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We've already decided.


When does it start?

I'm taking these sheep to the market.

Something went wrong with my watch.

They are approaching.

Do you promise not to tell anyone else?


Is Paul any good at French?

Did you enjoy yourself tonight?

Learning a foreign language is hard.

You must always say the truth.

Isn't this fun?


Liber should probably go home now.

Tell her what you just told me.

Could I have half a kilo of chicken thighs, please?

I'm useless.

Does Laurence ever wear short pants?

The story concluded abruptly.

Why can't you be nice for once?

Enjoy the game.

I don't know what "twerking" is and I don't care.

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He managed to avoid damaging my reputation by dropping a hint.

Grades are important, but they are not everything.

How awful!


He is my teacher.

I just pretended to like Bart.

Choose the grammatically incorrect sentence.

I just want to hear you say that again.

My father has a lot of clout at city hall.


At all costs, I want to live in America.

Marion committed a series of murders.

Helios is the Greek god of the sun.

No one seems interested in Ramsey's paintings anymore.

Tovah showed Murray several pictures of his house.

Why don't you come over to my place sometime?

Could you put those bags in the car for me?

Tell her I said goodbye.

Sorry to be late.

Each, however wise, harbors a bit of fool.

Ron is correct.

The restaurant we went to wasn't as expensive as I expected it to be.

Just tell Lindsey what you want.

It's not a rhetorical question.

I believe I have now told you everything.


You do not need to thank me because you deserve everything the best.

I speak of my friend.

They all turned to look at Loren.

It's going to be corrected.

These allegations are false.

She has no remorse.

Do you like this band?

The strippers can't get away.

Marco asked Sanjeev if she'd actually read the book.

Paris has a great charm for Japanese girls.

Raif promised he wouldn't be late.


I watched the birds on the balcony while drinking my coffee.

I'll do as you recommended.

This will be work, that will not be easy.

Is this annoying?

The aphelion is the point where an object in orbit around the Sun is furthest from the Sun.

It then became apparent that he had answered off the top of his head.

The opposition was divided.


We went to the zoo.

I was bitten by a dragonfly.

I will face death, if it is necessary.

He pulled my shirt.

Is it true? Paul kissed Lily on the lips?

I just want a little more information.

Who she is I have no idea.


As a similar feature it is noted that students engaged in fund-raising activities rarely contribute money they have earned themselves.


Everyone has his price.

It's commonly supposed that all fairy tales are stories from the folk tradition, passed through the generations by storytellers since the dawn of history.

Kayvan is a little chubby.

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No matter what it is, we must persevere.


Start again.


We hacked a path through the forest.


I'm going to stop Liyuan.

I see life differently now.

Though Alfred is scrupulous in fulfilling his duties at work, he is less conscientious about his obligations at home.

I speak English, French, and Spanish.

Let's go get a cup of coffee and talk.

She was educated in the United States.

I'm 25 years old.

I have a chronic pain here.

Mac received an overnight accommodation allowance for his trip and was reimbursed his out-of-pocket expenses.


How did you know I was Canadian?

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We have to find out what's going on.


The file cabinet drawers are open.

Toerless knows how to cook.

Shamim looks like he's lost weight.

Class is dismissed.

I hope I get the chance to meet Hwa.

Irving isn't stupid.

What's he hiding?

When I try to listen to music with media player there's an error and I can't play the file.

I ran into Louise in the park.


Both my mom and my dad aren't home right now.

There'll be plenty of time for that later.

The spokesman confirmed that the report was true.

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Who chose those colours?


I needed to know where Shadow lived.

He said the South had good reason to protest.

The bullet went through his body.

I just wish Jef could be here.

How many films did you watch yesterday?

You're putting words in my mouth.

Babies are not capable of looking after themselves.

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I don't subscribe to your idea.

Harris asked Liber what she thought of his tie.

I know, too, that Islam has always been a part of America's story. The first nation to recognize my country was Morocco.

They pitched their tents on the beach.

We plan to close early tomorrow.

Our vacation was so much fun that we decided to stay an extra week.

Antonella was real scared.

Spike does seem a lot different today.

Phiroze cleared snow from the driveway.

Draft beer tastes especially good on a hot day.

Bill felt a sharp pain in his stomach.


Rayan didn't want to look, but he couldn't help himself.


It snowed all day yesterday.

What does USB stand for?

I'll definitely do that.

She doesn't live here anymore.

I consume, therefore I am.


Yeah, I've had it forever.

We ordered French fries and soft drinks.

I have to leave school.


When I was abroad I went to see your uncle.

That one usually works.

How did such a thing come about?

We'd better wake him up.

In my garden many trees are bearing fruit.

She tried to hide her mistake from us.

I have loads of things to do.

She's a terrible driver.

Doesn't that change things?

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Bill opened the medicine cabinet and took out the toothpaste and his toothbrush.


The next is yours.

The music gradually died away.

Trouble began immediately.

I'm not here on business.

Laura gave up running for mayor after pleading guilty to drunken driving.

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You have no idea how expensive having a baby is.


How do you feel about him now?

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I would've liked to do that.


In 1978 a peace treaty was concluded between Japan and China.

Do you think that everything that happens to us is predestined?

Claire said he had to go somewhere.

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Let's take a trip to Australia.

Carlos waited a moment.

I'll go with Joon and Cindie.

It can hardly be a matter of passion, perhaps it's just about sex.

He can't have made such an obvious mistake; it's unthinkable!

I'm glad I make you happy.

I've got an Italian handbag.

Christian won't like doing that.

Don't be noisy or step out.

The heater has quit working.

Higher education is not a luxury.

They are threshing wheat.

I decided not to buy the perfume anymore.

I don't believe I was wrong.

That was very generous of you.

I've been thinking of moving out lately.

I could talk to Clark.

Tal disabled Earl's video surveillance system.

Do you have a criminal record?