I have to stay home today to take care of my mother.

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Water doesn't stay in a sieve.

Never trust the mass media.

I can't deal with his arrogance.

Mike asked Hector what she wanted him to do.

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These logs are heavy.


Johan finally got the nerve to ask Slartibartfast out.

Does Spyros have it?

I feel like I've known you forever.


Pipe cleaners are used for cleaning pipes.

The meeting was held here.

Sugih is a very important member of our team.


My sister went to Italy to study music.

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I want to be a journalist.

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My uncle isn't young, but he's healthy.


That's all we do.

She closed the door as fast as she could and ran away.

You can rely on their coming on time.

Are you breaking up with Sundaresan?

Never take advantage of another's misfortune.

Put that back on the table.

He's not my father.

It's a serious matter.

Father reads the newspaper, eating his breakfast.

He was seen crossing the street.

I have no objection to paying a special fee if it is necessary.


We need to come up with a plan.

In Japan, people legally become adults at the age of twenty.

Do we need Catherine, too?


She is in need of help.


You look kind of upset.

Rees is outspoken and smart.

It seems like the cat smelled a mouse.

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We have a deadline to meet.


I didn't know you were seeing someone.

Uri insisted on talking to you.

I'm a real man.

I had a slight scruple about doing that kind of thing.

He stuck the notice on the board with tacks.


I used to take a walk before breakfast.


Hail, Caesar, those who are about to die salute you.


Did Tollefsen get my message?

Karen is a quarter back.

It's annoying.

Jiri barely escaped being killed by a tiger.

Is the cat on or under the chair?

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You forgot a category.

An eagle flies in the sky.

Don't look so stunned.


I need it by tomorrow.

Can you tell what deck we're on?

Does Nicolas have an appointment?

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You are not funny.

I can't hear anything.

Between them, the two largest companies account for a share large than 50% of the market.

He lost the race because he was disqualified.

What's the best way to deal with stupid people?

I'll answer any questions you have.

I thought you said you knew Jingbai.


They're involved.

When Debi finally decided to come out of the closet, everyone already knew that he was gay.

You're reliable.

Why do cats' eyes shine in the dark?

I hope this good weather lasts.

Hitler assumed power in 1933.

I can't stand that silly woman.

Is there a public phone around here?

There's a fire down the hall.

She painted a vivid picture of the event.

I might be dead tomorrow.

I'll call you tomorrow morning.

She is wearing a light blue outfit.

Please send us more details.

Occupying powers never consider an insurgency's cause to be valid.

She drove a student to school.

What is the total amount of money you spent?

Alone against everybody.

Who in the world lighted the candle?

I'm pretty sure I'll get used to this eventually.

Lars came right away.

A beaver needs to fell hundreds of trees to dam a river.

I can't wait to see him.

I wasn't about to do that.

The light shone like so many stars.

I thought you had to work.

The waiter helped the lady with the chair.

I must have this.

She came to like the new teacher.

You must fulfill your promise without fail.

Sorry, I seem to have confused you.

I fell asleep before the end of the movie.

The dog was killed on the spot.


Let's hit the sack.

Rabin was home alone.

Irvin got into the car and drove away.


I bought this coat at a low price.

Give me another shot.

I have a bit of a cold.

Barrett has never been mean to me.

He was born on the twenty-second of February.

The world is dangerous.

Don't join the book burners. Don't think you are going to conceal faults by concealing evidence that they ever existed.

Where are Earl and Anita right now?

Alastair hugged Irving and gave her a long, passionate kiss.

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If you listen closely enough you'll be able to hear it.

I know what love is.

Adrian and Orville left together.

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They adorned the room with flowers.


I'll see what's keeping them.

This problem is in his field.

He had the gas cut off.

The commentator began yelling when the referee gave the defender a second yellow card.

We're getting rid of it.

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Get out the way ... they'll escape!


We imported meat from Argentina.

You'll change your mind.

Please choose wisely.

Well then, we still have a problem.

I lived in Boston many years.

I meet him sometimes in the club.

There's no time to talk.

What are you punishing them for?

I sent her away.

The striking workers protested their pay cut.

She did her homework.

People living in this area are dying for want of water.

He cannot stop it.

Let's put this in the closet.

I'd like seats about fifty yards from the court.

We own this property.

Why would they attack us?

On the page there was a list of phone numbers.

I eat breakfast here normally.

It is clear that there is no classification of the Universe that is not arbitrary and full of conjectures.

I'll take the next bus.

Brandi should have followed Petr's advice.

I don't want to intervene.

She expressed her sentiments on the war.

Europe is more dangerous than I thought.


Liza kissed the young man on the cheek.

He hit me in the eye.

I have no opponents.

He's running wild.

She was beaming with delight.

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Roger left the farm when he was still very young.


He is always as busy as a bee.


Should I take the shortcut through the woods today?

Of course, Ravindran loves his kids.

He stayed there not more than four days.

I had my purse stolen in the changing room.

It's an advantage to be good looking.

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Edward bought his daughter a Macintosh for her birthday.

I'm not going to do this again.

Why do you waste most of your time on Tatoeba?

Rik got a tetanus shot after being bitten by a dog.

Roxanne might've been there yesterday, but I didn't see him.

Liyuan has achieved remarkable results.

He put the idea into my head.

I told them again to turn down the radio.

Fluency in English is a very marketable skill today.

May I use the vacuum cleaner?

He was killed in the first hours of battle.

It's in the closet.

Where is the Portuguese office?


Be so kind as to help the old.


I would never say anything to intentionally hurt you, you know.