguised as a woman.

It was Jeremy.

There's a fan on the desk.

Do you approve of Jill's new hairstyle?

The sky was clear when I left home.

Most Japanese eat rice at least once a day.

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Pratt doesn't always go to bed before midnight.


We have to analyze that.

Sally's leg had gone to sleep so he was unable to stand up.

Do you mind our leaving a little earlier?

It must be done immediately.

After having finished my studies, I became a teacher.

It's not appropriate to give tips in Japan.

Where are we exactly?

I know the score.

How did you know that man was a cop?

It's too late for you.

If you ask me, I don't agree with that.

I came to help.

I don't know how we did it.

Actually, I don't like the way your hair is done.

Fay is going to survive.

I wonder if my brother will ever come back.

We should get more organized.


It should be working by now.

Roy and Jill said that they were leaving.

Political concerns have caused many people to doubt the prediction.

My husband often fails to understand what I mean.

Do you always have to be so dramatic?

Loren bought some cheap reading glasses at the local drugstore.

Marcia dyed his hair.


Thanks for showing me around last week.

I watched the whole thing.

His address is a concise speech.


What were Annie and Herman supposed to do?