I'm over my limit.

You can play outside if you want to.


Don't worry your pretty little heads about it.

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I drank too much and was unsteady on my feet.

She got a part-time job so that she could study at college.

I was thinking about him.

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When did you buy them?


The graphic description of the victim's murder was too much for his mother, who ran out of the court in tears.

I asked how Bryce was.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day in Brazil.

I know you're in love with me.

We may need them.

It was hard for Anderson to admit that he needed help.

We want to talk to Barrio.


I just saw you guys three days ago.


Some things are better left undone.


I have nothing on for today.


At school I am on the Newspaper Committee.


The coffeepot is boiling.

Is Boston a good place to live?

We waved flags to welcome members of our baseball team.


Surrounded by hordes of vampires, Christopher Columbus once had an epic sword duel with Count Dracula in the latter's castle. After the Count cut off Columbus's hand, Columbus calmly picked it up, put it back in place, and proceeded to best the Count.

I wrote down his name so I wouldn't forget it.

No pets allowed.

We'll try.

Don't do that ever again.

This is very difficult for her.

That's not very friendly.


I've known Clara for many years.

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The governor was surprised by the commission's response.

Every situation is different.

She'll come even if you tell her not to.


My favorite team is Inter Milano in Italy.

Call the manager.

Tiefenthal speaks with a French accent.


There is a village about three kilometers up the river from here.

I chanced on a beautiful girl.

It is time to get serious about moving to greener technology.

I brought you some water.

She earns more than she spends.

She answers us whenever we ask her a question.

He went home three hours later.

I don't want to go back in there.

The two friends have formed a deep bond of friendship.

Laurence understands exactly what Ronald wants him to do.

Please settle this account by October 28, 1998.

The hostage-takers armed themselves with explosives.

The password was easily noticeable.


Please don't be cold!

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I've got to go and get Morris.

I doubt that Cristina would ever consider driving such a small car.

Susumu and Naren were disgusted with each other.

I wrote my dissertation about this.

Can you tell me why you hate Revised?


This city is cold and lonely without you.

She did it for her children.

What gate do I board at?

We'll see to it later.

What'll you give me?

I'm sorry I can't go with you.

I can't leave Hans here.

We can't risk that happening to Hitoshi.

Nobody ever caught Presley stealing.

Her doctor wants to send her to a specialist.

What are the pros and cons of hitchhiking?

I'm here because I think I can help you.

Matters are complicated already.


I love butterflies!


I thought Jeff wouldn't eat everything on his plate.


Our school is in the south of the city.


Brandon had a good time talking with Earle.

We go to school every day except Sunday.

I can see through your lies.

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I hate it when things like this happen.

You just said the wrong thing.

I really want to stay.

Bill used to be organized.

What've I ever done to you?

You just don't know how it feels.

The kidnappers showed no sign of giving up.

Michael Phelps is the winningest Olympian ever.

Swimming is good for your health.

I will give you a call as soon as the decision comes through.

Leads rolled up his sleeves.

He soon got accustomed to dormitory life and made two or three friends.

My bad.

That will put you in danger.

We've known each other since we were kids.

I'm just trying to buy some time.

Who helped you?

I think it's better for us to adopt his plan.

He is up to date.


It was easy to find seats in the train because there were so few passengers.


Why haven't you told me yet?

I know who the thief is.

The worst times have the most laws.

We elected Cynthia captain of the team.

He cried how silly he had been.

We need more volunteers.

On tennis forums, those who blindly support their favourite player while looking down on his or her opponents are commonly given the derogatory nickname "tards". Of course, a lot of times these same people use the word to refer to anyone supporting the players they don't like.


He is trespassing on our private property.

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I didn't know who he was.


I consider Alan to be a friend.

He risked his life for it.

Let's take a little break and look at the story from a somewhat different angle.

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My flower garden was trampled by urchins.

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Kayvan was arrested Monday evening.

There are few volunteers here at the headquarters.

We are great Tigers fans.

He was very old and ill.

I bought this umbrella three years ago.

Don't stay too late.

That doesn't belong to us.


We should probably get started.

I don't really know anything about Carlo.

Thank you for your warm words.

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Rajiv doesn't seem to have heard Bill.

What do you want to be?

The figures in this table are shown in thousands.

Nobody is scared of Brian.

You're very generous.


There's bamboo growing in the garden.

I thought you might want to know that Spike arrived a few minutes ago.

It's not gonna be fine!


Laurie wore a dark sweater.


My new girlfriend is Chinese.


His mother picked him up.

Tatoeba: so you never get lost in translation.

Woman in a wheelchair holes up in supermarket.


Some of the technology created in the construction of the Hubble Space Telescope has been applied to create advances in medicine, computer chips, and the prevention of electrical power outages.

I lay on my back.


Show me the magazine.

You have to listen to him.

How could you not tell me about that?

Just take it slow.

I'm trying to get to him.

If you do that, I'll sue you for breach of contract!

I don't feel good.

It is interesting to watch stars.

You've lied about everything.

Pierre doesn't have to convince me.

I don't have a Turkish keyboard.

They train you to act before thinking. Just execute orders.

They are very big apples.

I'm not sure I agree.


We both knew the risks.

I didn't even have time to paint!

Gold prices are skyrocketing in the wake of financial instability.

If I hadn't wanted to be there, I wouldn't have gone.

I saw her in the parking lot.

Betsy remained calm.

No one can match her in speaking French.

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I was surprised when I saw Vincenzo kissing Tanaka.

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When they had reached the common where the geese fed, she sat down and unloosed her hair, which was of pure gold.

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I like your idea.


I'm pretty smart.


I wish I had done more.