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He took up golf this spring.


We're finalizing our budget.

Johan isn't looking too good.

Kerri speaks French well.


The real heroes are us.


He showed me round the park.

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These small rodents store up nuts in the winter.

Let's check with him.

You'll never guess who I saw this morning.

I was just wondering how you guys ever got talking about this topic.

I made her angry.

I've got to go meet him.

Greg can't tell time yet.

We have to leave tomorrow!

We are good friends now, but we didn't like each other at first.

His jokes border on the insulting.

That shouldn't be any problem.

Do you see that cute girl over there?

Knut seems to be dissatisfied.


Fay is at the hotel now.

How was your weekend?

Whip him until he confesses.

I feel smart... Pity... It's just a feeling...

He left his hometown on a cold morning.


I was still a student then.

I can't pay all my bills this month.

Not all of us are against his idea.

If you'll just tell me what you want, I'll try to get it for you.

A stranger was seen to steal into his house.

Was I wrong?

Parts facing the oncoming flow are said to be windward, and parts facing away from the flow are said to be leeward.

The person from Egypt speaks Arabic.

I outsmarted him.

I have no recollection of seeing the man.

Erik died before Kimberly was born.

I like your offer.

In space, all warriors are cold warriors.

Hiroyuki made me swear not to tell.

Could I have a cigarette?

Sanford is upstairs practicing his saxophone now.

All the other boys laughed at him.

I find it hard to express my feelings in words.

Tuna told me about that yesterday.

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I corrected one.

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Alan looks well rested.

Gas prices are up.

She had a great attachment to that old house.

Are you really just giving up?

I'll work with her.

Varda is never late for anything.

We could both go.

I know you're hiding somewhere in this room.

Is it OK if I go out with Edgar?


She told me she was pregnant.

Try to pull out the worm by turning it around with a match stick.

The rain fell even harder.

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I'll send you the list.

My older sister goes jogging every day.

She will write to me as soon as she returns to her country.

O heat, dry up my brains! Tears seven times salt, burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye!

I intended to hand the paper to him, but I forgot to.

The province is relatively rich in mineral resources.

Stephen is good at that.

Those were drinking days, and most men drank hard. So very great is the improvement Time has brought about in such habits, that a moderate statement of the quantity of wine and punch which one man would swallow in the course of a night, without any detriment to his reputation as a perfect gentleman, would seem, in these days, a ridiculous exaggeration.

What's the name of your pharmacy?

Sanjay decided to ignore Elvis's behaviour.

May I have permission to go inside?

Actually, the problem isn't new.

He is not as handsome as Scott.

He is in want of money.

I put my desk by the window.

You left your headlights on.

Wolf is wise enough not to do such a thing.


It is best to review the material before the presentation.

In case of fire, push the button.

Ping is a mother.

I joined quite recently, a few months ago.

It wasn't really a plan.

The boy sleeps in the living room.

I can't talk with people.

Don't hesitate to ask me questions.

Wolf is a student at Harvard.

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Will is learning.


The explorers discovered a skeleton in the cave.

Rudolf's practice has grown rapidly.

He stopped by Maurice's chair.

Dwight went inside.

I started working when I was thirteen.

They gave me an offer that I couldn't refuse.

The police are in the pursuit of the fugitive.

The water from that stream is contaminated with giardia.

I think that there is a man there.

I wonder if a day will come when money will be something found only in museums.

Cry with someone. It's more healing than crying alone.

I told you not to come here.

There is no denying the fact that no one is free from racial prejudice.

I can't take this shit anymore.

When the last customer leaves, we close the doors.

He's the only one who knows the truth.

He doesn't like eggs.


Can you tell me how much a ticket costs?


Due to the recent hurricane, a lot of people lost their homes.

Their romance was the talk of the town.

He went out in spite of the heavy rain.


It's raining today.

Would you rather drink wine with your mother or your father?

His girlfriend was really angry at him.

Otherwise he had nothing to add.

Pravin's dead.

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I'm pretty zonked.


I want my son to become a mechanical engineer.

You can't do that to me!

Slow down a bit.


The team had advantage over their opponents.

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The society was founded in 1990.


Kemal didn't thank Patrick enough for all the work she did.

He asked me my age, my name, my address, and so forth.

It never really came up.

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Where there is doubt there is freedom.

Mott was sneered at.

I was afraid that it might hurt her feelings.

I'm not really concerned.

This hotel can accommodate over 1,000 guests.

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The hot weather changed snow into water.

You're working too hard.

She cried at the sight of her father's dead body.


Mother will never approve of my marriage.

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Do you have much snow in your country?

This book is not available in Japan.

Evelyn said that Monica went mad.

Henry isn't afraid of anything, is he?

I don't think Kemal can speak French.

Mr Brown came to see you were out.

That's good.

He could not hide his disgust at the task he was to perform.

Cynthia met a friend of Henry's at the airport.

Can he keep it going?

June and Carter admire each other.


I'm not much of a tennis player.

She made friends with him in Boston.

Can you give me some room, please?

Let's try and stay calm.

I'm terribly sorry for being late.

He regretted that he had put off going to the doctor.

I ate.

Nothing is more despicable than respect based on fear.

Add a dozen eggs to the list.

By 7:00 she will have eaten dinner.

You were told to stay on the ship.

Those children are keen on skating.

Hiroyuki doesn't need to do that. Amy will do it.

Raman offered to carry my suitcase.

God gives me happiness.

Spock got angry with us.

I remember reading about it.

Do you think we should raise prices?

There's not much to see.

Would you like us to come back later?

Juliet is not an anti-Semite!

Water is important.

This cloth won't stand much washing.

This song is both sad and beautiful.

The cat will scratch you if you provoke it.

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A month has already passed.

Clarissa told us that he had a headache.

I'll never work for you.

Don't talk so impudently.

I know that Rayan is more handsome than I am.

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I admit that it's strange.

He inherited some hectares of land from his grandfather.

I'll get around to it.