Where Players Have the Power

PLAYnetwork is the world’s first blockchain-based ecosystem for gaming that empowers players to monetize their gameplay and earn rewards.
PLAYnetwork aims to create a revolutionary gaming platform that empowers game players to truly own and turn their gameplay into personal digital assets.

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For Players

Assign digital value to physical collectibles

For Developers

Licensing automation
True ownership and full control of data access, storage and exchange
Unlimited digital attributes
Safe and secure data tracking through blockchain smart contracts
Gaming ecosystem for cross marketing and inherit analytics metrics
Cross-players, games, devices, and platform flexibility
In-game reward mechanism

PlayTable Welcomes PLAYnetwork

We're excited to announce PlayTable as the first product to integrate with PLAYnetwork. PlayTable is a revolutionary table-top gaming platform that will release Q4 2018 with millions of dollars in pre-orders already! PLAYnetwork will be the backbone powering PlayTable by connecting gamers, game developers, and IP owners all under one ecosystem.

PLAYnetwork, Making Blockchain Tangible

We have all heard the term. But what does it really mean, without getting into too much tech speak that is?
oxeye molding

A Tale of Two Kitties

I own two digital cats, CryptoCat and KittyDestroyer6Tee9. I bought CryptoCat from a blockchain smart contract, and all her data is stored on that blockchain. I bought KittyDestroyer6Tee9 from a game called KittyCity, and his data is stored on a central server. I love them both equally.
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What currency does the blockchain game world use?

Before we talked about the revolutionary new game world powered by blockchain, this time let’s talk about the special currency we use in blockchain games.


2016 Q1

PlayTable raises first round of venture capital financing.

2016 Q3

PlayTable signs licensing deal with Asmodee Group.

2017 Q2

Blockchain feasibility test with RFID complete.

2017 Q4

Marketing team generates $3M in pre-orders and a 100,000+ waiting list.

2018 Q2

Whitepaper and legal.

2018 Q4

Token Generation and Sale.
PNT marketplace.

2019 H1

Full PNT token integration w/ RFID-enabled figurines and documentation.

2019 H2

Launch with major CE brand and retail partnerships.

2020 H1

RFID blockchain licensing program.

2020 H2

Scale RFID partners and distribution.


PLAYnetwork is proud to be a team who have held positions in prestigious companies including:

Silicon Valley Team


College Dropout.
Developed cryptocurrency trading algorithms.
John D

Berkeley, Stanford EE & Comp. Sci
Worked at Amazon, Apple, Nokia.
Sam L
VP Hardware

Master’s Degree in Comp. Sci from Purdue.
Co-founded game studio.
Jacky W
SDK Architect

Academy of Arts.
The creator of Toy Reality.
Sherman M
Blockchain Lead Engineer

Shanghai Team


BS in Robotics Engineering, built mechanical systems for Mars Rover.
Raised $1.5M for previous startup.
Shane Z
GM PlayTable China

2 Master's Degrees in Marketing and Advertising.
Founded a travel startup.
Christina G

20+ yrs. Experience.
Former VP of R&D @ Huawei.
Jason G
VP Hardware

Masters Degree in Computer Science.
Co-founded game studio, built custom 3D physics engine.
Ye D
Software Director



Blockchain hedge fund invested in exchanges like Binance, CoinSuper, and Fcoin.
Ryo U
Director, JRR Crypto

Blockchain investment and advisory fund;
Joel N
Partner, Yozma Group

PLAYnetwork Team


30+ yrs in Software.
Initial developer for Windows XP.
Amre A
Software Engineer

Bachelor’s in Studio Art from SFSU.
Alex M
2D Artist

BS in EE w/ Computer Engineering
Henry C

BS w/ Cum Laude and University honors from U of Memphis.
John B

Designed over 60+ games.
Joe B
Creative Director

BS in Computer Science from Sonoma University.
Michael D
Software Engineer

MS from St. Petersburg State University.
Audrey B
Content Marketing

MFA from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.
Jingyi L
UI Designer