Did you like the flowers that I sent you?

I switched one on.

Like lift, there are many factors that affect the magnitude of the drag force including the shape of the aircraft, the "stickiness" of the air, and the velocity of the aircraft.

Does Brooke have a fever?

Ernst didn't know how he could help.

Hatred breeds hatred.

Do I need another reason?

I need some answers from her.

The story concluded abruptly.

In order to apply, you have to go in person.

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If you had half a brain you'd be dangerous!

The life of Lincoln is read by children all over the world.

Waking up is the opposite of falling asleep.

It is no use trying to persuade him.

I wanted to be like them.


Even the strongest man can't stop a typhoon.

I asked Barrio if Erick was OK.

The poor girl shed tears.

I've decided not to appeal.

I've heard that Alejandro Jackson is the best lawyer in Boston.

This stuff happens all the time.

I like rhubarb tarts more than apricot tarts.

The police are after him.

I've kept my weight down even though many of my friends have gained weight as they've grown older.

Valeria is very self-confident.

Although it was raining, I had to go out.

A habit is very difficult to shake off once it is formed.

I've never met anyone like Cliff.


She really likes going to the movies.

I think Ahmed is brilliant.

Kinch would tell us the truth, wouldn't he?

The hungry boys ate everything on the table.

Sir built a shelter.


I was unprepared.


Paul's knowledge of creative bookkeeping has been the secret of his ability to get all the staffing he needs.

My brother is coming on Monday.

Lynnette promised to try again.

The animals need to eat.

I need him.

Your stuff is all outside.

The actress made her debut when she was eight.

Frank will have to wait.

Heinz was tense.

Truthfully, if I'd said I didn't have any regrets over my snap decision I'd have been lying.

I don't want you to enjoy it.

Investing money in your home has some merit; when it is time to sell it you can get more money.

I was made to stay at home by mother.

"You'll never get past the guards." "I'll take my chances."

Todd hardly ever complains about anything.

Root explored the underwater cave.

There is no sense in your worrying about your health so much.


The dog barked upon my arriving.

I think you'd better tell us the truth.

Are you taking notes?

Cut, wash and dry, please.

I wanted to be just like you.

Marc said I can ride with him.

In which direction did he go?

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That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

She handed him his jacket.

I'd be happy here, I think.

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Patrice knows this isn't good.

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We should do what we always do.


Gene wants his daughter to get married.

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I planned a party for Lum.


I'm going to stop trying to be friendly with you.


This is subject to change.


I don't think I'll pass this exam.


Ken has not been here since this morning.


Why don't you take the rest of the day off?

I took him for his brother.

What could Roland possibly want with you?

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Erkin and I went to the cemetery.

In two moves, Kasparov will check the challenger.

My mother gets up early every morning.

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It was such a nice day that the street was full of people.

Despite her warning, he made little of the matter.

I know that he is a famous musician.

Sanjay sacrificed everything for you.

This is irrelevant.


Ramesh never seems interested in talking about sports.

Maybe you can stay at Kelly's.

Why does he want to join the army?

I told them not to come today.

He'll succeed for sure.

He who approaches a good tree will find himself in good shade.

I'm having dinner now.


Who she saw was not herself but a different woman.

I'm not sure what I'll do after I graduate.

Jenine says he feels like he might throw up.

Spanish is easy.

Her ex-boyfriend was very possessive and confrontational.

These four youths share an apartment in the metropolitan area.

She made fun of a student.

Let me buy you gentlemen a drink.

What kind of manager is Teriann?

We are going to see her in front of the station tomorrow.

Andrew has had no interest in other people since he was a child.

I'm sorry, but the answer's no.

The problem is that Marvin doesn't pay his bills on time.

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She has always had problems with the circulation in her hands and feet.


Sandy is quite ugly, isn't he?


It's natural that Yoko should say a thing like that.

It was she who made him do it.

Tricia had to wait in line for three hours.


I did try to warn her.

Your hair has turned white since I last saw you.

I've got to prepare for the test.

Joanne brought Graham's mother away.

To me, he is like a king.

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You've grown up.

Women observe and men think.

Did you write down the telephone number?

Hey! Your ball just broke my window!

What do you want to be in the future?

He died after a long illness.

I saw Malcolm looking at himself in the mirror.

How can I delete a repeated sentence?

He got the short end of the stick.

I'm just finishing off some notes quickly.

Why live if we're going to die?

Natraj unzipped his backpack.

Is Sean too young to play baseball?

Was Hotta at school today?

Shaw loves reading.

She doesn't know how to read or write.

He got full marks in mathematics.


We don't live in Scotland yet.

As long as you stick to one style, you can't hit upon a wonderful idea.

Aimee is just a little stressed lately.

Does history really repeat itself?

I'm a gynaecologist.

In relation to this, I am to blame.

Children depend on their parents for food, clothing and shelter.

The balloon descended gradually as the air came out.

The hosiery factory produces 600,000 pairs of socks a day.


She got through her work before five.

Seems like I'm the third wheel here. I should go.

Hold them for me.


Copyright tip #5: The distinction between fair use and infringement may be unclear. Don't take any risk, consult an attorney.

I have fewer books than you.

I was laughed out of court.


I know my daughter better than anybody else.


Life in Japan is expensive.

Something you should know about me is that I sleep late in the morning.

You're the one I need now.

The storm didn't abate for several hours.

Norway is leading the Sochi Olympics medal count.

If I can win the lottery, then I won't have to sell my daughters.

Autumn is the best season for going on hikes.


The situation has become hopeless.

It's no problem for me to help you tomorrow morning.

We're not going with you.


At first I didn't understand what he was saying.

It was Mendel's good fortune that the arrival of the pea weevil postdated the completion of the pea part of his research.

Wait beside the car for me!

Christofer never changed.

Shirley did that for Laurie.


Takayuki would help us, wouldn't he?


That big pot is on the kitchen table.


Tracey broke my nose.

Do you like the movie?

It hasn't come out in the newspapers yet.

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The problem was under discussion.