A new world unfolds:

Imagine yourself slipping effortlessly beneath the surface of the water.
An environment that resembles more of a distant planet than our own. As you drift down, small fish dance upon the reef.
You are weightless and the cares of the world that exists fifteen feet above your head slip away.

Welcome To Your Underwater World

Recovery Scuba is about more than just learning to scuba dive. Our programs are designed to help individuals and families take their recovery from the disease of addiction to the next level. We have specialized programs developed by two master’s level licensed psychotherapists, Brian Pagan and Jamie Loffredo. They teach non-divers to become certified scuba divers and certified divers to become safer, seasoned scuba divers.

All training programs offer more than dive training. Our intensive 3, 5, 7-day sessions teach students skills and strategies that build upon their recovery foundation and reduce the risk of relapse. Recovery Scuba is about fellowship, skill development, relapse prevention, and most importantly, learning to access long-term recovery.

  • Specialized Programs

    Developed by two master’s level licensed psychotherapists, our programs teach non-divers to become certified scuba divers and certified divers to become safer, seasoned scuba divers.

    All training programs offer more than dive training. Our intensive 3, 5, and 7-day sessions teach students skills and strategies that build upon their recovery foundation and reduce the risk of relapse.

    We use scuba diving as a metaphor for developing tools to manage long-term recovery. Students learn skills to manage anxiety and stress, cravings and impulses, healthy living, and how to apply the principles and steps of the 12 step fellowships to daily life. Most importantly we learn to have fun without alcohol and drugs.

  • Capital & Management

    Successful, healthy recovery is tangible and recovery capital is critical to successful long-term recovery. It includes membership in a 12-step fellowship, employment, transportation, therapy, social supports, and leisure activities.

    Our students learn how to develop their own recovery capital. We show them how to identify it in all areas of their life. We work with the family and teach them to identify and develop their own recovery capital. Finally, we work together as a team to share in the joy that comes from promoting and sharing combined capital.

    Recovery Scuba teaches students how to mature their skills in managing their daily recovery. Meditation, reflections, accountability are part of the routine. We believe that adding healthy leisure activities like scuba diving into the schedule makes daily maintenance fun, exciting, and maybe a little more meaningful.

I Got 99 Problems

and a manatee aint one

Work Shops

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     Open Water Certification

    Our entry level training program. Students learn the skills to become an open water scuba diver and important strategies to access long-term recovery. This is a five-day class that uses a series of lectures and experiential activities to educate students on developing their “recovery capital.” The goal of this class is for students to create a strong foundation in recovery management and at the end of five days be certified as an open water scuba diver. Already certified? Not a problem. The skills and activities taught during this workshop will help your recovery capital while improving your scuba diving.


    Advanced Diving

    A five-day training experience that takes our students to the next level in experiential learning. Included in this training is their nitrox certification. Participants will build upon the recovery principals taught in the open water class. The Advanced class teaches divers how to be safer, go deeper, engage new diving environments and adapt to unexpected change. This workshop is a lot more than just scuba diving. Students continue to practice their recovery management skills and learn new techniques to access long-term recovery.

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    Search and Rescue

    This is a four-day workshop and participants are eligible to earn their search and rescue certification. The program focuses on relapse prevention and accessing additional supports. Diving and recovery are very similar. You must first know how to help yourself before you can help others. This class is packed full of tips about avoiding pitfalls and barriers to long-term recovery.

    Hunting and Rodeos

    Let’s talk fun. Certified and feel accomplished enough to multi-task underwater? Time to hunt bugs and lionfish. Season is open all year on lionfish and hunting these tasty fellas helps the health of the reef systems. Lobster season is open from September to March. A special permit is required. After each day of diving we will cook up our feast and reconnect with our recovery practices. These trips are one to two days long.

Recovery Events Schedule


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Get to know us

We’re a team that adore what we do


Jamie Loffredo

Jamie is a practicing psychotherapist and has worked as a clinical interventionist and consultant in the addictions field since 2006. He sits on the boards of state and national organizations dedicated to treating addiction.

Certified as a scuba diving instructor with both the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and the National Academy of Scuba Educators (NASE), over the last half decade Jamie has been integrating scuba diving and his work with his psychotherapy clients. Recovery Scuba is the result of two friends working together with a shared passion for helping others and having fun.



Brian Pagan

Brian has been working in the field of addiction since 2010 and specializes in working with individuals suffering from co-occurring mental disorders. He is passionate about helping individuals suffering from addiction reconnect with their families and develop healthy interpersonal relationships. He lives a healthy lifestyle and believes strongly in a holistic approach to recovery.

Brian began scuba diving at age 12 and it has played an important role in his personal recovery from addiction. He enjoys the fellowship of being on a dive boat and introducing others to the waters around south Florida.


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Recovery Scuba

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