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Designed for Business Leaders
Expand Your Leadership Sphere
•    Increase your impact
•    Grow your leadership circle
•    Harvest a sustaining legacy

Build Strong Teams
Develop Your Key Players
  Improve all communication now! 

•    Establish trust and incite commitment

Bottom-line results without the emotional drain

Challenge Past Assumptions

What is Really Driving Your Life?
•    Gain clarity and focus then execute
•    Run the race you were designed to win

•    Pursue the dream inside you


Moving Leaders From Pain to Results

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True Life Coaching is problem solving with proven tools that give you the edge to achieve balanced success. You've already tasted success in business-now you're ready to lead your team to get results as you savor the feeling of calm control and fulfillment in all parts of your life. True Life Coaching, Inc. can help you get there.

"Winning in business and in your personal life is about relationships.  As you unlock the power of effective communication and the dynamics of building trust, you will get more of what you need and want in all your relationships."  - Shandel Slaten, CEO and Founder

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