You need a taxi, don't you?


Anyone who can only think of one way to spell a word obviously lacks imagination.

Erwin can play the flute.

There's really no telling what'll happen.

I want to convey my sympathy.

She got permission to use the car.

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You gave me too much.

He went to art school to study painting and sculpture.

Your homework assignment has to be turned in by the 20th.

I felt like I would die.

I prefer history to geography.

She came to Tokyo at the age of 18.

I must admit that I've never heard of it.

Novo needs our input.

Emily is a teenager.

I'm afraid of losing you.

Dan walked into the room where Linda and Matt were talking.


His business failed and he was ruined.


You can't carry people on your bike, didn't you know?

Did you learn anything useful?

The woman eats bread.

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What's the problem today?


Yesterday I simply did not go to work.

She puts aside a lot of money.

Stay away!


I'll tell you something that I'm sure no one else will tell you.

Donna is very hardworking.

What are you doing after work?


Drive to the next intersection and make a left turn.


Bring them with you.

Love isn't blind, but it's often stupid.

I have the right to criticise.

Dig in your homework now.

It works just fine.


I need an analgesic.


Our vacation was so much fun that we decided to stay an extra week.

I didn't know you were a dentist.

Jean has been waiting three hours now.

How did you handle it?

He scrunched down in his seat so that I wouldn't see him.

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"You dislike Beckie, don't you?" "It's not that I dislike like him, it's just that I kind of have trouble dealing with people like him."


Why are you protecting him?

She's a drag king.

Where's your boss?

We are free!

I was shaking like a leaf.


I doubt very much that I'll be there.


Which was to be proven.

Getting them to give us a discount will be difficult.

She's good with animals.

I've been a little busy.

I'm not afraid of lightning.

I can't imagine how unhinged I would have to become before I would ever even consider killing another human being.

The squeaking door gave the burglar away.

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I feel like I've known her forever.


The Federal Reserve slashed interest rates.


The river meanders across the plain.

Do you still want me to let Debbie borrow your bicycle?

I don't like this sentence.


We have a plane to catch.


What did you buy from us?

He hopped on a freight train bound for New York.

I love sports, and so should you.

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She lost weight.

He trusts you.

They carried out several bodies after the explosion.


She's completely incompetent.

I'd like to change yen to dollars.

You caught me off guard.

My brother is rich enough to buy a car.

Let's talk about what happened yesterday.

Miriamne doesn't have any friends who speak French.

Vishal was guilty.

Dan didn't even give the badge back.

Tell her to take a hike.

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He is quite young in spirit.


Will you risk it?

Can you leave my office, please?

Please don't tell Travis about what happened.


Sandip was interested.

No one was interested in anything I had to say.

We can hear a brook murmuring.


Nothing else was taken.


Can you drive me to the airport tomorrow morning?


The finest wines are those from France.

That's quite an impressive list.

You shouldn't yell.

We cannot grieve over his death too deeply.

I hired a guide.

Delbert closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

I can't hear her.

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Kamiya donates half his salary to his favorite charity.


We're very nervous about that.

I write everything down; I feel uneasy without my notebook.

I may have seen that girl somewhere.


I saw your progress about your dentist career and I'm really happy for you!


I told them they shouldn't move.

You should not give up your hope.

Ralf, look what I found under the sofa.

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I won't plead guilty.


I think time will tell.

Dimetry, I want you to have this.

Amanda deserves to be punished.


Albert, I hope you'll stand by me if I get in trouble.

He is slowly recovering from his illness.

I have a left wing neighbor.

Why don't I pick you up at your house?

I'll make some calls.

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We need the truth now.


Mercury has the greatest temperature range of any planet or natural satellite in our solar system.

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We're going to my brother's.

I was late for school this morning.

I deduced a new theory.

I've given up smoking.

Freedom is akin to the rarified air of a mountain top. Weak men cannot bear one or the other.


You'll come back to see us, won't you?


I don't want to let you go.


Shut up and listen, kid.

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I'll be back in an hour.


It must be here somewhere.

Danielle said that you'd be too busy to help us.

College students should study hard, but equally they should also make time for an active social life.

I won't let nobody hurt you.

Martin hid Sanjeev's doll behind the door.

I don't wish to be rescued.

Well, if it isn't Duncan who comes to save the day.

He turned the steering wheel the other way about.

My uncle teaches English at the university.

Whenever the boss is around, he plays at being busy.

He told her and she smiled.

He tapered off to one cigarette a day.

You'll learn a lot here.

What platform does the train leave from?

I go to work every day by train.


Many support the former alternative, but I prefer the latter.

Hank was as naked as the day he was born.

There's clearly something wrong.

This is the strangest thing I've ever done.

She's a fan of German cinema.

When was the theft reported?

It's a full time job.


She always wears black.

Jon is his brother.

We're not supposed to do that.

Our meeting was just an accident.

Please write the answer on this piece of paper.

Have you ever forgotten your phone number?

Who's the most talented, in your opinion?


She's no shrinking violet.

Blaine can dance like a robot.

Don't worry, cutting your hair doesn't hurt.


These birds migrate to North Africa in the winter.