The recession won't last forever.

I don't like this one either.


I often go fishing with them.

Miriam wanted to marry Thomas.

Can I wear your clothes?


What happens if I get caught?

This mountain path ascends to the beautiful lake.

Cecilia still doesn't get the point.

He gave her a nice present.

We're counting on you to help.

Don't let him fall.

Have you told your parents about us?

It's about to rain; bring in the clothes.

Marla came to America as a stowaway on a ship.

Let's make sure we're doing this the right way.

They are entrepreneurs.


It is about time he got settled down.

The house looked good; moreover, the price was right.

It was obvious that Sri didn't want to do that.

It sounds like I'm hired!

This car is very expensive.


I pay quite a sum of money for each game-cassette.

He spoke very loudly.

We are planning changes to the manufacturing process.

It is your shadow in the deep sea.

I had difficulty working out the problem.

He became a member of this club five years ago.

At times, I can't trust him.

It was only after the horse had bolted, that we realised that there was a link between smoking and cancer.

Ernest wants to be with us.


For example, this is a pen.


Melinda skipped work to watch the USA-Germany soccer match.

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Vladimir said Boston is a nice place to live.

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Nobody has solved the problem.

It takes me a long time to wake up properly in the mornings!

You're poor.

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Can you order one for me?

Protect yourself at all points.

They drink cola.

That's very encouraging.

We're no longer working for Cathrin.

People have worldly passions which lead them into delusions and sufferings.

Did everyone go crazy?


Didn't you talk to her?

This isn't any scarier than the Germans.

I'm sorry, I can't help you with that.


Are any meals included?

It only happens once every 30 years.

I feel quite refreshed after taking a bath.

I know you can make it better.

I missed the train.


Esperanto is surely an enormous waste of time!


She likes to tell dirty jokes.

As far as my experience goes, such a plan is impossible.

Masanobu ignored Giles's advice.

Vicky kicked the trash can.

Vidhyanath puts lots of sugar in his coffee.

As far as this matter is concerned, I am satisfied.

Mason found the test difficult.

We could see "Cabinet of Dr. Bagoff" written next to the door.

The emergency's not over yet.

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I guess it depends on the weather.

The game got more and more exciting.

For the first time this week, I went out for a walk.

Hein is a kind man.

Morris calls me every day.

There were three deaths in the car crash.

He's a very disagreeable man.

The Arctic is the area round the North Pole.

To tell the truth, I didn't solve this question.

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I'd like to see King.

I don't love Toby anymore.

You should not have done that. It was wrong.

Did you ask her to leave?

Let's not waste time talking about this.

I just talked to him.

A car hit her.


Let me get my lawyer on the phone.

A bracelet is a good gift for my sister.

Meehan has done his work well.

Stick 'em up! This is a robbery!

Diesels are popular in Europe.


Are the Chinese GDP figures a case of the boy crying wolf?

You wouldn't like them.

Brent and Joon have arrived.


Irfan has two jobs.

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Vincent gave me everything I need.


We rolled up the rug.

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Just do that.

I was just kidding when I said that.

They were not permitted to cross into Canada.

He had his pocket picked in the crowd.

I want some milk, but there isn't any in the refrigerator.


Laura is absolutely correct.


Careless as she was, she could never pass an examination.

Does a psychiatrist need a psychiatrist?

All eyes turned towards her.

We went to big lake for picnic.

The sheriff told Rajeev to be out of town by sundown.


I live and work in Mexico.

You never donate anything to anybody.

Is speaking in English hard?

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One should do one's homework by oneself.

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Kate stayed in Izu for the weekend.


We are going to have dinner in an Indian restaurant tonight.

It's easy if you try.

Don't you recognize her?

I wouldn't want to work in a hospital.

Come and join us.

Not so fast!

I'll go whenever you like.

We're going to practice.

I've got evidence.

When did you take the exam?

Do you know where I can find him?


I'm afraid I have work to do.

Children like to explore.

I'll starve to death!

We quickly became friends.

As time went on, the Queen had a pretty little boy, and it happened that the King was out hunting; so the old witch took the form of the chamber-maid, went into the room where the Queen lay, and said to her, "Come, the bath is ready; it will do you good, and give you fresh strength; make haste before it gets cold."


Justin and Vic know the truth.

If I remember correctly, Antonella used to be a carpenter.

Get your hands off of her.

I pretended not to hear.

I like my meat well done.


What does this sign say?

Roman is first.

Judith doesn't miss a thing.

Let's not jump to conclusions, okay?

They stopped doing that.


I would never adhere to a secret society.

I like to dance with Roberto.

Speaking of fall flavors in Japan, what comes to everyone's mind? For me, after all is said and done, it would be pike.

Given her inexperience, she has done well.

Few people have a typewriter.

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Thank you for buying food.


Yesterday's turnover on the stock market was 500 million shares.


That's a good picture of her.

Bill speaks a little Japanese.

I felt it was necessary, so I did it.

He is nothing but a businessman.

The answer is 42.


The moment she saw me, she began laughing.

Why do you hate Peter?

The teacher cannot have said such a thing.


Why don't you and Derek do it?

I like shopping at the local farmers' market.

Do you believe in the power of love?


The following day, however, the doctor consoled him by telling him that his chances of being able to leave hospital in time for New Year celebrations were good.

Do you think Jochen will believe you?

I don't know if I can speak French well enough to explain this properly.


He wants to dispose of his books.

You should have refused his offer.

They sit in the kitchen and drink tea.


The coroner is performing an autopsy on Daniel to find out what killed him.


Sometimes my grandfather talks to himself when left alone.

The money is gone.

Did Marek ever talk about me?

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You guys are hilarious.