Only one careless mistake cost the company millions of dollars.

The children were rolling a big snowball.

I'll do better this time.

Trade between the two countries has been steadily growing.

My credit card is maxed out.

Patricio says Moran should resign.

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Nici was declared guilty.


You have friends here.


Eduardo had to go to Boston with Jackye.


Did you have a good day?

The story of Edward Snowden has reminded us once again that even the walls have ears.

Brad had to think for himself.

That story is a famous one that everyone knows.

The news that he had succeeded delighted them.

No such person exists.

The dean shook hands with each of the graduating students.

In most societies, it's rude to refer to someone in the third person when he or she is standing right there.

"Don't forget to write to me!" "Don't worry, I'll send the first lines as soon as I arrive in London."


There are stores along the street.


He fathered children to three different women who all left him.

Kenton pleaded no contest.

The bronze bell sounds nice.

Child as she was, she was not afraid.

Sanjeev pretended not to know the answer.

Birds often fly together.

A gentleman should buy his girlfriend flowers.

That would be impossible.

We didn't know you were there.

He had his sister help him paint the wall of his room.

Bill really drinks like a fish.

They decided to meet there again after twenty years.

Everyone makes a mistake at times.


I'm a little jealous.

The revolutionary government, while raising troops from the masses and fighting a defensive battle, established a republic and executed Louis XVI.

They were sitting on the sofa in our living room.

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I finally beat them.

Oliver has a friend whose father is an astronaut.

Just how do you know all this?

They advocate complete abstinence.

Authorities in space colonies encouraged larger families.

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Please turn over the page.

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Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

Where was Nelson Mandela imprisoned?

Do you want Kris to know about this?


My boss is starting to get edgy.


It was stupid of you to believe Noemi.


She puts the children to bed.

Ofer will meet you there.

It matters.

We're honest.

I'd like to go out with Blaine.

It seems that Mr Brooke is an honest man.

You may be here as long as you keep quiet.

Rik looked a little hurt.

We have to be proactive.

He is enamored of her beauty.

Their poetry is all of love and war. Not as ours, which is full of wise saws and useful maxims.


Could you leave us alone?


That'll cost you extra.

That's what Brender requested.

What did you do with Tiefenthal's keys?


What would you have her do?

Possibly I am a hundred, possibly more; but I cannot tell because I have never aged as other men, nor do I remember any childhood.

I will explain to him until he understands.

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Miek hasn't been here in a long time.


This novel was translated from English.


We wanted to help them.


I didn't come here for that reason.


My mother bought my little brother a yellow umbrella.

The light became weaker and weaker.

Shahid has never seen one of these before.


If this problem weren't serious, Winston wouldn't be here.

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She spoke breathlessly when she finally managed to catch up with him.

Today's spacesuits are pressurized, have an oxygen supply, protect the astronaut from micrometeoroid bombardment while spacewalking, and insulate the astronaut from the severe temperature changes experienced in space.

We're expecting about 3,000 people to come to our concert in the park.

We won't be leaving town before spring.

I think we still have to examine the rest.

She went to school by car.

Thankfully nothing unfortunate happened.

You don't need to call me.

I feel your disgust on that one.

I don't think Erik will notice.

I saw him fall.

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5,000 yuan is a lot of money.

Would God, I were the tender apple blossom, That floats and falls from off the twisted bough, To lie and faint within your silken bosom, Within your silken bosom as that does now.

Please stay right where you are.

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How can this help?

Amos likes swimming, too.

Andre could be a farmer.


A nightingale will not sing in a cage.


Ross is very unreliable.

Our governments have become space aliens living among a human population.

So what's a candlestick?

Is Tony alive?

Just do what I ask you to do.

I just got a beautiful bunch of flowers from one of my clients.

Where ever man wants to sell himself, he will find buyers.


She has a piano lesson once a week.

They didn't know that Trevor was married.

Come on, let's do it.

Mikael is the one.

No matter what happens, keep the door locked and don't come outside.

Perry's backpack is near the door.

Francois is a little pale.

Maarten gazed at Loren.

The suffix "da" is added to the noun "araba" to give the meaning of "in the car."

Buy any dress you like.

Have you known him long?

I'll be present.

Paola wants to buy a house in Boston.

They're so funny.

Francisco is definitely not a gentleman.

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Shane left his laptop at home.

I couldn't hear the sound well.

I can't afford to go to the cinema twice a week.

I want to ask you about her.

Kuldip caught a virus and had to stay home from work.


Our passports were cancelled.


I love Korean food.


Shirley asked Herbert to take back what she said.

It's time to get ready.

Venkata was timid.

I don't know if it's good or bad.

Roxanne said Think went to a divorce lawyer.

It's the best concert I've ever been to.

I'll write at you or I'll phone you in the next week.

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They looked high and low, but couldn't find the ring.

Hank won't find us here.

Is that notarized?

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Who did you see at the theatre?

Now I know better.

What a neat idea!

It was starting to rain.

He gave me an example.

Don't touch that.

My brother is an engineer.

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Loren is waiting in the backyard.

You're a lucky guy.

It's obvious Malloy doesn't like Shawn anymore.

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Strictly speaking, his view differs a little from mine.

The world will be saved by beauty.

The wind and rain combined to make a terrible storm.

Geoffrey called Taurus back the next day.

Don't stop.

I like almond milk.

Did you see anyone leave?

"I saw her five days ago," he said.

What color were they?


He sat astride over the main door.


Don't use Google Translate to learn phrases in another language because it's not always accurate.


Charlie disappeared last month.

It's impossible to change it now.

It accounts for the fact.

The woman wants to know the truth.

Everybody puts me down.

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Because it had been raining for a couple of days, the pitch was muddy and difficult to play on.

Please let me do it.

We'll be fine no matter what.

There is an urgent need for the local government to help the homeless.

I'm totally boned!